Most Comfortable Golf Shoes

A good pair of shoes is essential for any golfer who is serious about taking their game forward. While golf is considered a low activity sport, it takes a lot of walking, as you cover a full 18-hole course with as much agility as you can.

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18 holes usually add to quite a few miles and will certainly drain you if you aren’t good at walking for long distances. When it comes to the process of walking itself, you will have to wear shoes that are comfortable enough for you to wear for the entire day. Golfers need comfortable shoes, as the process can be a bit too tasking for them without these shoes.

The 5 Most Comfortable Golf Shoes

In this article we take a look at some of the most comfortable golf shoes. Stay with us as we take you through reviews of these shoes and the features that make them so comfortable.

1. Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoe

The Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes are ideal for golfers who prefer comfort from a spiked sole. These shoes come with spiked toes, but help give you the comfort of spikeless shoes. The Tech Response 4.0 golf shoes are extremely lightweight and come with an enhanced upper mesh to keep your feet dry and airy during longer walking periods.

A spiked sole can work wonders for you when it comes to gaining traction through your swing. The exceptional stability from the outer sole helps you maintain a decent posture as you swing to glory. The lightweight material and the breathability keep your feet fresh and airy even after longer sessions of golf.

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  • Upper layer is very breathable
  • Insole provides stability
  • Comfortable from the inside
  • Six-fang spikes providetraction


  • Won’t work for people who dislike spikes

2. FootJoy FJ Flex Golf Shoes

FootJoy has long been known as the premium-most manufacturer supplying shoes for players at the PGA tour. The FootJoy FJ Flex Golf Shoes follow the tradition and standard set by previous pairs to offer comfort to all golfers.

These flex shoes are perfect for walking through the course, and their stylish profile can make them look even better when you step toward the 18th green. The comfortable midsole is the best part about these shoes and helps you swing with ease.


  • Lightweight body helps provide comfort
  • Great for walking
  • Soft midsole


  • Traction can be an issue over use

3. Puma Ignite Nxt Golf Shoes

The Puma Ignite Nxt Golf Shoes give your feet the warmth and cushioning they require during long walking experiences. These shoes are created through a number of proprietary technologies and look like premium running shoes.

The good part about these Ignite golf shoes by Puma is that they offer a comfortable foam insole. The responsive foam can hang your foot to create a stable hold. The exterior shell for the NXT Ignite is waterproof and keeps moisture away from your feet at all times of the day.


  • SoleShield technology in the midsole
  • Hexagonal lugs that grip the ground provide traction
  • Performance mesh exterior and waterproof barrier


  • Spikeless traction control may not be good for traditional golfers

4. Skechers Max Golf Shoes

These Skechers Max Golf Shoes might not win when it comes to style and aesthetics, but they sure stand out because of their solid exterior and production. These shoes offer everything you will need as a professional golfer from spikeless bottoms and a waterproof exterior.

The breathable interior is woven and feels soft to the feet. These shoes don’t exert extra pressure on your foot to fight against the exterior, but instead move along with you as you walk.


  • Comfortable insole featuring GOwalk technology
  • Moisture-wicking interior
  • Breathable mesh exterior


  • Not waterproof

5. New Balance Breeze Golf Shoe

The New Balance Breeze Golf Shoes offer the dependability that you would otherwise find missing in most golf shoes. While the Breeze does not come with the patented Flash technology by New Balance, it does carry the foam insole popular with many New Balance shoes.

The patented foam insole feels extremely comfortable and has an incredibly soft feel to it. The shoes do not sacrifice on stability or durability for comfort. These shoes will just as easily rank on the top for a separate list on most durable or stable golf shoes.


  • Water guard keeps water away
  • Midsole cushioning for stability
  • CUSH plus insole for comfort on each step


  • Lack premium features

What to Consider When Looking for Comfortable Golf Shoes

There are multiple factors you should consider before buying shoes that offer comfort on a golf course. These factors include:


Breathability is one of the first factors you should consider before buying golf shoes that offer comfort. A nice pair of comfortable shoes should come with a breathable mesh on top to ensure the proper flow of air inside. Breathability keeps your feet dry and comfortable.


Waterproof shoes are generally better as they keep away water from your feet on a rainy day, when there is generally more dew on the grass. Waterproofing can also come in handy on a testing golf course with water bodies inside it.


The insole or interior of the shoe is everything that matters before choosing the most comfortable golf shoes. Many different companies have different patented insole technologies. Remember to read up on reviews to determine the right insole for your feet.

Our Final Thoughts

The Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes are our pick for the most comfortable golf shoes for golfers today. The right pair of shoes can help you in ways more than one, which is why you should look to invest in comfort and quality while buying a pair for golfing shoes.

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