How to Hit Longer Drives: for Seniors

If you’re a senior golfer and have recently realized that you are unable to hit longer drives, know that this in no way means that you are no longer capable of doing so. This guide will show you how simple tips and tricks can effectively revive your game altogether. Don’t worry, all golfers go through this at some point. I mean, you don’t see Jack Nicklaus outdriving Tiger Woods do you? Even Tiger is getting to an age where he struggles to hit the ball as far as the young guns.

The primary limitations for any senior golfer revolve around long drives and power. This is because of a greater likely hood of you losing out your strength and flexibility. And even though hitting short drives can still lead to high scores, there is no fun in hitting long irons in greens all day long.

Learn How to Hit Longer Drives: for Seniors

Luckily, there are many ways to work around this. Read on to find out how to hit longer drives for seniors using techniques and bringing subtle changes in your style of playing golf.

How to Hit Longer Drives for Seniors

1. Understanding How Your Physical Ability Has Changed

The first step to improve your hitting is to recognize what you’re lacking. Unfortunately, along with age, comes a few downgrades… This will help you to assess exactly what area you need to work on and improve. The factors that are most likely to have influenced your golf experience as a senior golfer are:

Decreased Strength

Lesser strength is an inevitable consequence of aging and it directly impacts your hitting game. But this is not all bad because you can still manage accurate fairways.

Reduced Flexibility

With age, our joints lose the flexibility that eventually results in less shoulder turn. This becomes a hindrance to a smooth follow-through in a golf game.

Weakened Vision

Changes in vision impact your chances of hitting longer dries because you find it hard to concentrate or read the markings on the green.

2. Knowing that Exercising is the Key

Do you feel that lack of flexibility is the problem behind your inability to hit longer shots? Then let us inform you that exercise is primarily what you need!

You will get lazy and you may feel discouraged at first just because exercises can be boring. But our simple and easy to manage exercises will set you up for success instantly.

Pre-Round Warm-up Exercises

These are crucial not only to increase your chances of hitting longer strokes but also to avoid injuries on the course. To deal with flexibility issues, try to:

  • Go for light walks to get the blood flowing
  • Spend time stretching after you jog and gradually increase the time
  • Get in a hot tub before heading to the course to loosen up tight spots in your body

Warm-up Exercise on the Course

This is an exercise tip that you just can’t miss. To hit longer drives for seniors, it is essential to warm up on the course before the golf game. You should warm-up slowly by working your way between wedges, irons, and fairways. A key tip is to hit your last shot with the same club that you intend to use on the first tee.

Daily Exercise

A consistent exercise routine is necessary to keep mind and body sharp which is beneficial for senior golfers to maintain their fitness. To hit longer drives for seniors it is recommended that they:

  • Engage in workout routines that utilize resistance training
  • Start doing low impact cardio training such as swimming, using the elliptical, walking on inclines, etc.


Yoga is the best way to keep your mind and body fit. Regardless of your age, yoga will help you to increase flexibility, performance and get hold of your breathing.

3. Adjusting Your Swing Strategy

To hit longer drives for seniors depends greatly on their will to bend and adjust their striking mechanics with age. Simple strategy changes can help you to regularly hit more greens, lower your scores and get the best out of your game. This is also the best way to opt for if your problems root from strength-related issues.

Prevent Swaying by Turning Right Foot in Outward Direction

You need to have good hip flexibility before you go ahead for a backswing. For this reason, when your foot faces forward, your hip needs to be in a neutral position. In senior golfers, the body compensates and sways to the right side just to maintain the neutral hip position. This ends up being bad for the game. By turning your right foot out, you will prevent any form of swaying.

Increase Power by Tightening Your Golf Grip

To hit longer drives for seniors power plays a huge role. To make more powerful strokes, slightly rotate your hand to the side of the dominant side i.e. rotate hands on the left on your golf club if you’re left-handed. This helps to promote a draw spin and is an easy way to feel the power once again in your shots.

Gain More Distance by Slightly Moving the Ball in Your Stance

Setting up the ball slightly back from your normal stance when the conditions are warm will help you to achieve a longer drive than usual. This stroke has a greater chance of hitting a draw and the ball maybe a little lower with a shorter call flight. But, you will still have covered a larger distance.

Lift Your Left Heel

Allowing your left heel to lift a bit will go on to hit longer drivers for seniors. This is because letting heel to come off the ground naturally allows more rotation and more flexibility.

4. Buying Better Clubs with Senior Shafts

To hit longer drives for seniors can be made easy by getting a club that is specifically suited for senior golfers. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-suited club and its ability to dramatically improve your performance overnight. Here’s a list of some of the best clubs for senior players and details of their unique features.

Best Driver for Seniors

If you’re looking for more distance from your driver, as a senior golfer, take a look at the Taylormade M6 driver with a senior flex shaft. It can help you get some extra distance on your drives.

Best Irons for Seniors

When it comes to senior flex irons, the Taylormade M6 combo iron set with senior flex shafts are a great option. They should help you get a little extra distance on your shots, helping you hit more greens in regulation. They’re also a bit more forgiving than a strictly irons set.

Our Final Thoughts: Just Enjoy the Game

How to hit longer drives for senior golfers is not as complex of a problem as imagined, and hopefully, this guide makes this point clear too.  Know that the more loosened up you are, the better chances you’ll have to hot longer drives on the course. Keep exercising and trying out different techniques on the golf range to see what works best for you.

And while you do all this, don’t forget to enjoy the game. Some ways you can continue to have fun and be thrilled on the golf course are:

  • Playing the forward tees to shorten the course. Most courses have designated senior tee boxes.
  • Use a hybrid set of tees to be able to play the closer tees on the long holes and back on the rest.
  • Teeing the ball up in the fairway once in a while to hit your driver again. Hell, why not if it’s just for fun… obviously this won’t fly in tournaments.
  • Staying calm as you play the game and making the most of every moment spent on the golf course with your friends and family. Take time to smell the fresh air.

The most important thing about playing golf is having fun, so make it fun. You don’t have to play the back tees. You don’t have to follow all the rules if you’re playing for fun. Do what you want and enjoy your round of golf!

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