How to Chip the Golf Ball

While playing golf, it is not enough to learn the rules and the basics of the game. Just learning the regular shots will not make one a player. Along with the proper shots, it is necessary to gain another shot which is known as “chip shot.”

One might face some hindrance during putting in the golf course that cannot be overcome by a regular shot. To make a score and aim into your target, chip shot is important.

how to chip the golf ball

Without stretching it further, let’s look into the ways of chipping the golf ball quickly in the right way.

What is “Chip Shot”?

A golf player or if any person is known to the basic of the sport, the term “chip shot” is very familiar to him.However,  before jumping into how to chip a golf ball, let’s discuss what it is and why it is essential.

It does not always happen that a player hits the ball and it directly goes into the hole. Sometimes the ball remains very close to the green as in within some yards of the hole. In golf, the chip shot is hitting the ball from close to green toward the hole.

In this case, the shot is played within few yards of the putting surface, and the shot causes the ball popping into the air shortly. Then after hitting the ground, it rolls forward to the hole.

The point or importance of this shot is to overcome any intervening condition. If the grass adjoining the putting surface is slightly higher in height than the grass on the green or if there is any unmowed grass, the golf ball gets hindrance from going into the hole.

To avoid this type of condition, a chip shot is struck that overcomes the rough and fringe condition which clears the disturbance that prevents the ball from putting.

Steps for Right Chipping

Although the chip shot is a small shot, it is a very significant one that might seem simple and easy if you see a good or professional player is doing it. On the other hand, it is hard for those who are struggling with the shot.

Some steps are given below through which you can learn to chip the golf ball in the right way:

Step 1

Use the upper portion of your body to chip the ball by keeping your legs and feet stable, but do not swing with your wrist as it will bring a limit to your force and control.

Step 2

Successful chipping is possible if the initial contact of the golf club with the ball is in the downward strike and aim to swing down.

Step 3

You need to hold your club firmly, and this applies even for a regular shot. In chipping if you don’t hold your club nicely, you can not have control over the swing.

Step 4

When you maximize your force and control the swinging downward, you need to raise the club for making an impact in the ball. When the club hits the ball, the ball will be in the air for escaping the grass.

Step 5

Keep in mind that making an impact on the ball is not enough; you need to follow through with the motion and need to complete the swing with the same starting movement.

Step 6

After the shot, you know that it will fly shortly and then will roll to the hole, but you need to keep an eye to the ball to see where it lands. Keeping an eye in the ball is very important during practice as it will help you to understand about your force as well as controllability.

Proper Stance while Chipping:

Under the process of learning chipping, it is very significant to know your standing position and the position of different parts of your body such as:

  • You need to keep your body with the middle of your chest that is the sternum a bit ahead and parallel to the ball.
  • The chest should be kept up as the arciform of the chest will change the direction of the club that will even fail your swing.
  • Your feet should face forward planting firmly to the ground. The space between your feet should be equal to one foot of yours.

Different Ways of Chipping

The correct way to chip the golf ball and the general rules are given above, but there is not the only way to chip. Various proven chipping drills will improve your skill within a short time. Hence, some of the best ideas are:

The Triangle Chip

The concept of this chip is simple. Here you need to make a Y or a triangle shape with the shaft of the golf club and the arms.

Your front foot should bear most of the body weight , and one needs to hold the shape of the triangle through the swing. You need to let your upper part of the body to do the work. It will ensure letting the club to get the ball into the air.

This drill is the best for short chip and will help you to build a controlled, lowered shot.

Hula Hoop Chip

The best part of this chip is that you can practice this chip in a local park or even in your front yard.

For this chip, you need to make a circle or a hula hoop around the hole with a string. From 4-5 yards interval, set the golf ball and hit it. Thus, chip it within the hoop.

Your target will be to chip every next ball further from the hoop and closer to the hole. If you fail once, restart from the beginning.

This chipping way puts pressure on you and gives you a challenge that will help you to understand your progress.

Coin Chipping

Here, you need to chip a coin. This is a bit different from the other chipping ways . You can practice chipping a coin sitting at your home that will train you for crisper contact with the shots and will make the chipping of a golf ball easier.

To do this, you need to set your coins in the carpet and a cup to a nearby distance. Try to send the coin to the air and fulfill your target. Check out how many targets or coins out of 10 get into the cup.

10 x 10 Chipping

You need a 10-100 yard to practice this chipping. Mark with a yardage marker 10 yard distances from a 10-100 yard and try to chip the balls carrying exact distances for which you need to practice different swings. Find out which swing hit your ball to a distance in 10 yards interval between 10-100 yards.

Tips for a Different Level of Players

Undoubtedly, chip shot is a bit difficult than a regular shot. There is a different level of players like there are beginners as well as professionals. The process of learning the shot might be the same, but all the players can not learn it with the same capability, even the same techniques do not apply for every player.

Below there are some tips for different level of players that might help you to learn fast in the right way.


In case of the beginners, it is important to know how to hold the grip of the club and the standing position as they are different from the one during a regular shot.

For chipping, more control is required since it is necessary to hold the grip of the club far down, and the shuffle should be closer to the ball.

The feet should be kept close in the standing position as said before. For striking easily in chip shop, more weight like 60% of your weight should be given in your front foot.

Intermediate Players

The players at this level do not try to learn; they try to improve their chipping by focusing on their control and force.

Here the players need to master on their stance that is on their posture. They need to distribute their weight according to their comfort zone.

To improve the skill, the players need to do challenge themselves. They close their eyes to do the shots and make a guess considering their force that how long or short the chip was.

It is imperative to make a chipping technique keeping in mind that the velocity of the club head should change very less. Furthermore, you need to practice to rotate your body with the target, otherwise it is not possible to have a successful chip.

Our Final Thoughts

Chipping is an essential part of golf and a difficult one to learn. All the steps above and some tips are given that will help you to learn quickly and correctly.

It is a known fact that a chip shot is harder than a regular shot and required tricky techniques. In spite of all these, it is vital to practice regularly the chip shots with different challenges to improve and to do better.

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