Golf Outfit Ideas for Men

Golf is well known as a popular sport. One of the reasons behind its popularity is its standard fashionable attire. After all, there is no harm in looking your best while playing. The golf attire that we know today has changed.

Since golf was born in Scotland, the original outfit was knickers and shirts with a jacket. This was done due to the windy nature of Scotland.

golf outfit ideas for men

However, the outfit was changed to be more casual after the heat wave during the US Open. Regardless of the gear becoming less formal, golf attire is still thought of as the epitome of men’s fashion.

There will be a walk through of various outfit ideas. You can take inspiration from these ideas. You can follow these exactly, or make your outfit.

Let’s first look at what golfers usually wear when they play golf, and then go over a few golf outfit ideas for men.

What Do Golfers Usually Wear?

The Origin of Golfing can be traced back to Scotland. So the early players wore local attires.

In modern times golfers have changed this approach to their attires. Both men and women golfers have their distinct taste.

Men usually wear collared golf shirts. They also wear Polo shirts sometimes. During the summer, male golfers like to wear short which are above knee height. On colder days and winter they prefer to wear long trousers.

Female golfers also have their attire. They wear shorts, trousers or skirts. Matching colors of their vest and bottoms are a common thing. They use many accessories such as sunglasses, hats, and jewelry.

Now let’s look closely into the components and some cool things you can do with them. Then we’ll share some of our combinations.

Polo Shirts and Tops

Polo shirts are now a part of mainstream fashion. There are differences between mainstream polo shirts and those used for golf. They come in solid colors, stripes, textures, and patterns. Polo shirts are found in almost any color.

They are made from cotton knit fabric which can stretch. They are generally short sleeved but you can find long sleeved polo shirts too. When playing golf, the shirts are usually tucked in.

The newest trend is introducing running wear into golf. That’s where polo shirts come in. They provide technical functions with modern cuts. The athletic polo fit shirts could be your thing. Both are trendy and sporty. All while making you look like a gentleman.


The most common knitwear in golf is the sweater vest. They might be solid or patterned with stripes or plaid. Other common patterns are argyle or diamond shapes. They might be with buttons or without.

They are perfect for cool weather. There are also long sleeved sweaters, similar to the sweater vest. Another option is the pullover. It’s a jacket made of knitting with a zipper and usually a high neck. They are good for colder weather.

Cardigan with a tie could be the next big thing. Some of this knitwear are made of top quality merino wool. Although knitted jumpers aren’t used that frequently anymore, they can still be a good idea for your outfit.


Below you have the basics to know about what to wear as outerwear in golf;

Waterproof Clothing

Waterproofs are more common in the UK, which is well known for rainy weather. They consist of a waterproof jacket and pants made of similar material. Sometimes they are sold together as a set. They are generally found in dark colors.


Golf trousers are usually shorts for the summer. For winter, men opt for long trousers. They look great with faint patterns rather than bold ones. The bolder patterns are more challenging to coordinate. There are also thermal pants used during the winter.

Slim trousers or fitted trousers are quite popular at this moment. Ultra slim is also making its way into the market. It gives the players a more athletic look.


Accessories consist of hats, socks and belts. When it comes to hats, there are golf hats, caps and visors. They may not seem like it, but they are essential to an outfit.

There are so many technological accessories as well such as the puma portable golf speakers.

There are also a lot of customizable golf balls. They are different for different swings, which is helpful for players to recognize their balls from other players.

Golfers also use leather gloves now. This provides maximum grip while looking super cool.


Shoes are essential while playing golf. During the motion of the swing, a good grip is highly recommended. The shoes also have to be very comfortable. Players need to be able to move easily around the course. The bottom line is, shoes are very important.

Getting the right shoe that enhances your game is essential. In the mean time, making sure it looks good is just as important as well.

Golfers now wear both spikes and spike less shoes. Adidas, Nike, and other major brand shoes are making their way into the sport.


Caps are worn by a lot of golfers. It has become an integral part of a golfer’s wardrobe. Golf has the most headgear option than any other sport.

Caps can be of various color. Choosing colors that stand out with your outfit could be a good idea when it comes to caps. Furthermore, there are so many options out there when it comes to choosing caps.

Some Very Important Guidelines To Follow

There are some basic thing you need to watch out before you select your attire. You need to make sure you get these things right. Otherwise, it’ll just look quite terrible. Keeping these things in mind and making sure you get them right is necessary.

White Belt With White Pants or Nothing

White belts aren’t a bad idea only if you’re wearing white pants. Wearing white belts with any other color is just a terrible idea. It will ruin the whole outfit, and it looks terrible.

Going with a white shirt, white trousers and a white belt on the other hand is very classy

Thinking there is a Specific StylefFor Golf

Golf doesn’t have a specific style, and there isn’t anything called golf style. There’s no one attire for the sport. Many people have a misconception that golf has a specific set of attires.

That’s not correct. Fashion is fashion. Golfing clothes should look good off of the course too. There are multiple brands and multiple types of attires.

Mix Up Brands

Mixing up brands is a good idea. Nike, Puma, Adidas and other brands offer a lot of variety of golf attire. Mixing them up would allow you to have the best of everything.

Sticking to one brand isn’t the best idea because you would miss out on what others have to offer. (And that’s a lot!)

Every Piece Matters

Your Golf attire is the combination of everything you wear. That includes your tops, pants, head wear, shoes and every accessory. Treating them individually isn’t a good idea.

For example, if you decide to wear a patterned vest and a patterned shirt, it won’t look that pleasing. Only looking at these elements one at a time isn’t a good idea. The mixture could ruin every component. Therefore, looking at the attire altogether could be an ideal thought.

Blending of colors with patterns in every component is very important. Getting them right will automatically make your outfit look a lot better, even without expensive attires.

Too Many Layering

Golfers have habits of wearing multiple layers of clothing. Some people love wearing vests over there shirts.

However, mixing up too many fabrics is a terrible idea. This could lead to complications while playing. The fabrics are usually designed for hot situations. However, multiple layers create difficulties for these fabrics to work properly. They are leading to discomfort and irritation while playing. That is something no golfer wants.

Expressing Yourself

Fashion is about expressing yourself. This is a motto goes by when you choose your golfing clothes.

This doesn’t mean everything you wear has to be loud with strong colors. What it means is that you need to wear what makes you feel comfortable and powerful.

Outfit Idea #1 Classic

The first idea is more of a standard look. A white polo shirt with a grey collar and a pair of khaki shorts could give you a classic look. You can wear a white belt so that it matches with the polo shirt.

Outfit Idea #2 Color Balance

One of the keys of a good outfit is color coordination. You can wear a sky blue polo shirt and make everything else grey. Wear grey shorts, hat, and shoes. The sky blue provides a pop of color against the grey outfit.

Outfit Idea #3 Contrast

The good idea is to wear a white shirt with a few bright stripes. To contrast it even further, wear sky blue shorts. Wear this outfit if you want to look bold.

Outfit Idea #4 Bold

This one is super bold. Wear a red golf hat and red shorts. Pair with a white polo shirt and argyle sweater vest. Only wear this outfit if you’re confident enough to pull it off.

Outfit Idea #5 Elegant

This one looks elegant and sophisticated. It’s also good for colder weather. Wear a checked light blue shirt. Pair it with brown trousers, brown shoes, and a dark blue pullover.

Outfit Idea #6 Sophisticated

Looking for a smart look? Try a white shirt and white cap. Compliment them with a deep blue sweater and grey plaid pants.

Outfit Idea #7 Blue

If you’re someone who likes to match colors, this is the look for you. Try a deep blue polo shirt with white stripes. Match it with a pair of deep blue trousers. Match the white stripes with white sneakers as well.

Outfit Idea #8 Super Bold

Another bold look is to wear a red sweater vest and matching red socks. Also, wear plaid shorts and a plaid golf hat. Wear this to stand out against the crowd.

Outfit Idea #9 Classy

A classy outfit is white pants, white shoes, and a white cap. Complete the look with a grey pullover with argyle patterns, an imposing look.

Outfit Idea #10 Analogous Colors

Sometimes you might not want to match colors at all. Try analogous colors for that. Put on a grey golf hat, black polo shirt, and white pants.

Analogous colors are those who are close to each other in a color wheel.

Outfit Idea #11 Black and White Variants

Wear a black cap and a black polo shirt. Then, put on off white trousers and ivory white shoes. It may sound like an odd combination, but trust me it works.

Outfit Idea #12 Purple

If you’re into purple, try an (almost) full purple outfit. Purple cap, purple polo shirt, and purple shoes should all match. To bring some variety, wear plaid trousers with a combination of white and purple.

Outfit Idea #13 Just White

If you’re confident you won’t get stains, try an all-white outfit. A good advantage of this would be reflecting off all the sunrays on a hot day. However, be careful as well!

Outfit Idea #14 Bright

You might want to try orange. A full orange outfit would look tacky. Therefore, combine an orange polo shirt with khaki shorts and white shoes.

Outfit Idea #15 Hues of Blue

A simple way is to coordinate shades of the same color. A powder blue polo shirt is a good choice to coordinate with a pair of navy blue shorts. Wear white shoes to complete the set.

Outfit Idea #16 Red

There is also the option of wearing red without sticking out from the crowd. Wear a pale red polo and deep blue (almost black) shorts. Then put on a white cap and white shoes.

Outfit Idea #17 Bold yet Elegant

You can be bold without being eccentric. With the normal outfit of black polo shirt and white accessories simply put on mint green pants. It looks classy and bold at the same time.

Outfit Idea #18 Standard

A very standard outfit is a white shirt, dark grey trousers, and a black cardigan. Match the white shirt with white sneakers.

Outfit Idea #19 The Weekend Look

Going for the weekend look requires you to look comfortable and casual. Wearing light-colored knitted sweater with a causal white or gray-toned shirt and a white pant with a white belt could be the way to go. It’s pleasing to the eye and looks very comfortable.

Our Final 5 Golf Attire Tips

These tips are things that’ll help you to decide what you need and want while coming up with your outfit ideas. These are important tips that’ll come in handy. So keep these in mind.

Classic Colors

When wearing traditional colors make sure they block with other classic colors. Mixing primary colors with light and bright colors (neon, pastel, etc)isn’t the way to go.

Splashy Colors

Splashy colors can look good if they’re paired with the right set of colors. Using dark base colors while wearing a bright colored shirt is mandatory.

Weather Protection

Golf being an outdoor sport. It’s very important to make sure you have weather friendly gear. This means having good waterproof gear. Investing in such gears is very important. Getting the right wear could make you look 100X better.

Making a Considerate Statement

Wearing out of the box tops can be a good idea. It can have different patterns making it stand out.

Good Cuts

Attires with great cuts are always adored and admired. In that sense, getting apparels with great cuts is a blessing.

Go with Your Own Style

You can read a thousand articles on how you should dress up for golf. Read hundreds of blogs and watch hours of videos on the latest trend. At the end o the day, it’s your choice what you want to wear.

Golf is a beautiful sport that believes in a well-dressed player. Ask yourself this, “who are you?” “Which outfit would represent who you are on the golf course?” Choose your tops, bottoms, and accessories accordingly.

Comfort is also a significant factor. On the golf course being well dressed is secondary and playing the game with spirit and love is the most important thing. Moreover, don’t go for an outfit that takes your comfort away while playing the sport.

Don’t be afraid to try new combinations. Don’t always play it by the book. Just because GQ said you shouldn’t wear white belts with any other colored pant (which I completely agree with) doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with different alternative colors (if you don’t look very sharp, that’s on you). Rules are meant to be broken after all!

On the other hand, you don’t always have to try hard or go very expensive with your attire. You can try combinations of generic clothing to find your voice, in which you could still stand out.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment! Try out your ideas and believe in them.

Our Final Thoughts

We are what we wear. The ideas you chose are the ideas that define you. Therefore, when you’re deciding to come up with your idea of golf wear, make sure it’s as classy as you are.

This article was to guide you and help you to find your preference. Maybe you’ll love one of our ideas or just go with what you feel is right.

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