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Hybrid Golf Club Loft Degree Chart

When you are replacing your iron or wood club with a hybrid golf club, it’s important to replace each club with the right hybrid. Likewise, attention to minor detail is necessary; otherwise, you will feel like a rookie on the golf field with your new clubs. This is because each hybrid club has a unique loft and set of features that might seem new to you.


Sometimes you have to ignore the club number and focus on their loft instead because brands assign numbers differently. Moreover, if you are looking for a hybrid that is 10=15 yards shorter than Your Existing One, You Need to Select A Hybrid With 3-4 More Loft To It.


What is a Hybrid Golf Club?

By definition, a hybrid golf club is one that borrows design from a wood and iron club. It’s like the best of both worlds with a few shortcomings. Since hybrid is a mixture of two different materials, it has both materials’ positive and negative qualities. Hybrid golf clubs are best suited for tall grass environment where extra space and strength is required to make a long shot.


Our Hybrid Golf Club Loft Degree Chart

Deciding which hybrid golf club is best suited for your next big game depends on the hybrid golf club loft degree chart. This chart defines the degree by which the golf club is lofted. It helps new players hit long-distance shots while pro’s stick to a loft degree below 10.


However, a hybrid loft golf club loft degree chart contains more information than just the loft angle. It contains the hybrid golf club’s length in graphite, length in steel, and the number of traditional golf clubs one can replace. Here is a hybrid golf club loft degree chart for men that will help you replace your wooden clubs.

  Men’s Hybrid Loft Conversion Guide (Wood)
Hybrid Angle Club Replaced
14⁰ – 16⁰ 3 wood or 1 iron
17⁰ – 19⁰ 5 wood or 2 iron
20⁰ – 22⁰ 7 wood or 3 iron
23⁰ – 25⁰ 9 wood or 4 iron
26⁰ – 28⁰ 5 iron


Men’s Hybrid Loft Conversion Guide (Iron)
Hybrid Loft Equivalent Iron
14-16 1
17-19 2
19-21 3
22-23 4
24-27 5
29-32 6
32+ 7+


There is no industry benchmark for the loft degree for hybrid golf clubs, but most beginners have a higher loft between 16 and 22 degrees. While pro’s stick with a loft under 10, because it hinders their posture and becomes challenging to manage under pressure. Mostly, you will find golfers replacing their 2 or 3 iron clubs with a hybrid golf club.


This is because the structure of a hybrid golf club outmatches plain wood and iron clubs. However, some pros still prefer to stick with their classic golf club for good luck. So it depends on your personal preferences, whether you choose a high loft degree hybrid golf club or a low.


Instructions for Hybrid Golf Clubs

Since golf rules allow you to carry only 14 clubs, you have to be careful about which ones you replace. Choosing two clubs with the same characteristics can cause confusion during the game and take up space for one of your essential clubs. Hybrid golf clubs usually replace 2 or 3 wood or iron clubs in a game. However, there is no limit to how many hybrid clubs you bring during the game.


Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

The best hybrid golf clubs come in all shapes and sizes. Each of them with their own unique features makes them irresistible for golf enthusiasts. However, you can’t carry more than 14 clubs to a golf game, so you might have to make a few sacrifices. Choosing the best hybrid golf club is not an easy job. Therefore, we have listed the top hybrid golf clubs for 2020 to help you decide which one suits your style.


1. Callaway Mavrik Hybrid

The Callaway Mavrik is the best hybrid golf club in the market. Its 2020 design is sleek and sturdy, and the 2020 model has some unique features to offer.


Key Features

  • Comes with jailbreak technology and flash face technology
  • The perfect combination of speed, trajectory, and momentum
  • Suited for golfers of all handicap levels
  • Helps golfer with a slow swing speed
  • Low center of gravity and incredible distance


2. TaylorMade SIM Max Hybrid

The slim max is a high-speed hybrid with excellent ball control and mitigated air friction. Its slim body is an excellent aerodynamic shape with minimum vibration and a sweet sound upon impact.


Key Features

  • The best hybrid launcher in the market
  • Low center of gravity for a perfect swing
  • Excellent steel face
  • Incredible distance


3. Cobra Golf F9 Men’s Speedback Hybrid

The Cobra 19 is an exciting upgrade from its previous model with more topspin and ball control. Baffler rail technology has always been the pack and parcel of Cobra golf clubs, and this club is in its own league.


Key Features

  • Excellent for mid-handicapped golfers
  • Baffler rail technology
  • Tons of distance coverage with a perfect swing
  • Sweet sound upon impact
  • Sturdy grip and strong body


4. Cleveland Launcher HB Halo Hybrid

Cleveland is known for making affordable golf clubs, and the HB Halo hybrid is one of their best clubs. Equipped with high launch and more forgiveness than its predecessors.


Key Features

  • More forgiveness
  • Excellent build quality
  • Premium feel
  • Excellent for getting out of challenging lies
  • Low center of gravity


5. Callaway Super Hybrid

The Callaway Super Hybrid is the best of the best hybrid golf clubs in the market. Its appealing design and high-quality material make it an expensive but worthy purchase.


Key Features

  • Premium distance technology
  • High-quality material
  • Appealing design
  • High ball speed
  • More forgiveness Protection Status