Nike Mojo Golf Balls Review

It can be quite challenging for golfers to find the right golf balls.

Now you aren’t really keen on breaking the bank for golf balls, but it seems as if the most premium-priced balls hit straighter and longer as compared to their more affordable counterparts.

Naturally, it is up to us to find a middle ground between these two extremes to get the best value for money. Since there’s a lot of buzz around them our fellow golfers have been forced to shift their attention towards Nike Mojo golf balls.

For this reason, we’re about to dedicate this post to determine whether these widely popular golf balls are worth your time.

Nike Mojo Golf Balls

Our Review of Nike Mojo Golf Balls

These 2-piece, composite golf balls bring together a soft ionomer and strong polymeric core. Nike Mojo Golf balls are commonly sold in packs of 24, each having 8 sleeves, and 3 balls respectively. The standard packs offered by most other brands, in comparison, are sold in packs of 12.

Mojo balls are all-rounders and their versatility can be enjoyed by golfers no matter irrespective of their experience and whatever part of the golf course they are on. Their compression is pretty low at 77, which also means that they are comparatively quite soft.

Each golf ball has 312 dimples, which gives golfers more control over their velocity and accurate flight. They were initially only sold in white, but they have many other colors to choose from. Even if you prefer simple white balls, their fairly unique logo makes them very easy to spot. Speaking of which, many golfers have appreciated their modern and sleek designs.

Who Are Nike Mojo Golf Balls For?

Since these golf balls are a budget option, they make for a suitable choice for casual golfers or beginners who are prone to lose a lot of balls on the course. You see, losing balls wouldn’t hurt as much when they are easier to replace.

In addition to their price, Nike Mojo Golf Ball has been designed to help novice players improve their skills in terms of better control and added distance. On the other hand, professional and experienced golfers may want to consider playing with other golf balls, but they can always buy these for practice.

We saved the best for last. Nike Mojo golf balls are considered to be the best for those people who prefer high swing even though low swingers wouldn’t be wrong to choose this ball. Its low compression core grants golfers a soft feel, which makes them a great choice for those who have a slower swing such as older or more mature players.

Long Distance

The most noticeable benefits of the Mojo golf balls are that they can produce an extremely long distance. Golfers who have used these golf balls have been able to get extra value on each drive by switching to the Mojo golf balls.

This speed comes right from the core of the ball, or in more technical terms, its solid polymeric core. With each drive, you will experience an exponential increase in the speed of the ball, causing it to traverse long distances.

The solid core of the Mojo has made it a lot more preferable among higher swingers. However, if you’re a low swingers, don’t shy away from testing these balls. The solid polymeric core also adds to the durability of these golf balls, allowing them to really take some hits.

Ionomer Coating

Their ionomer coating gives the Mojo golf balls the softness they require to make the balls great for short-distance shots. Their soft outer shell gives the golf ball perfect texture that can smoothly roll over grass. Also, do notice the sound of each shot because many golfers have described it as extremely satisfying.

Now some of you might be of the opinion that Urethane and Surlyn coatings are a better option. While the advantages of these alternatives might cause you to have second thoughts, but rest assured, ionomer cores have their own advantages.


Even if there are dozens of golf balls on your golf course, you will have no trouble identifying your Mojo golf ball. You see, the Mojo is sold in 4 distinct colors, which includes blue, orange, dark green, and light green. If you know your stuff, you will also know that these colors are quite atypical for the game.

The unique colors of Nike Mojo golf balls make them a lot easier to track whether they are on the grass or in the air, therefore, ensuring that you don’t mix them with other balls. Moving further, they also have the famous Nike tick underneath a larger Mojo log, making it impossible to miss. Speaking of which, there is a rather helpful arrow next to this logo, which allows golfers to align their ball easily during putts.

Our Final Thoughts

Golf can quickly become a frustrating sport if you’re playing with the wrong golf balls. You may even have the perfect speed and swing, but if your golf balls don’t do justice to your skills, your ball will be of poor design and quality. Ultimately, this will leave you in disappointment with more expenses to be incurred and no improvements to show for it.

That said, we don’t think Mojo is going to disappoint.

If you consider yourself to be a weekend golfer and are searching for an inexpensive and durable set of golf balls, we would highly recommend the Nike Mojo golf balls. However, if you were harboring dreams of competing against more experienced players, you may want to have a look at higher level balls.

We found the Nike Mojo to be quite the all-rounder and it can do a decent job for most kinds of golfers. Now it’s time for you to put these balls to the test yourself and experience the difference in terms of control, speed, distance and overall quality.

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