How to Clean Golf Clubs

For a golf player, the crucial thing is to learn good swing for keeping a good score in the game. That happens only with a well-chosen set of clubs.

However, after a splendid game with swinging, putting and chipping, your golf club starts to get dirty. For continuing your game in future without any disturbance, it is essential to clean your club nicely and naturally through the right process.

The golf clubs are made of different materials, and only a general cleaning process might not be correct for all elements. Here I am going to give you detailed information where you can get an idea of how you can keep your golf clubs dirt free.

How to Clean Golf Clubs

Without any further delay, let me give you every information that will help you to clean your golf club, and improve your performance by every swing.

Things Needed for Cleaning Golf Clubs

Before talking about the steps of cleaning a golf club, let us see what the materials required are:


You can wash your club under the sink just with soap. In that case, the heads of the club will not be entirely dirt free unless you submerge the clubs in the warm water. Hence, a plastic bucket is mostly preferred for cleaning the golf club.

Warm Water

One of the most critical things in cleaning the club is the warm water. An essential step for cleaning the club is soaking it in the warm water that removes rust and makes it easy to remove the dirt.

Towel or A Damp Cloth

To keep the club long lasting, it is necessary to keep it dry. On this account, it is important to dry it immediately after cleaning the club.

Some clubs are not suitable for keeping in direct contact with water, and that’s why damp cloths are mandatory.


To clean the club, soap is needed, and it is not a good idea to use every soap. High-quality ones should only be used as other kinds might bring you more harm than good.

The chemicals of the solvent will remove the dust of the club and will keep it shinning to some extent.


An old toothbrush or soft bristle brush is used while cleaning the club and to clean the grooves of the head. Only general wash can’t remove the dirt from the grooves of the head, you need a brush.

Other than the above materials, sometimes more things like vinegar or a rag are required in special cases for cleaning the club to improve the score of your game.

Different Parts of a Golf Club and Their Cleaning Process

The golf club is not just one single stick; it is somewhat made up of different parts. It mainly has three parts. The description of the various components along with their cleaning process is given below.

The Grip

This is the part of the club that a player holds. According to the common rule of the game, this grip is bound to be round and solid, which means the grip should be without any hollow space or lumps.

The grips are made of either leather or rubber with small holes or ridges so that the golfer can hold the club in such a way that it will not elongate the grip.

As the grip connects directly the golfer’s sweaty hands, it’s best to clean it after every match.

Steps of Cleaning Grips

  • The first step of the cleaning process is rinsing it with clean water.
  • Apply some hand soap later on and gently scrub it with a bristle brush.
  • Again, the grips need to be rinsed to clean up the soap, and immediately it should be dried up with a towel or a soft dry cloth.

Things You Need to Avoid While Cleaning Golf Clubs

Apart from the above steps, you need to be aware of some facts that can cause damage to your grip.  For example, never soak the grip in the warm water as it will allow accumulating rust in the nooks.

Depending on how often you play, how sunny the day is and how much you sweat, the routine for cleaning the grip should be made.

While playing or if you hold the grip and it leaves a black mark in your hand, it is high time you need to clean your club for avoiding further disturbance.

For restoring the texture of the grip, sandpaper can be used lengthwise from top to bottom. However,t if the grip is too much cranked, cleaning or using sandpaper will not be enough, and you need to change the golf club.

The Shaft

The shaft of a golf club connects the grip and the head of the club. This is also round like the grip, and they are mainly made of steel or carbon fiber.

The carbon-fiber is better to use as they are much more shiner than the steel. It is also a bit expensive which makes the whole golf club valuable.

The stiffness of the shaft is variable and keeps an effect in the game as the stiffer of the shaft brings more strength on hitting to a golf ball.

Among the parts of the club, the shafts are the easiest to clean. As said before, the shaft can be made of steel for which it can easily get rusty. To remove the rust from the steel, you need a rag and vinegar.

Steps of Cleaning Shafts

  • At first, the vinegar is to be poured in the rag and then rub the cloth against the shaft. The acidic nature of the vinegar will remove the rust from the shaft.
  • The soaked vinegar rag, if necessary, can leave on the shaft that is rusted. This will allow the stubborn rust to permeate, and that’s how the steel shaft gets cleaned.

Things You Need to Avoid While Cleaning Golf Clubs

In case of graphite shaft, more care is to be taken as they are coated with delicate polyurethane.

Thus, rather than soaking in a solvent or using a brush, the graphite shafts need to be wiped with a wet cloth. At last, you need to dry it and wipe it with a dry cloth.

The Head

The head is the part from where the total energy of the swing is transferred to the golf ball. This is also the part that hits the ball to make a score in the game.

The variation of the head is much more than either grip or shaft. This is very important and make the whole game interesting.

Accordingly, the head is the only part that touches the ground along with the ball which means it gets dirty very quickly. In this regard, the head needs to be cleaned nicely for a better swing.

Steps of Cleaning

  • The general way to clean the head is with dish soap and warm water. Take one teaspoon of dish soap and add with 3 inches of water.
  • Submerge the head in the warm water and leave there for almost five minutes, then scrub the head with a non-wire brush.
  • Rinse the head later on to remove the soap and dry it before use.

Types of Club Head and Their Cleaning Process

The club heads are mainly made of wood and iron. As the characteristics of the materials are contrasting, it is self-evident that their cleaning processes will not be alike.

The different types of club heads made of unlike materials and the ways for keeping them clean are given below:

The Wood

This type has the most massive head that is made up of wood or metal. With a single swing, it is possible to pass the ball to a distance of 300 yards.

Through a single hit can cover a long distance. That’s just not because of the big head, the wooden shaft is also responsible for that huge impact.

This shaft is longer than any other shaft that increases the power. While hitting the ball, this amplified power is transferred to the ball, and thus it covers such a long distance in a single strike.

Steps of Cleaning

The steps that you need to follow while cleaning your wooden club are:

  • These clubs can either be made of wood or metal wood. At first, we need to determine the material through which it is made as the washing procedure of the metal club is different from the wood clubs.
  • In case of a metal club, mix dish soap in warm water. Dip the head of the club. Then immediately lift it as the head of the club is layered with metal and inside it a hollow. Dry it using a damp cloth.
  • Sometimes it is not enough only to use soapy water and damp cloth to remove dirt from the groove of the metal head. In that case, one needs to use a toothbrush to clean the dirt away.
  • For wooden clubs, you can never use water or liquids to soak them. Just use a damp cloth to wipe it. Moreover, you cannot use a toothbrush for removing the dirt in this case.

The Iron

Woods are used for long shots while iron clubs are used for a variety of shots. The range that an iron club can cover hitting a golf ball is 200 yards.

The heads of this club are made of steel, and the shape of the head was given by forging-hammering hot metal with lots of pressure.

This type of club is made in such a way that when the player hits the ball, there is a very less chance of twisting and giving a disappointing shot.

Steps of Cleaning

Everyone is aware of the fact that iron has very different characteristics than wood. In that sense, the cleaning process also differs a bit than that of the wood. The steps are:

  • For cleaning this type of clubs, you need a bucket, warm water, and dish soap. At first, fill in the bucket with warm water. Then mix the water with some drops of dish soap.
  • Submerge the club head in the bucket filled with soapy water and leave for few minutes.
  • If the club head has a moderate amount of dirt, leave it for 5 minutes; but if it has a vexing stain, leave it at least for 10 minutes.
  • If required, the grooves can be cleaned with a soft bristle brush. However, it should be remembered that a wire bristle brush should never be used.
  • Last but not least, rinse the head with clean water and then dry it up with a towel.

From the above cleaning process, you can get why you need to follow different steps for different materials.

Polishing the Clubs!

Cleaning only keeps the golf clubs free from dirt but just cleaning is not enough. Along with cleaning, polishing is a standard part of the maintenance routine.

If a club is polished after cleaning, it will protect the clubs free from dirt of the environment. Moreover, it helps to keep the clubface clean. Hence, any debris in the face of the club will not affect each ball it strikes.

Before polishing the golf clubs, thoroughly they need to be cleaned following the steps mentioned above. Then any metal polish or car polish or even a spray polish can be applied.

A soft cloth can be used to wipe the club with a polish. Leave the club for few minutes. Then by using another clean and soft cloth, wipe off the polish.

In this way, your golf club will look shiny and will protect it from the dirt of the surrounding.

Finding the Right Golf

For taking your performance to the next level, it is vital to find a club having a smooth shaft and a good grip. It is said that the golf club a player uses is more than just a piece of equipment.

The club has a significant influence on how well the player plays and the rate at which he improves. Besides, a good club brings confidence in the overall game.

Therefore, it is imperative to find such a golf club that will give you the best swing for the sake of your performance. Furthermore, it is wise to buy branded club because you cannot find a good golf club from a regular shop.

Lastly, no matter how expensive or highly appraised the golf club maybe, if you don’t clean it on a regular basis, it will become worthless garbage eventually.

Our Final Thoughts

For a golfer, the golf club is more than just a sports kit as this club brings confidence in the player and can give a new dimension to the game.

To keep the game always interesting and challenging, you need to maintain your golf club clean. Don’t let the dirt or rust come in the middle of the game, and be the reason of your loss as dirt can make the club less capable of swinging.

Moreover, who does not want to keep his favorite sports equipment clean and shiny? It is believed that above-detailed information will help you to clean your golf clubs very easily at home within a concise time and keep each of your game fascinating.

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