Men’s Golf Clothing & Attire Choices

Clothing is an essential part of any sport you play. Every game has its style of clothing and attire for the players. Golf is no exception here.

If you are a beginner, you might find it tricky to find proper attire for the golf course. As a result, you might not be feeling confident enough about what you are wearing on the trail.

So, you want to wear clothes that adhere to the regular golfers’ styles. If that is the case, you have come to the right place.

Men’s Golf Clothing

This is the simple men’s golf clothing and attire guide. This will guide you to proper clothing at the golf course.

Hopefully, through this you will be able to get that lost confidence of yours back. Also, blend right in with the other regular golfers.

Golf Clothing Back in the Days

Before we move onto talking about the clothing, let’s talk a little about golf clothing history. During the early days of golf back in Scotland, people wore golf clothing to fight the elements of the environment.

Men would wear short pants or knickers that ended below the knee. As for the top, they wore starched collar shirts and jackets that were heavy tweed. Along with those, they wore tweed caps and sturdy shoes.

In the 1930s, golfers moved from knickers and fours to flannel trousers. They were usually white or grey as men used to go to courses from work. Neckties started to fall off of the trend in that time.

Later in the 1940s, golf attires started to mirror the outfits that are worn by golfers today. Men began wearing lightweight slacks with shirts that were short sleeved knitted. They wore spiked sole in sturdy shoes. Hats they wore had a brim.

Moving to the cooler weather, “Eisenhower” jackets were getting popular. These jackets were water resistant and had the roomy shoulder fit. So, they were great for the golf swing. As for warm weather, golfers started wearing khakis with colorful shorts and shirts.

Where to Start Looking

You probably want to look good and at the same time feel right at the golf course if you are like the most other golfers out there. But the problem begins there when you want to fit into the golfer crowd.

Unfortunately, you do not know how to do that. That is completely fine. Most of the new golfers go to golf courses not knowing the general clothing.

The trick to know what to wear at the course is looking at what attire amateur golfers wear. You look at the amateur scene because at the professional level it is kind of different.

Why Follow Amateurs?

The golfers at the professional level are mostly sponsored by brands. The brands most likely pick out their golf clothing for best advertisement. Therefore, they end up wearing the latest and unique products.

However, in the case of the amateur scene, it is different. Amateur golfers hardly have any sponsors. The thing with them is that they pick out golf clothing and attires that would suit them the best. Also, make them confident at the same time.

The Goal of this Guide

The simple men’s golf clothing and attire guide is not here to tell you what you should be wearing. However, the aim is to give you some options. Thus, you can determine what kind of golf clothing you are looking to buy.

You might like some attires talked about in this article. Some might stand out and pick your interest or you might love one part of one and one part from another attire.

If that is the case, feel free to mix and match them however you want to. Eventually, you will end up with various combinations of attires you will probably feel good in.

General Rules of Golf Clothing

Let’s begin by talking about what you should be avoiding in the golf course. In other words, the kinds of golf clothing that is frowned upon by the general golfer consensus.

Remember, as most people see it, golf is a classy sport. It is not a flashy one. When clothing up and choosing your attire, you have to keep it that way.

Everyone in the golf course you see will be wearing simple clothing. When choosing to clothe, try to avoid wearing jeans, cargo shorts and pleated shorts or pants. As for the top, your best bet would be to prevent fancy shirts.

Solid colored shirts are more preferred when you are at a golf course. Also, steer clear of tennis shoes and anything with plaid designs. The simpler the clothing you wear, the more appropriate it will look.

This about covers what not to wear in a golf course.

Generally Worn Golf Clothing

Now let’s see a list of what is usually worn by the regular golfers;

  • A white or light-colored hat is always preferred to a darker one.
  • In terms of shoes, you will mostly see people wearing white shoes with their clothing. You can wear either black or white socks with shoes.
  • You can wear a shirt that is of darker color but you have to balance it out with pants or shorts that are of lighter color. It is the opposite if you are wearing darker pants or shorts. Try to wear lighter shirts with them.
  • As far as belts go, you can wear one of a light brown color. It is not your office workspace. Try to stray away from black belts.
  • You want to wear clothes that are not a tight fit and at the same time not too baggy.
  • In general, you would want moderately colored clothing. They should not be too bright or too dark but somewhere in the middle.
  • Try to wear socks of standard height. In case if you have to wear longer ones, avoid pulling them too high. Also, they are not to be matched with very short shorts.
  • For pants, wear grey, black or khaki that is of light color too.

Simple Golf Clothing & Attire

A moderately light-colored shirt with shorts that are light colored might be the best combination; at least when you consider golf fashion. You can get some polos or shirts in different colors. That way you can rotate among different colors for different days.

For golf during the summer times, the light colors are of great comfort. Darker colors tend to absorb more heat than light ones. So, light-colored clothing will keep you more relaxed in the sun.

We are not talking cold but just in comparison with darker clothing, they will help reduce the amount of sweating. In a 4-hour round of golf, you want to stay as sweat-free as possible out there.

Go for a light-colored hat as well to go with the attire. They will make you look good and at the same time keep you cool in the sun. Get a pair of Adidas white or light-colored shoes to maintain the flow.

This combination of golf clothing is straightforward and yells out that you are a proper golfer. It shows that you know what you are doing on the golf course. If you want to feel right in the golf course and feel confident, try to replicate this look.

The Grey & White Combo

A look that Tiger Woods has rocked lately is the white and grey combo. As far as simple golf clothing and attire goes, this is a great combination.

Most agree that light colored shorts do not go very well with a white polo. Therefore, what you can do is try wearing grey or darker blue with them. You should keep at least a couple of golf shorts of different colors to match up with your shirts. That way you can mix and match later to your preference.

If you are not taking up golf as a professional sport, try avoiding the expensive popular brands. The thing is that you will most likely be playing only during the weekends if it is just a hobby.

Off-brand clothing might not have that soft feel for a lasting period but you will not most likely wear them as long. If you want to save money, go for the off brands. Otherwise, you can choose the more expensive ones.

A recommended belt to grab for your golf attire is the white Nike webbed one. Having that in your wardrobe would be great. You can wear a belt with various kinds of attires. The belt does not cost much anyway.

They seem to be very popular when it comes to regular golfers. As for hats, Nike golf ones pack a great deal. You can get hats that are adjustable and very cheap. They will feel great when you wear them and last for a while. You might want to grab one as they are a steal.

Attire with Darker Shirt

You could wear darker shirts with lighter shorts. They can be a great look during the summer time as well.

When you want to buy high-quality shirts while protecting your wallet, it comes down to brands. You probably want to get high-quality shirts. At the same time, you want to get them at a cheap rate.

You could get clothing from primary brands on Amazon with excellent ratings. Of course, that is if you do not mind skipping over the brand logo on your clothing. You can get massive amounts of discounts from there.

You would want to visit discount retail stores too. Often you will be surprised by the great deals you can probably get there. As for shoes go, get a pair of Nike or Adidas ones and you will be good to go.

If you go for older models from the brands, you can get the shoes for really cheap. The newer models are great too if your wallet can handle the weight. White shoes from them with just their black logos go great with the golf attire.

They are very simple as far as shoes go. You can quickly clean them to make them look new if they get dirty.

Golf Attire with Pants

At times you might want to wear pants in your golf attire. Perhaps you must wear them. No worries, we have got you covered over here.

You can wear any attire you wear with shorts and pants. The styles can be very familiar with each other. However, as pants are longer, you might want to get striped shirts with them.

The Adidas webbed belts go great with pants. As far as pricing goes, the belt is a great deal. Similar to other golf clothing unless you want. Otherwise, stick with cheaper brands that offer great deals. Haggar is a great brand if you are trying to get golf pants more on the competitive side of products.

Golf Clothing for the Cold

Let’s assume you live somewhere; it is mostly cold and you are getting into golf. Thus, you want to keep playing no matter how cold it is. So, if you have to play in the cold, you might as well dress up for it.

Believe it when you hear that you have to stay warm during the game. The cold will do its best for keeping you from doing those perfect swings and moving around.

For a starter, you want to get one of those quarter zip pullovers from Nike or one from any of your preferred brand. They might not look as thick but they are. They will help you stay warm and do your swings correctly.

Forget shorts in the cold; it is all about the pants now. Of course, unless you are a daredevil that is! However, even the pants will not help you as much during the cold.

To make proper attire or golf clothing to battle the weather, you need socks. You will need a good and thick pair of socks whenever it is cold. It is imperative to keep your feet and legs warm and comfortable on the golf course.

Golf Clothing for Your Hands

So far, we have not talked much about gloves or cloth related to your hands. It does not matter so much what kind of gloves you wear or whether you wear any at all.

In case of colder weather during games, a pair of hand warmers should be kept along with the equipment. If you are one of those people whose hands get freezing, you might want the strap ones. You can strap those around your waist to keep your hands warm.

When you are sitting idle, put your hands in the hand warmers. Likewise,hen you are taking shots, you can move to rotate the warmer and put it on your back. So, you can keep it out of the way of your swing.

You will find it very convenient to move the warmers. Whenever you feel your hands numbing from the cold, you can use the warmers to warm you up.

Fit and Match

Until now we have talked about different kinds of golf clothing and attires in the guide. Now, let’s talk about golf clothing fit and style matching.

You have to understand clothing fit with your shirts and shorts or pants. When you wear a golf shirt, make sure that it is not covering your elbow. The sleeves need to be three-quarters of the way to the elbow. If you are in good shape, you can wear them higher but make sure that the sleeves never cover the elbow.

If you wear a crew neck sweater with a sports shirt, tuck the collar in. That will give you a cleaner look. When you are wearing pants, try to get them in the proper length. Make sure that your pants are just touching your shoes. The pants should not be high up from your shoes or hugging them in folds.

Accordingly, when you are wearing shorts, wear them just before your kneecaps. If you wear shorts that are too long, it will look sloppy. Also, be certain that they are not too short. Remember, you are not going for a dive in a swimming pool!

Even when it comes to outerwear, you should wear clothes in trim. Anything oversized will just be getting in the way of your swings. Wear short socks to get a trim look. Always try to match your belt with your shirt rather than matching it with your shoes or hat.

We have talked about solid colors only and stripes. You can spice it up with patterns too. Of course, that is as long as the patterns are not dominating the clothing. If you want to wear a bold pair of pants, get a simple shirt or vice versa.

Our Final Thoughts

This simple men’s golf clothing and attire guide is designed to show you the general clothing styles in a golf course. You do not necessarily have to follow these rules completely. If you want, you can wear whatever you feel like wearing.

Moreover, if you feel that dressing up for the sport will increase your confidence, feel free to follow the guide.

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