Most Forgiving Golf Balls: Top 5 Reviewed

A more forgiving golf ball can help you lower your handicap score, making you more comfortable at the game.

That’s why we’ve found the top 5 most forgiving golf balls you can choose from.

The 5 Most Forgiving Golf Balls

We’ve listed below the most forgiving golf balls that’ll help you improve your game.

Golf Balls

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

The Supersoft golf ball by Callaway is our top pick as it’s extremely forgiving.

In the golfing world, these balls offer the lowest possible levels of compression as they’re set with a 35 compression rate. A ball being equipped with low levels of compression needs less precision on each shot and force, making it easy for the player to obtain more accuracy. Manufacturer claims that you can get straighter shots using this ball. When you strike, these balls have extremely low spin resulting in a straight ball strike.

You’ll find these balls in seven different colors. In a multi-color pack, you’ll find colors ranging from pink, white, and optical yellow. Balls in the colors of lime, turquoise, and orange are also available that offer better visibility.

Two pieces of ionomer are used to make the cover. Compared to other balls this one helps you get more distance on each strike. The balls are equipped with 332 dimple pattern HEX aerodynamic technology providing enhanced flight.

Every box has 12 balls allowing you to strike a few stray shots.


  • Produces extremely limited spin off the tee.
  • Helps to get straighter shots.
  • Different colors that offer high visibility.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • Turquoise colored one is hard to spot.

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

These balls come with an energetic gradient growth core with an extremely low compression rate of 60.

The ball consists of a two-piece core, designed to give a soft feel without affecting the performance. Meaning the ball requires high launch from the core with limited spin.

The Pana-Tetra and Rabalon HR+ combined ionomer cover is thinner than the previous models.

It’s still soft, complementing the 324 aerodynamic dimple design. The enhanced surface coverage and dimple design are the key elements.

The ball performs better when on the green as is generates more spin.

The aerodynamic design minimizes drag covering more ground and fights air resistance. It also offers high forgiveness on each strike.

Balls reduces slice as it limits spin off the tee due to the ionomer layer. The low compression adds speed to the ball.

Each box contains 12 balls, with soft white and tour yellow for higher visibility. The balls have a hard upper surface with a soft core. Resulting in a responsive core and durability due to the strong surface.


  • Offers ball in two colors with high visibility.
  • Feels soft.
  • High durability.
  • Helps get more driver distance than usual.
  • As the spin is lower it reduces slicing.
  • Provides more ball control on the green by giving higher spin.
  • Ball launches in high-speed off the tee.


  • Durability of the balls differ from each other.

Wilson Titanium Ball

Wilson, being a tried and tested golf ball brand, can be your go to at all times.

This golf ball is made of a titanium core that’s surrounded with a two-piece construction with the outer layer designed to be strong and durable. It was intended to provide improved distance with high forgiveness.

The patented and unique titanium bond of Wilson makes this one unlike any other in this category. It provides the best out of each shot as the titanium bond offers excellent energy transfer.

Maximum energy is transferred upon impact, from the golf club to the titanium core that results in high initial velocity and maximum distance is covered by the ball.

Every pack contains 18 balls, which gives one for each hole. This golf ball is best suited as a practice ball due to its affordable pricing.

That doesn’t mean that it isn’t great for playing. Even after being used on the course, this ball provides you with a consistent performance, just as good as new.

The best thing about it is that it’s suitable for long drives and when on the green, for putting as well.

It offers both limited spin and low compression with the ability to cover long distance with accuracy, which is hard to find in a single ball.


  • It’s an affordable choice.
  • Provides accuracy and covers long distances.
  • Offers low spin and low compression.


  • Performance not up to the mark on the green.

Titleist Tour Soft

Titleist True Soft is a durable golf ball designed mainly for players with low swing speed that need more distance from the ball.

This ball is an ideal pick for high handicap golfers as it offers more forgiveness on each hit. The center of the golf ball and its low compression core helps it to spring off the club. This allows players with low swing speeds to cover more distance on each strike.

On impact, the ball creates backspin due to friction between the spherically tiled 376 tetrahedral dimple design with the grooves of the clubface. The two-piece technology used to make the ball offers exceptional spin. Although it provides a soft landing, it has an extra spin on the green that makes it difficult to stop.

These balls come in a pack of 12 which have a highly affordable price point.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Offers a soft compression core.
  • Covers long distance with low long game spin.
  • High quality and durable.
  • Offers consistency on each shot.


  • Struggles stopping when on the green.
  • Sledgehammer off the tee with less feel.
  • Not ideal for beginners.

Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls

This version of the Callaway is the best from their range, as it’s built considering covering long distance. Its hardiness is perfect giving high forgiveness on each hit. If you struggle to keep the shot on the green, this ball offers a straight flight.

It’s a unique three-piece ball with a high-energy core at the price of a two-piece ball. The core offers low compression.

Made using ionomer cover material with a hexagonal 332 dimple pattern, its aerodynamic technology gives a lower drag for better lift. The ball stays in flight for a longer time, allowing it to cover longer distances.

On the green, it helps in putting as this ball provides great ball control and spin.

Every pack contains 15 balls that come in three different colors. The balls offer high visibility as they come in red, bright orange and matte yellow.


  • Good choice for putting.
  • The vibrant colors offer increased visibility.


  • For swing speeds above 110 it can feel a bit hard.

Factors that go Into Making the Most Forgiving Golf Balls

A forgiving golf ball usually has the following features.


A two-piece design is ideal as it helps to cover more distance whilst limiting spin.

Dimple Design

Higher number of dimples means the ball will lift with ease and cover more ground.


A ball that provides low spin is better as it allows straight hits even in case of a mishit.


Less compression assists players with low swing speeds to cover more distance.

Our Final Thoughts

Now that you know some of the most forgiving golf balls, get hold of a pack of these and enjoy your game.

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