Nike Mojo Golf Ball Review

Most golfers, especially beginners, are very careful when purchasing golf equipment, and they usually get stuck when choosing the right golf ball. On the one hand, they want the best possible results, and on the other, they don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive balls. Therefore, it’s about finding the perfect middle ground, and that’s why we’re here with the Nike Mojo Golf Ball review.

Learn everything you need to know about the Nike Mojo Golf Ball and why this popular golf ball could be exactly what you need from now on.

The Nike Mojo Golf Ball – Everything You Need to Know

The Nike Mojo Golf Ball comes with solid core and ionomer covering and goes longer and faster than your average golf balls. When we talk about precision in sporting equipment, Nike immediately pops up. And golf products are no exception, which is why it is one of the most popular and trusted sports brands worldwide.

Nike Mojo Golf Ball Review

So, without further ado, here’s a breakdown of our Nike Mojo Golf Ball review:

The Basics

The Nike Mojo is a 2-piece ball that combines a strong, powerful polymeric core and a soft ionomer cover. You can typically find them on sale in a pack of 24, with 8 sleeves each consisting of 3 balls in them. In contrast, most standard golf balls come in a standard 12-pack. These golf balls are versatile, which means that golfers of any level can use them in different situations and conditions.


Even with hundreds of golf balls on the course, you easily spot and identify yours. The Nike Mojo Golf Ball comes in four different colors – light green, orange, blue, and dark green. These colors are unique for a golf ball, but then again, it’s Nike, so there’s always a good reason. These unique colors make it easier to keep track of your ball as it moves in the air, on the grass, and among other balls.

Another great feature is the arrow next to the Nike logo, which allows you to align your ball toward the hole during putts, which is quite useful for beginners.

Double-Layered with 314 Dimples

Nike is a customer-centric brand and takes feedback and reviews very seriously to make improvements to keep the need and demands of its customers. While manufacturing the Nike Mojo, they added a double layer to optimize performance by giving you more control over ball direction and accuracy. It’s like switching from HD to 4k. Thanks to 314 dimples, the distance the ball traverses also increased.

Solid Core for Longer Distance

It often comes down to the distance a golf ball can travel with one swing. Here’s an interesting fact for beginners – the immense power of the ball comes from the core, which means that even with lesser swing speed, you can achieve a great distance. The solid polymeric core also makes it more durable by making sure that it can take strong hits without losing its shape.

Ionomer Coating

The main reason that makes the Nike Mojo Golf Ball versatile and a great allrounder is the Ionomer coating. This soft exterior coating gives the ball a smooth texture to roll over grass and for short-distance shots. And the sound it makes is very satisfying.


One of the main concerns about purchasing golf balls is their high prices, which aren’t always convenient for beginners and irregular players. Even for the experienced players who play more risky shots, losing an expensive ball in the water holes can be a big regret. With Nike Mojo Golf Balls, you don’t have to worry about losing them because it won’t affect your pocket as much as other ball brands do.

And instead of a 12-ball set, you get a 24-ball set, which no other brand currently offers. So, you don’t have to worry about insufficient golf balls when you need them and continue practicing.

Pros of Nike Mojo Golf Balls

  • The two layers make the Nike Mojo more durable and versatile for long and short-distance shorts
  • There will be minimum side spin,which is easier to control for beginners and even kids
  • The 314 dimples help the ball maintain a steady flight and make it more forgiving than other golf balls
  • The Nike Mojo Golf Ballhas a reasonable price compared to other popular golf brands
  • The Nike Mojo set contains 24 balls,which are twice as many other brands package.

Cons of Nike Mojo Golf Balls

  • This might not be a great option for pros or seniors due to less feel upon hit
  • Traditional golfers might find the different colors offputting

Who are Nike Mojo Golf Balls Suitable for?

Considering their inexpensive price tag, they are a smart choice for beginners and casual players who usually lose balls in every round. Losing a comparatively cheaper ball won’t hurt them as much as pro-level balls. The Nike Mojo Golf Ball can also help inexperienced players improve their game with the added distance and better control on greens.

As for experienced players, they won’t mind using this golf ball for practice and switch to higher level balls for a game. From the looks of it, Nike is targeting beginners and casual golfers to provide a cheaper option for those who overlook maximum performance from a golf ball.

For its price range, the Nike Mojo Golf Ball is an excellent choice, but not the perfect one for seniors or pros due to the low compression numbers. This is partly true because it’s difficult to control the rolling of the ball on greens.

Our Final Thoughts

From this Nike Mojo Golf Ball review, you’ll realize that this golf ball far exceeds expectations considering its price tag and specifications. Overall, it is a great all-around option for different types of golfers. Plus, if you’re looking for a golf ball to keep you in practice without looting you, the Nike Mojo Golf Ball is a perfect choice.

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