Mizuno RB 566 & 566V Golf Balls Review

Mizuno golf balls are underrated but have always only offered the best in terms of performance. Many golfers make the switch to Mizuno balls from the more expensive ones they had been using at the time because they see the performance and the quality, which becomes apparent immediately after the first few uses of the Mizuno golf balls.

That being said, the Mizuno RB 566 and 566V have been almost revolutionary for many golfers since their game noticeably improves with the help of these balls. There is increased hang time, and the balls are able to carry out a long and controlled flight that only becomes an asset to their games.

Mizuno golf balls, the RB 566 and 566V, boast a unique design and features that can bring out the potential of any golfer to the best of their capabilities. And you get all of this at a very reasonable price point, making Mizuno balls the perfect addition to help improve your game without drilling a hole in your pocket!

Let us now take a look at all the fantastic features the Mizuno golf balls offer so we can understand exactly how they are able to harness such performance:

Mizuno RB 566 & 566V Golf Balls Review

Overview Of The Mizuno RB 566 And 566V Golf Balls

We will start by describing the specifications of each of the golf balls

Specs Of The RB 566:

Construction: 2-piece construction

Design: 566Micro-dimpling

Cover: Durable ionomer cover

Compression: low compression

Number of Balls: Dozen golf balls per package

Specs Of the RB 566V:

Construction: 3-piece construction

Design: 566 D-dimpling

Cover: Durable Ionomer cover

Compression: low compression

Number of Balls: Dozen golf balls per package

The Mizuno RB 566 and 566V have been carefully designed and crafted for the best possible controlled flight and excellent aerodynamics that make for the perfect and most satisfying golf game one can imagine. Mizuno has perfected the micro-dimpling design since it offers extra hang time, which makes for a better aim, along with improved aerodynamics, which greatly helps to increase the predictability of the ball’s flight. The soft core of the ball and the low compression of the ball also adds to the predictability of the ball’s flight by ensuring it remains straight throughout the projectile and is not too affected by external factors like the wind. The design also ensures that minor discrepancies in connecting with the club do not alter the path of the ball too much, giving more power to the swing of the golfer. The flight also slows a bit after the apex to ensure that the ball only lands where it is intended to land.

These balls are only available in white and there is a slight difference between the price point of both the balls in which the 566V is slightly more expensive and has a 3-piece construction, making it more durable and more aerodynamic. The short game spin for is mild for the 566 and mild to high for the 566V. Both balls also offer a low driver spin which means that these balls have been specifically crafted for distance and are the perfect addition to your long game.

Review Of The Mizuno RB 566 And 566V Golf Balls

The design by Mizunomay have been perfected to the T, but we need to be able to gauge how well these balls perform on the course, so here is how these balls perform on an actual golf course:

Visuals and Feel

These balls have a superior, high-quality feel that allows you to feel as if you are performing at your best in a professional setting. The shiny white color along with the soft core and the double ionomer cover imparts a great first impression on both the balls, making them the perfect addition to your game. The micro-dimpling pattern is not just great for aerodynamic purposes, it also gives the ball a unique pattern that makes it easily distinguishable from many other balls in the market. Overall, both the balls feel great to use on the course and are giving a tough competition to some of the more renowned names out there.

Performance For Long Game

These balls really thrive in long games because their design has been perfectly crafted to serve you well in a long game. Factors such as wind, even speeds around 15 mph don’t really affect the predictability of the ball too much. The ball is truly designed to relinquish all the power to the swing of the club and an accurate swing will ensure that the path of the ball is as close to intention as possible. The spin on this ball is lower than that of most other professional-quality balls, which makes it great for long games but a tad disadvantageous for short games. The micro-dimpling also helps to enhance the aerodynamics of the ball, making it perfect for short games.

Performance For Short Game

Since these balls have low spin and a great, aerodynamic design, they are more suited for longer games. They may be used for short games as well but the low driver spin makes them a less than ideal choice for short games.


Other than that, the 566V is very durable with its 3-piece construction and will likely last for a long tim. However, during particularly rough games, the cover for both the balls may split on constant contact, making especially the 566 a little less durable. The 566V is slightly more expensive but these balls offer good value for money regardless.

Our Final Thoughts

Mizuno is really on to something with their uniquely constructed and specially-crafted balls. They offer great value for money while being absolutely delightful to use on the course, making these balls the perfect addition to any game of golf. Long games are especially a breeze with the Mizuno RB 566 and 566V, with their aerodynamic design and a predictable projectile which are essentially a dream for all golfers, especially at the low price point that Mizuno is offering.

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