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Golf is a sport of luxury and it continues to be coveted as a sport of the rich in recent times. Adding to its popularity is the easy availability of less expensive golf sets on websites like eBay and Amazon. However, for the true diehard fans of the sport, we list below some of the world’s most expensive golf sets.

Some sports are more popular than others for a reason. Football is popular amongst the young blood for the thrill of the chase, the excitement and the adrenaline rush. It’s loud and it’s voracious and the youth loves it.

Golf is classified as more of a gentleman’s sport. The beauty of golf lies in its calm, calculated and well poised nature. Don’t get us wrong, the game is very exciting. The euphoric feeling of getting a hole-in-one or the disappointment of losing your ball in the water is definitely unmatched. Also unmatched is the elegance of the game.

Golf clubs in bag on a golf field.

The Most Expensive Golf Clubs

That said, let’s check out some of the world’s most expensive golf sets.

The Honma Five Star Golf Clubs

Price Range: $75,000

The world-class Japanese golf club manufacturer, Honma, describes their clubs as the work of golf “artisans”. There are very few golfers who disagree. Honma’s manufacturers are perfectionists. According to the company, even 1/100th mm of change can make a huge difference. Their artisans ensure that all clubs produced are perfect pieces of art.

The Honma five star series come in complete 14 piece sets customized to your taste. You can ask for pricier materials such as platinum and gold to be used in your order. Among the five-star fan clubs are big names such as Mark Anthony, Donald Trump, and Jack Nicholson.

Bentley Centenary Set

Price: $ 15,999

For their 100th anniversary, Bentley launched its new centenary set along with a few other limited edition products to commemorate the occasion. The golf clubs are not just for show. Bentley designed each club to unite the “worlds of luxury and craftsmanship with the finest in sports and performance.”


  • Irons: Titanium face and carbon fiber back
  • Two Wedges: classic teardrop-shaped, 52” and 58” lofts, CNC-milled faces, full-face grooves and back cavities
  • Titanium woods with interchangeable shafts
  • Cryogenically frozen face
  • Putter: made from high-density 303 steel and super soft aluminum, and carbon fiber detailing.

Because this set commemorates Bentley’s centenary celebration, the company created only a 100 sets.

A.G. Spalding & Brothers Palmer Patent Fork Shaft Wood

Price: $490,000

This vintage set was sold at Sotheby’s auction for a whopping $49,000. The name Spalding is well renowned in the sports world especially in basketball, volleyball, soccer, and softball. The Palmer Patent Fork Shaft Wood is an antique set by the company. It is one of the most expensive golf sets sold at Sotheby’s auction.

Aside from golf sets, there are few heftily priced individual golf clubs available in the market. Most of these are limited edition pieces. Here are 3 luxury edition golf pieces that cost over a $ 100,000.

Andrew Dickson Long Nosed Putter:

Price:  $181,000

The Andrew Dickson Long-Nosed Putter, which was once owned by golf collector Jeff B. Ellis, s another vintage beauty. The putter made headlines in 2007 at Sotheby’s auction in New York City. It was sold to an anonymous bidder for a whopping $181,000.

The Andrew Dickson Putter is one of the oldest manufacturer verified golf club in the world.

Simon Cossar Fruitwood Metal Headed Putter

Price:  $165,000

Made of metal headed blade putter, the Simon Cossar Putter was sold at an auction to pay tribute to the Cossar Club Company. The Cossar Club is one of the oldest club making companies in the world. The Simon Cossar is the second most expensive club after Andrew Dickson.

Square Toe Light Iron Golf Club

Price:  $151,000

The Square Toe Light Iron club is among the dozen clubs made in 17th century. This vintage is made of light iron and was set to be sold in auction at an estimated price of $151,000. The high price tag comes with due to the rich history of the club.

Golden Putter First Lady Special Edition

Price:  $150,000

The Golden Putter is a German-made club with a five-micrometer thick coating of 24-carat gold in the shaft. Made of cherry wood, it also has diamonds encrusted on it, thus accounting for its $150,000 price tag.

A less pricey version without the diamond embellishments is also available.

Apart from these vintage pieces, there are a couple of modern limited edition golf clubs and sets that deserve a shout out.

Titleist Scotty Cameron Tiger Woods Limited Edition

Price: $20,000

Designed for Tiger Woods by Scotty Cameron, this putter is definitely special. With only 21 units ever made, the high price point comes well justified.

The design of this putter is similar to the ones used by Woods in one of his Masters victory giving this club a unique back story and history.

Adams Golf Tight Lies Spin Control

Price:  $8,500

Manufactured by Adams Golf, a Texas company, this golf club is one of the priciest in the world.

Initially, the company specialized in golf clubs that were custom fitted for the user. These clubs were associated with Tiger Woods former Coach Hank Haney as well.

The Tight Lies Golf Club is a successful commercial product of the company. It is a customized product specifically made to control the spin factor on the golf course.

These are definitely some special golf clubs and sets out there. But not everybody wants to create such a massive dent in their bank accounts. For all the stingy ones out there and for the newbie’s we have a few suggestions.

If you don’t want to dish out such a huge sum of money for vintage and limited edition pieces then you can check out one of the following:

Callaway Strata 18-Piece Golf Set

This is the ultimate beginner set. It comes in multiple variations but the two most popular ones are the 18 and 12 piece set. They are great for beginners as their drivers are excellent. They are really great quality and lightweight making it easier for a beginner to carry around.

Wilson SGI Complete Set

The Wilson SGI golf set includes 15 pieces. The irons have a deep center of gravity which makes getting the ball off the ground easier. It also minimizes the spin on the ball. High spin levels mean inconsistency which can put you off the game. They come with Wilson graphite shafts, making them lighter and easier to swing.

Precise 18-Piece Golf Set

The precise 18 piece set is a very good option for beginners. Precise is not a well-known brand in the field of golf but it might just be the best option for beginners. The set includes:

  • 5° 460cc driver with a graphite shaft,
  • A fairway wood with steel shaft,
  • 2 hybrids with steel shaft

The club’s shafts are lightweight and are ideally made for beginners. The set also comes with a great stand bag. The biggest plus is that they are really affordable.  The Precise is arguably the best value for money. You can get the full Precise set on Amazon.

Our Final Thoughts

The golf clubs we’ve discussed today are certainly not for everyone. But if you really are a passionate golfer, owning one of these sets should surely be on the top of your wishlist.

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