Odyssey Stroke Lab EXO Putter Review

If you’re a golfer looking to buy a top-quality putter, you should know that research is pretty straightforward, and you will likely find a small and sleek design that gives you full control over your swings and lets you hit the ball with precision.

Odyssey has come out with their latest EXO putter line, which has incorporated other technology to ensure the perfect blend of tech that makes your golfing experience much smoother and entertaining.

In terms of performance, you are likely to improve your game by choosing the Odyssey putter, which gives you that extra edge you’re looking for and has received many positive reviews online.

If you’re looking for a high-spec putter that improves your game, look no further than the Odyssey stroke lab EXO putter, which will give you an advantage on the greens, allowing you to remain consistent and play to your heart’s content.

Odyssey Stroke Lab EXO Putter Review

You can break down this high-value putter into three main elements: the EXO construction, White Hot Microhinge Insert, and the Stroke Lab shaft, which combines effortlessly to create a unique piece that will undoubtedly enhance your golfing experience.

Let’s explore this in more detail.

Odyssey Stroke Lab EXO Putter – Combination of Technology

The Odyssey putter is comparable to others like the Callaway Odyssey, which differs slightly due to the new incorporation of Stroke Lab into the EXO Stroke Lab Marxman.

The EXO construction makes the putter quite versatile because the premium construction material creates extremely high MOI while keeping the putter’s weight and size within limits.

If you are in complete control of the swing, you will naturally have better, more consistent swings that provide greater velocity control and accuracy.

The design is very compelling and based on sound technology to ensure that you’re hitting the ball effortlessly across the greens, giving you a refined and premium touch that is not easy to find elsewhere.

The incredible balance and toe hang options ensure effortless contact with the ball, which is sent flying into the direction of your swing.

The White Hot Microhinge inserts are a combination of various technologies to add an excellent roll while providing an amazing feel.

Although the Microhinge is a new incorporation in the design, the white hot insert has been around for a long time and has been tested rigorously for providing a soft feel and responsive feedback.

The Microhinge face is a relatively new addition that adds topspin to the golf ball and sends it rolling through the greens in a smoother trajectory at a more consistent pace.

The Stroke Lab shaft uses a combination of construction materials like steel and graphite, reducing the weight slightly, which is redistributed throughout the putter to create the ideal weight.

You do not have to add extra force or use too much muscle strength and endurance for consistent swings, which are smoother and lead to more accurate strokes.

Research has indicated that this incorporation ensures greater backswing consistency of up to 21%, which is only complemented by the lightweight technology to deliver a superior feel and tempo for golfers to improve their distance control.

Odyssey Stroke Lab EXO Putter – What You Need to Know

There are many factors golfers need to consider before settling for a quality putter, such as the type of stroke they want to incorporate, the head balancing aspect of the putter, and the shape and weight of the head.

Shaft length and grip type are also important because they help you find the right piece for your particular style of play, making it possible to change or improve your game by researching the type of swing you want to learn or mimic.

You can expect to find hundreds of grip styles on the market for quality putters, each having its unique set of qualities to create the desired effect, making it important for golfers to know their style and experiment with what works for them.

To find a putter with the right shaft length, you may need to consult a PGA professional who can give you expert advice on what might work best for your needs.

Whether you want a putter to improve your game or one that’s most exhilarating to use on the golf course, the decision is yours to make.

The head shape you choose might depend on the type of golf course you choose to play on and your personal preference, which might depend on how experienced you are as a golfer.

Some people are swayed by new designs that look appealing and want to try them out to see if they’re truly worth their value.

Reviews from many golfers have stated that the Odyssey EXO stroke lab Marxman Putter may be loved or hated, depending on your style of play.

Although the technology and design are pretty cool, some were concerned that they might be a little distracting since the style is quite futuristic and innovative.

However, those that have used this putter for several rounds on the golf course have expressed their love for the attention to detail, which has made it possible to create the perfect alignment line that works well for most golfers.

The head may be big, but such is the case with other Odyssey models, and people have adjusted pretty fast to the new style.

The larger head size offers greater forgiveness, and the grip is simply exceptional since the texture is designed to make it easier to hold.

Final Verdict

The Odyssey Stroke Lab EXO Putter incorporates new technology that has been received well by many beginner and expert golfers, making it a truly versatile option and a source of confidence for many looking to improve their game.

There is always a degree of trial and experimentation when it comes to choosing the right putter for your needs but rest assured, the Odyssey EXO putter ticks all boxes when it comes to superior gameplay.

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