Most Popular Irons on Tour: Top 3 Reviewed

If you are a golf enthusiast, you must have watched your favorite professional golfers competing with other world-class golfers in PGA tours. There is no doubt that these professionals are highly skilled golfers, but skill alone can’t win them matches. They also use the best golf equipment from the market to win PGA competitions.

This is the reason many golf lovers keep a close eye on what kind of equipment professionals golfers use. Although it’s true that several golfers on the PGA Tour use muscle back blade irons, a sizable number of top golfers use irons to benefit from their superior perimeter weighting.

In this article, we look at the three most popular irons used by professional golfers on tours.

Titleist 718 T-MB Utility Iron

New technologies and innovations in golf are resulting in the launch of highly functional golfing equipment. Utility irons are one of such innovations and have been adopted widely by everyone, from regular golfers to professional masters on tours.

Because of the playability of these irons, it is extremely difficult to find a professional golfer who doesn’t carry at least one utility iron with him or her.

The Titleist 718 T-MB Utility Iron is the embodiment of all the features that utility irons promise to offer users. These irons entail the use of the most advanced technology and high-quality construction materials and design.

These utility irons are suitable for most professional golfers and offer them extra support. Due to a highly advanced design, it not a  surprise that professional golfers use these irons to add distance to their hits and achieve success on the course.

The rise of Titleist utility irons is similar to the sudden rise in popularity of rescue and hybrid clubs. Nevertheless, the Titleist 718 T-MB Utility Iron offers improved performance to golfers, including professional golfers, especially if they use them in place of difficult-to-use traditional long irons.

Furthermore, the hollow design of the club contains tungsten inserts. These specialized changes ensure that the iron’s clubhead remains stable on impact. As a result, professional golfers can benefit from a golf club that lets them reduce dispersion in distance and accuracy on hits struck off the toe and heel.

The secret to the utility iron’s versatility is that the clubs stock shafts options are extremely lightweight, but at the same time, solid. This extra versatility enables these clubs to produce the ideal launch and spin characteristics for professional golfers. Moreover, the steel shaft is both strong and lightweight, thereby allowing the golfer to benefit from a penetrating flight with less spin.

Lastly, the utility iron gives users additional options to customize the club for themselves. Professionals can make these adjustments with the help of custom tuning ports on the toe edge of the head. By making these subtle swing-weight changes, a golfer can have the club custom-fitted to his or her needs.


  • Highly versatile
  • Longer distance
  • Greater control
  • Contains tungsten inserts
  • Stable on impact
  • A good replacement for traditional long irons
  • Customizable
  • Can also replace 5-woods and hybrids


  • Extremely expensive
  • Because of the cast construction, professional golfers feel a harsh feel on impact

Nike Vapor Fly Range

Nike Vapor Fly Range is a modern-looking driver that has been optimized for professional golfers with the help of cutting-edge technology. If you see this club at the golf course, you will be able to identify it with distinguishable bold blue crown and bold Volt color in the Compression Channel.

The Nike Vapor Fly is known for its three fundamental technologies. These technologies enable golfers to increase distance, launch, and forgiveness. If that’s not enough, the club also reduces the effect of spin on the ball while shooting.

The crown of this club has been changed to provide golfers with greater forgiveness. For this reason, the company has reduced the crown’s weight by 30 percent than its previous model. As a result, professional golfers can benefit from a lower center of gravity (CG) and an increased moment of inertia for greater launch, reduced spin, and additional forgiveness.

At the same time, new features have been included such as the HyperFlight face. After the inclusion of this new feature, golfers noticed that the perimeter of the clubhead had been thinned out in favor of minimizing ball speed loss on mishits.

Furthermore, the Compression Channel found on previous versions has been re-engineered to create a springboard effect. This new change allows golfers to improve performance on off-center hits. Lastly, the manufacturers have widened the FlyBeams on the club’s Covert Cavity Back and at the same time, made the back stiffer. As a result, the clubhead remains extremely stable on impact.


  • Greater distance
  • Accuracy and forgiveness
  • Suited for fast swingers
  • Lowest launching driver
  • Dense feel but muted sound gives a good feel
  • A flashy and bold look


  • Mostly suitable for fast swingers

Mizuno JPX 919 Tour

Mizuno has managed to create an amazing game improvement iron set, which offers a ton of useful features to both mid and high handicappers.

What’s great about this iron set is that it offers the same ball speed as an ultra-thin clubface, without having an ultra-thin face. The secret to Mizuno’s recipe is that it uses specialized steel known as Chromoly 4140M.

This steel is often used in the body of solar cars and high-tech bicycle frames. The iron set’s high strength-to-weight ratio ensures that it cuts through the air easily and launches the ball towards the hole at super-speed.

Despite not being ultra-thin, the iron set has a club face of just two millimeters, which is the thinnest iron face yet in Mizuno irons. The thin face, coupled with a deep undercut in the clubhead, allows it to create a greater rebound effect off the clubface.

The rib structure inside the top line of the clubhead stabilizes the frame for enhanced feel. As a result, you will enjoy the sound and feel of the iron making contact with the ball.

Since this specialized steel is made from a material that is 15% stronger than stainless steel, golfers get to enjoy maximum COR across the club’s face. At the same time, the advanced Power Frame construction diverts more force to the edges of the iron for a high Moment of Inertia. Last but not least, the Unitized Cup Face enables the iron set to have a deeper center of gravity and, thus, offers more forgiveness.


  • A slim and professional look
  • Terrific accuracy and distance control
  • Very workable and playable
  • The amount of forgiveness is quite impressive
  • Soft feel
  • An excellent option for mid to low handicap golfers


  • Custom fitting is necessary

Our Final Thoughts

Professional golfers use the highest quality irons on tours. If you are looking to improve your golfing skills, we suggest that you take a leaf from your favorite golfer’s book. You can start by using the equipment that your favorite golfer uses on tours. When you are looking for a golf iron for yourself, it’s best to consider your needs and buy irons that give the support you need to become a better golfer.

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