Mizuno ST190 Driver Review

One of the best time pass and hobby you can develop is to play golf. It is way more relaxed than any other sport and can be quite exciting even though it is a bit slow.

For playing long-distance golf, you would need a good driver. There are plenty of people who cannot seem to have fun even after spending a long time in the golf course. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the wrong driver.

Mizuno ST190 is a golf driver, and we would be providing you all the information; it’s main features, what’s right and what’s wrong about the product.

Let’s not delay ourselves any further and start right away!

Mizuno ST190 Driver

Mizuno ST190 Driver Review

This driver by Mizuno is a great option for all kinds of golfers; from the professional to the beginners. It is versatile because of how stable the product is.

Since the back weight of the entire item’s system is nearly impossible to change, the MOI continues to add up, which in turn increases the stability and the accuracy of the swings by a high percentage.

Only one color, blackish grey, is available for the golf driver and is made up of durable titanium alloy which has a thick density. So, the durability and lifespan of the product also see a positive light.

The deal stealer here is its new technologically advanced wave sole. With this new upgrade, the average forgiveness will rise to a different height, and it becomes compressed, and the revives back to the same position after making the interaction between the clubhead and the ball.

So, a larger COR area would be built, and therefore the total speed will increase rapidly with it.


The Mizuno ST190 has a back weight which cannot be altered. This way, more MOI is added, and hence overall balance of the product increases from strikes of the midpoint.

As stability is maintained, the swings are more precise and can be adequately managed. So, therefore, the direction and the spin are controlled like this.

ST190G, the slightly updated version, has a fast track option which has two 7 gram weights. These can be manipulated in such a way that the spin can be altered and finally adjusted. You will also be able to draw and fade bias with this one. This is the only difference between the two models.


The entire driver is constructed with a beta titanium alloy in a complicated varied density face which in turn is fixed with a crown made up of carbon fiber. In this way, the center of gravity is lowered, and swings can be done quickly. 

Beta titanium, also known as the forged SP700 Ti Face, is a very exclusive and exquisite quality alloy. It allows the ball to pick up speed and distance at a high rate. Since the main construction of the driver consists of titanium, it bound to be healthy and sturdy. 

This means that the item is very durable and won’t get damaged easily.

You could use this for a lifetime if you can maintain it properly. And believe us, you would want to keep intact because you’d be paying a reasonable price to get the driver.

The crown of the item is composed of extremely lightweight carbon-fiber. You could shuffle around weight low as close to the clubhead.


For this model, two lofts are offered; one is 9.5 degrees, and the other is 10.5 degrees. You would be able to adjust these sizes by 2 degrees here and there. Lower lofted drivers are the preferable choice for golfers who have more experience in the course as it requires practice.

This is because the ball has a high speed and a reasonable spin rate. The angle of trajectory is low for this one and can get hard to hit.

The higher lofted driver, 10.5 degrees, is ideal for players who just started or have little to no practice. These types of lofts usually have a high launch angle and the low spinning rate, which is perfect for nonprofessionals as it is not very complicated.

Wave Sole

The all-new wave sole was manufactured by the engineers of their company so that there is a significant improvement of the forgiveness. And also, to increase the size of the hottest section of the face to almost close to 50 percent.

The advanced wave technology squeezes down and bounces back at the collision between the hall and the clubhead. This, in turn, creates a more significant COR AREA, and hence higher speed of the ball is acquired.

Sole of the ST190 has steel weight installed deeply in it. This is to improve the precision of your hit and the overall stability.


  • The hosel can be adjusted to control the direction and the spin
  • Is manufactured using high-quality titanium which boasts a spin rate
  • The carbon crown let’s movement of weight to occur as close to the clubhead
  • Amplified wave sole betters the forgiveness
  • Steel weight in the sole increases stability and shots
  • Square face allows shot to be made from any lie or angle


  • Towards the costlier side of the spectrum

Frequently Asked Questions

Does one face any problem with launching the ball high as it is, has a lower loft?

No launching problems arise because of the lower loft. It can throw the ball very high up.

What is the club head of the Mizuno st190 driver like?

The clubhead displays a neat and square outlook. It has a pretty impressive middle trajectory that performs with consistency. The flight of the ball is quite smooth after coming in contact with the clubhead.

What are the differences between the Mizuno ST190 driver and its previous, and is it worth the upgrade?

Firstly, the color blue is available for the previous model while it’s not for the newer one. The latter has more weight adjustability options, and the speed of the ball is also higher with this one. And yes, it is worth the upgrade because of these reasons.

Our Final Thoughts

Do we approve the Mizuno ST190 driver? 100 percent! With its innovative features and the overall quality of the product, we can’t help but recommend this to you.

A few might take a hard pass on the driver because of its comparatively higher price. But all of that canceled out for us because of the way it performs in the course.

Buy it or not, we hope that we were able to clear up your queries regarding this product.

Enjoy your next round of golf.

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