Nitro Ultra Distance Golf Balls Review

As an avid golfer, you would know the best feature any golf ball can have is its distance. The more the distance, the farther the golf ball will go. So, the next time you’re buying a golf ball, it would help if you kept the distance factor in mind. It’ll only benefit your game.

One brand that ensures to make the best golf balls is Nitro. This brand has been around the market for some time and has made different category golf balls ever since. The best part about Nitro is that every golfer benefits from its products as there’s something for everyone.

Speaking of Nitro, we’ll talk about the Ultra Distance Golf Balls Nitro has produced. This extensive reviewwill entail details about these balls’ specifications, benefits, and more.

Nitro Ultra Distance Golf Balls Review

The Ultra Distance Golf Balls are made specifically for golfers who prioritize distance over anything else. These golf balls offer plenty of distance to players, giving them a chance to improve their performance on the field.

This two-piece golf ball comes with a reactive titanium core for its excellent speed. The exterior is made from soft Surlyn that enhances the feel of the ball, offering the player much greater control. Furthermore, this golf ball by Nitro has excellent flight stability due to the aerodynamically designed dimples that Nitro has used.


Let’s go through some of the features of the Ultra Distance Golf Balls by Nitro.


If the distance matters to you, this golf ball will be an ideal choice. The performance of the Ultra Distance golf ball is unmatched as there’s so much flight stability with this ball. The reactive titanium core of this ball significantly contributes to its performance. This core makes it one of the best golf balls to play with. The best part about this golf ball is its velocity, as it spins less and offers more velocity.


Another excellent feature of this golf ball by Nitro is its durability. Since these golf balls are made from Surlyn, these golf balls are practically indestructible. Surlyn is considered one of the most durable and resilient outer materials to make golf balls.

The cover of these golf balls is cut-proof and won’t be able to break apart so easily, adding more to their durability and long-lastingness.


Fast swinging golfers prefer their golf balls to have a higher compression as it allows them much greater control over their balls. We won’t say a golf ball must have high compression, but if you’re an avid golfer, it’s preferable to play with a ball that offers more compression.

When a ball has more compression, golfers can hit faster swings, making the ball squish more intensely against the club. The Ultra Distance Golf Ball has a compression of 90.


The Ultra Distance Golf Balls will fit right inside your budget if you’re on a budget. This may be considered one of the golf ball’s best features – less price and more benefits. Premium quality golf balls come super expensive, so golfers must set aside plenty of funds to afford them. However, that isn’t the case with Nitro, as its products are easy to afford, and you get a whole range of perks in return.


Now that you’re aware of some of this golf ball’s most relevant features, let’s explore some benefits you’re expected to get by playing with these golf balls on the golf course.

2-Layer Structure

2-layer structure means the golf balls consist of two layers or structures: the outer and the core. It’s a known fact that the more layers a golf ball has, the softer it’ll be, offering more distance to its players. 3-layer golf balls are undoubtedly suitable too for the golf course, but not as much as this 2-layer golf ball. So, the Ultra Distance Golf Balls by Nitro will benefit you with their 2-layer structure.


Any golf ball will do well if you’re okay with playing with some white golf balls. However, if you’re into different colors and want your golf ball to pop on the golf course, the Ultra Distance Golf Balls by Nitro will offer you a range of different colors you can benefit from. Who said golf has to be boring? You can now add more zest to your game by choosing your golf ball in at least three colors – white, yellow, and orange.

Reactive Titanium Core

We’ve already mentioned how incredible the reactive titanium core makes this golf ball. But it undoubtedly is a more significant benefit than we thought it was. Because of this titanium core, the ball can transfer its energy to the club, that too with excellent velocity.

Not every golf ball comes with such a strong core. Hence, Nitro truly outdoes itself by making one of the most incredible and stable golf balls ever.

Multi-Component Technology

Any golfer would want their golf balls to offer solidity and durability. This is now possible with the Ultra Distance Golf Balls by Nitro. These balls come with a multi-component technology that allows golfers to swing their clubs faster and more distance. This technology also allows the club to get the required energy from the ball, allowing the player to hit shots with more velocity. Hence, multi-component technology is considered one of the best benefits.

Our Final Thoughts

The Ultra Distance Golf Balls by Nitro has been making waves among golfers for a while now, and the reasons are mentioned above. Overall, we highly rate this golf ball as it offers benefits that most golf balls don’t. Speaking about the price, it’s super affordable, and you won’t have to say goodbye to piles of money to purchase these balls.

So, if you’re in the market to buy new golf balls, we suggest you give buying these balls a shot as they won’t disappoint you. Nitro’s quality speaks for itself, considering its efficiency in making all its products. Hence, we conclude this review but not before mentioning these balls’ durability and strength. Since they’re almost impossible to destroy, we recommend you buy these balls immediately.

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