A Guide to Golf Terminology

Since you came to this article, I’m speculating you are a beginner golfer or you’re pondering taking up the sport. The game has become colossal in the course of the most recent 50 years or somewhere in the vicinity and is a fun agreeable approach to get out and work out.

If you’re new to the game, this manual for golf wording for amateurs is an absolute necessity for all novices to the amusement.

golf terminology

The point of the entertainment which is played on a vast open course and for the most part comprises of 18 holes, is to finish the whole course in a couple of shots as could be expected under the circumstances.

While the game is fun, newbies may experience considerable difficulties understanding the slang and utilizing the right wording. This guide will motivate you on your approach to have to hit the correct vocabulary.

Golf Terminology | The Terms Each New Player Has to Know

Much like with any game, golf additionally has its very own phrasing that enables the players to comprehend the amusement somewhat better.

The vast majority of this wording is efficiently utilized by golfers and keeping in mind that you probably won’t comprehend it yet. You will discover how much better the amusement is once you do.

Here is a choice of the most well-known terms utilized by the normal golfer;


The handicap is the main thing you should know when you begin the diversion. It just alludes to the normal shots the player plays more than the course aggregate (over standard). This is likewise the rating framework utilized in golf.


The clubs are the sticks or instruments utilized for playing the amusement. They change in sizes and have diverse purposes. You can convey a limit of 14 clubs.

If you have a fifteenth, abandon it in the vehicle to keep away from inconveniences. Anything you can mix with the 14 clubs of likings.

You’re permitted to convey up to 14 clubs in your pack amid a focused round. You may convey less, yet ensure you check the substance before you begin and dispose of any extra ones.

Otherwise, it can cost you punishment strokes for each opening you play.


Par is the number of shots that the client should take to finish an opening. Openings are commonly partitioned into standard 3, 4 and 5.

Eagle/ Albatross

Three under standard score on an opening, normally two shots on a standard 5 or a gap in one on a standard 4. Eagle is utilized to depict a total opening that is 2 shots under this standard. By and by, it will be viewed as a hawk on the off chance if you complete a standard 5 in only 3 shots.


1 under standard score on a solitary gap. Birdie is the term used to portray a finished gap that is one shot under the standard. For instance, finishing a 4 shot opening in 3 shots will give you a birdie.


Regular expression for a gap in one. An expert is a term that is utilized to depict a player making a gap in one. This is regularly observed on par 3 holes.

Daze Shot

Any shot where the player can’t see the expected landing zone from the point where the shot is being made.

Ball Imprint

The space that your ball makes when your shot hits the green (you ought to dependably fix your ball marks).


Bogey is the inverse of a birdie, and this alluded to finish an opening in one shot more than standard. A twofold bogey and triple bogey is additionally utilized for completing the opening in 2 or 3 shots more than standard individually.


The caddie is the individual you see conveying the clubs of the stars. This individual can frequently be swung for guidance and has some broad information about the amusement.


When you begin a course, you will utilize a tee. The tee is the wooden peg that is utilized to jump-start the ball from the beginning stage of the course. The tee must be utilized for beginning the course from the tee box.


A course of golf is commonly isolated into 3 areas. The fairway is the decent stroke of easy route grass before you achieve the green. Players ought to dependably endeavor to arrive on the fairway while starting as it makes achieving the green a lot less demanding.


The Rough is the taller grass that the player should void that is around the fairway and the green. You will feel dubious about escaping the unpleasant if you are unpracticed.


The green is the region encompassing the opening. This detects that you will go for when you are moving toward the container (gap).


The primary shot a player takes from the tee is viewed as the drive. The club that is most generally utilized for this is likewise alluded to as the driver.


When you arrive on the green, you should putt the ball into the opening. It is the most generally referred to as the stroke taken by the player when on the green.


The fringe is the slight stroke of grass that isolates the green from the harsh. In many cases, be great if you are a propelled player.


These general markers are utilized to show the closures of the course. Any shot outside the limit is considered “beyond the field of play.”


If you are a fledgling, you may hear this term now and again. It is a slang word used to disguise a player who is not great.


These are the alerts that are sent by the players to the fans if they are worried about the possibility that a shot may hit someone else on the course.


A slice is a form of a curved shot. A slice is opposed to a hook, which is also another form of a curved shot.

If you are a right-hander, slicing would mean making the ball spin from left to right. A slice could be a shot made towards the left that ends up spinning toward the right, or it could be a straight shot that suddenly curved rightwards.

If a shot directed towards the right ended up curving more to the right, is known as a push slice.

For a left-hander, slicing happens in the opposite direction i.e. from right to left.

Very often, slicing happens as an accident when you misplace a shot but it can also be done on purpose. A fade shot is similar to a slice with the exception that the angle is lower.


A shot that takes an outrageous way from directly to left (right-gave player). The “hook” or “hook shot” in golf is a shot that outcomes in a noteworthy ideal to-left bending of the golf ball’s flight (for a right-gave golfer; for a lefty, a hook bends left-to-directly in flight). It can be played deliberately.

However, it is regularly the consequence of a mishit. A hook is an increasingly severe form of a draw, and the snare is diametrically different from a slice. An exceptionally serious hook is now and then called a “duck hook” or “snap hook.”

When those terms are utilized, it likely methods the ball flight began straight before dropping remarkably to one side. These are major mishits.

Best Ball

A group arrangement of playing where every player plays their very own ball through the finish of the opening and the best score is recorded for the group.


The movement that includes the club and each component of the body in removing the club from the ball and setting it in position at the highest point of the backswing from which the club can be conveyed to the ball at effect.


The rotational development or turn of the ball delivered by contact with the clubface. The more noteworthy the backspin, the higher the ball will fly and the more it will turn.

Accordingly, it stops or even turns in reverse on contact with the turf.


A shank is a horrible shot, and one of the worst ways you can mishit the ball in golf. It’s so bad that it sends shivers down the spine of golfing greats such as Ben Hogan.

You shank a golf ball when you hit it from the most inner point of the clubface. The ball comes into contact with the hosel, which is a circular thing where you fit the shaft. If the ball only makes contact with the hosel, the result is very extreme, as the ball moves away from the target line with heavy spin.

If you’re a right-hander, a shank will result in the ball shooting away towards the right (and vice versa if you’re left-handed).

Golfers are very frightened of the term “shank”. It’s a word that has a ghastly effect on golfers, making them fear it like many people fear ghosts. Even the great Ben Hogan was fearful of this “spooky” word.

Kris Tschetter, a retired LPGA Tour pro wrote a book titled “Mr. Hogan: The Man I Knew.” In that book, she shared one of her experiences with Mr. Ben Hogan where she played a shank in front of him. His reaction to the mishit was similar to when a priest makes a cross sign due to fear.


Some portion of a golf club that associates the pole and head together. I have already mentioned that a shank is one of the most exceedingly bad mishits in golf.

At the point when a shank happens, the golf ball takes off most ordinarily route to them directly for a right-gave golfer. In some cases the angle is even more severe- going close to 90 degrees at worst.

The hosel is a part of the golf club into which the shaft is inserted. The hosel is designed to be round to match the cylindrical shape of the shaft. A hosel rocket occurs whenever there is inappropriate contact made between the ball and clubface. The ball is not supposed to touch the hosel.

When it does, the result is a haphazard shot that can go virtually anywhere.

The point of contact on the club should be the clubface. A slight contact might happen now and then with the hosel. However, the disasters happen when the hosel is the only part that touches the ball.

The result of a shot where the hosel is involved in the impact is one where the ball shoots towards the right for right-handed golfers and leaves for left-handed golfers.

Cavity Back

Irons that are typically utilized by mid to high incapacitate golfers. They are common and more sympathetic.


The term “blades” normally denotes a type of iron. This term is also used to refer to musclebacks. But the word “blade”(singular) has two different uses, one of which is a type of shot.

When you “blade” a shot, the impact of the clubface with the ball is very light and thin. The impact occurs at the upper half of the ball. The result of a bladed shot is that the ball moves with little loft but a lot of power over the ground. The ball goes a long distance but remains low and close to the ground.

It’s hard to make a properly bladed shot. If it is done wrongly, especially when making a wedge shot, the ball will end up flying past the hole by more than a 100 yards. Wrong bladed shots are ugly and damaging to your score.

Bladed Shot

Regularly, it is referred to as a “skulled” shot and happens when the best 50% of the ball is hit with the base segment of an iron, coming about a low-running shot.


A swing in which the revolution of the lower arms is deferred or counteracted all through the hitting region, for the most part delivering a shot that flies to the direction of the objective.


The demonstration of raising and bringing down (or bringing down and raising) the swing focus throughout the swing.


A gadget that estimates separation on the course and helps the player with precision.

Short Games

Alluded to the shots around the green, chipping and putting.


Any shot where the player is aiming to hit the green. This indicates the shot where a player takes from the fairway to the green.

Point of Methodology (or Assault)

A term that depicts the relative edge which the clubhead approaches the ball at the effect, decides the separation and direction the ball voyages.


When a player misses the ball on a shot. Once in a while alluded to as an air shot. In golf, a “whiff” is the point at which you swing the golf ball and miss. On the off chance that you were endeavoring to hit the ball however missed, you just whiffed it.

When you whiff a golf shot, you simply need to re-set yourself and attempt once more. Whiff is otherwise called “Air shot.” Attempt to unwind on the main tee of your first round of golf, or you may whiff.


Ordinarily utilized when putting to portray the bend that the ball will take when putting towards the opening.


By and large, refers to a straight line (the spine) that the chest area pivots around throughout the golf swing.


Over-clubbing means utilizing a club that will hit the ball more remotely than would generally be appropriate. One case of this might utilize a driver on a short standard 3 course.


The clubhouse is likewise the nineteenth opening by numerous players and the spot players. They head to after the amusement for a few refreshments.

Sand Trap

The sand trap is one of the most straightforward words as it is utilized to represent the sand fortifications that are spread out over the course. These ought to be dodged no matter what.

Our Final Thoughts

Golf is one of the best games that you can play today. The game is simple enough to see once you get the hang of language, even though playing can be an alternate ball game totally.

This phrasing should enable you to fit in with your hitting the fairway companions and join the discussions about golf.

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