Golf in Thailand: 17 Things to Know

Every year around 400,000 individuals from around the globe make trips to Thailand to play golf while enjoying its beauty.

Individuals have discovered that Thailand offers a novel playing experience by providing an opportunity to mix their favorite sporting activity with travel through an attractive, exotic country. This is why individuals usually see Thailand as ‘The Golf Capital of Asia’.

golf in thailand

Golf in this country continues to strengthen its position because of the top golf destination in Asia. Each year Thailand is visited by over thirty million tourists to its golf business making a vital contribution to the current number and continues to extend every year.

Thailand’s Golf Courses

Thailand has around 280 golf courses spreading roughly almost in every region. And two hundred of those golf courses are of world category, championship host-worthy.

Great golf course architects like Nicklaus, urban center Player, Seve Ballesteros, Nick Faldo and others have designed several of them.

Weather in Asian Countries

Thailand contains a climate that is tropical. It includes 3 distinct seasons where the new season starts from March and ends in May; starting from June and ending in October it is green, and the rest is a cool season.

Throughout the cool times, it’s delicate and sunny with humidness being significantly less than different times of the rest of the year.

On average the temperatures are between thirty-five and a half degree Celsius (on Fahrenheit scale ninety-six) and sixteen degree Celsius (on Fahrenheit scale sixty-two) throughout the year. The weather varies between the slight breezes and clear skies.

It provides great playing conditions. Typically, the cold season is the peak traveler season, so the courses tend to be busy, particularly within a lot of inhabited areas. The ‘high’ season and the ‘low’ season determine however busy the courses are.

On the opposite hand, starting in April, the season has day-temperatures reaching forty degrees Celsius. Hot, dry weather prevails throughout Thailand at the height of this season.

Although you’ll golf in Thailand throughout the year, the most effective time to go in winter season, running from November till March when it’s clear and sunny. The summer or “green” season is also a good time to go to Thailand though you’ll get some rain.

You’ll be rewarded with cheaper costs and empty golf courses. Besides, the northern side of Thailand has cooler temperatures just in case you are not enjoying hotter weather.

The perfect time to be playing golf ought to be early within the morning time or the lunch period, to steer clear of the hottest weather part during the day.

Mostly the rain falls throughout the season of green starting from June and ending in September. Irregular showers and thunderstorms often occur at different times during the day.

Nonetheless, it has the least amount of rain than any country in the Southeast part of Asia with lots of sunshine. Rain showers here are temporary and the courses dry fairly fast. Thus, it’s possible to play golf daily.

Likewise, except for the weather, there is the poker game season. There are a few things that you just ought to understand before you get pleasure from the luxurious playing experience Thailand has got to give.

17 Things You Should Know Playing Golf in Thailand

Here is a list of all the things that you should know to enlighten yourself.

1. The Standard Thai Wai Greeting

Be assured to receive a warm welcome where you get into Thailand. Here, everybody you meet can offer you what’s called a “wai.”

Pressing the palms of their hands along just below their chin and slightly lower the head and that is typically amid the term “SawadeeKhrup” if they happen to be male, and “SawadeeKa” if they happen to be female.

However, as a visiting player, you’ll be welcome at the pro-shop with a “wai” and conjointly the best time that you only meet your caddies.

2. Culture and Customs

The Golf Packages in Thailand provide a chance to get accustomed to native Thai individuals. In Thailand, it’s vital that you only provide due respect and thoughts to the current gracious country, and never cause someone to lose face while enjoying golf tours.

Throughout the golf tour, by being polite, showing manner and smiling, you’ll gain immense respect from locals, staff and everyone related to your tours in Thailand.

The individuals here need the tourists to get happy in their country with its several attractions and custom golf packages. They’ll venture out of their ways to build the tourist’s golf and travel as unforgettable as possible.

In Thailand, the head is considered a sacred a part of the body, virtually and figuratively. Hence, avoid touching individuals on the head. Also, it’s thought-about rude to point your feet at individuals or a spiritual object.

A traveler should show respect for the King, Queen, and also, the Royal youngsters because the Thai individuals have a deep and ancient respect for the Thai people.

3. Accommodation

You’ll find accommodation to satisfy your budget irrespective of wherever you’re in Thailand. From tiny Thai vogue bungalows to spectacular five-star building and resort properties, Thailand is found to cater to the traveler market of all ranges.

4. The Caddies

Except for par three courses, it’s necessary to rent a caddy in most the gold courses in Thailand. The caddies not solely pride oneself in their ability to understand their own, they create an incredible distinction in your playing experience as well.

Not exclusively they simply keep your club and balls clean however conjointly they provide you steering on shot choice and also, the line of your putt.

They can give fun banter and fellowship as you go around the course. Moreover, a decent caddie adds to the enjoyment of your journey. They typically price around $10, that isn’t abundant. Thus, make sure to tip them generously.

Some courses even make sure that the caddies must work in some unspecified time in the course per week, removing weeding on the fairways. So that they can sit in an exceedingly group and groom the green golf conversation with one another. In addition, none of the standard western working-class perspectives applies here.

5. Caddies are All Women

In Thailand, caddies are Thai women from a spread of seventeen-year-old to fifty-seven-year-old. You ought to understand though these ladies don’t play golf; however they use their expertise on the course to assist you with distances and reading greens, which is exceptional.

Thus, be assured you’ll never have an unpleasant caddie on the bag.

6. The Thai Six-ball

Golfers tend to play in pairs or fours in most places of the globe apart from Thailand. However, it’s common to find six individuals taking part in along here. As Neil French-Blake expressed, “Many Thais felt that if there have been six friends out along for a game of golf, why shouldn’t all of them play together?

And as a result, you generally found your modest four-ball following what gave the impression of military down the golf green ahead of you. With 2 caddies every, a pair of four-caddies, a scorer and doubtless some bodyguards also – maybe thirty individuals all told – it had been quite a discouraging sight.”

So, it’s quite traditional for you to work out six carts or twelve individuals (golfers and caddies) walking the fairways ahead of you.

7. Don’t Expect to Play Through

If you’re stuck behind a four, five or six ball, it suggests that you’ll be there the entire day since golf rule relating to taking part in through hasn’t been discovered in Thailand. Nonetheless, it’s good to bring a book or take some nice long stops at the multiple drinks’ stations on the course.

8. Luxurious Locker Rooms

Golf could be a great elite sport here. The club homes and locker rooms in Thailand are immense and flashy.

Not solely can you receive what feels and is an innovative towel, an oversized locker and everyone the soap, powder, gel, toilet article and creams. You may conjointly get toothbrushes and cotton earbuds at some courses.

9. Belongings You Can Most Likely Never Do Here

You will most likely never drive a cart here because the golf courses make sure that the caddies drive them. You’ll never see the balls as a result of the caddie will do everything for you. Don’t be shocked if you simply swing the club and walk between the shots.

10. Flip Flops are Acceptable within the Club House

Unlike most countries wherever you learned that you must wear closed shoes and take away your hat within the clubhouse, it’s different here. You’ll wear something regular here, so, sports shirts and flip flops are quite common.

11. The Golf Courses

You can play on golf courses that look out onto breathless tropical seas or on lush tropical jungle enjoying the natural beauty while taking part in your favorites sport.

Stunning courses will be found across Thailand – like The SantiburiSamui order in KohSamui the Springfield order at Hark at ul-Ansar capacity unit that has splendid views of the ocean and beaches.

Also, The Lanna Sports Club could be a 27-hole course, having a race track. Thus, you’ll mix a round of golf with every day at the races. It conjointly has broad views of Chiang Mai’s far-famed Interior Suthep temple.

Pattaya, Chiangmai, Hua Hin, national capital and Phuket also as Chiang Rai, Kanchanaburi and KhaoYai are a number of the most effective locations for playing holidays.

12. Depression of Cash

Thailand is hard to go to in terms of money throughout golf holidays all over the globe. Their fees stay below several competitive destinations compared to the prime quality of the golf courses and resort Thailand provides.

13. Resident Stray Dogs in Golf Courses

In Thailand, it’s prohibited to place down stray dogs which imply and you’ll see lots of them. Thus, with the cities so packed and stuffed with undesirables, dogs here choose to get back the quiet life on the links.

14. The Nightlife

Golfers are not any exception from the tourists that wish to let their hair down often, and Thailand has lots to supply with an exquisite choice of nice restaurants, lots of wonderful clubs and sports bars. Some with live music, and different institutions if that’s what you’re trying to find.

15. Transportation

Thailand’s infrastructure is being improved all the time with new airports, roads, and mass transit systems being perpetually upgraded. The foremost playing destinations in Thailand have wonderful air and road connections. You’ll realize it very easy and cheap to get around where you want to travel.

16. Nice Price Resorts and Looking

Traveling in Thailand holds a beautiful price as tourists will realize hotels to suit each budget and tastes. Food is usually terribly cheap, and as cheaper choices are obtainable, tourists don’t have to pay a fortune. Since you’re most likely not visiting play golf daily.

Thailand has lots to supply after you don’t seem to be on the course. Thailand does not solely contain a distinctive culture that you only would have an interest in.

However, conjointly they need lots of temples and historic sites to explore, lots of water sports are available within the significant beach resorts and diverse semi-synthetic attractions provided throughout as well in the country. Such a big amount of choices that you just are going to be spoilt for alternative.

17. Infrastructure

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) supports the business trade. Additionally, support for playing in Thailand is one among the highest priorities of the TAT. Thus, it implies that there’s wonderful info, infrastructure and regulation. All of that assures the traveling player of a prime-quality vacation.

Playing Destinations

Now, that you simply understand the seventeen vital things that you must comprehend to Golf in Thailand. It’s time for a glance over the destinations you’ll visit for the playing experience.

Laem Chabang Order, Pattaya
Thailand has over 280 golf courses touch the length and width of the country. The national capital has around fifty courses inside one hour of the town center. Phuket settled south of Bangkok, is Thailand’s premier beach resort and it’s conjointly home to 5 nice golf courses.

Just in case if you don’t know high temperatures, you can visit the cooler area of Chiang Mai within the north while you get to work out on glorious hills, amazing golf courses and stunning hill tribe culture.

Some Other Premium Golf Courses

Chiang Mai Highlands is a Golf and Resort which was designed by Brian Curley and Lee solon. Most of the world’s best course-designers more or less have worked on Thailand.

Laem Chabang order in Pattaya has been built by Nicklaus together with many others. Golf player designed Thana town Golf in Bangkok; urban center. Pete Dye, Gary Player, Robert Trent Jones, Henry Martyn; all designed many courses in the country.

Brian Curley and Lee Schmidt are fairly active in recent times. One among the most effective creations of this designing couple is the Chiang Mai Highlands Golf and Resort.

The foremost attention-grabbing fact of the golf courses is that a number of the most fabulous golf courses in the country are designed by the ones with very little previous experience: The Red Mountain situated in Phuket the initial path planned by John Morrow.

The Blue Canyon Country Club is that the sole course planned by the designer Yoshikazu Kato.

  • The highest noted golf courses counseled are;
  • Black Mountain – Hark at ul-Ansar Capacity Unit
  • Thai order – National Capital Surrounds
  • Siam order – Pattaya
  • Banyan links – Harkatul-Ansar capacity unit
  • Alpine Golf and Sports Club – National Capital

How Much Value Does the Game Have in Thailand?

Golf in Thailand is a final diversion in Asia considering the stress on how vital the caddy is. Also, the importance of beverage services and food. And not to forget constantly changing spa and washroom facilities to help re-energize the player after the game.

The hospitable in Thai Culture ensures each visit is worthy to every tourist and the Asia Golf vacation a fun one.

With internationally designed golf courses and trendy facilities combining with a wonderful infrastructure, the supply of golf has developed considerably in Thailand.

The superb modification has been proofed by the globe Golf Travel Agents Association as they recently rewarded Thailand the ‘Best up and returning destination’ for golf vacations.

Thailand has collectively hosted world category golf tournaments attracting such players like Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, and Colin Montgomerie and plenty of other famous players.

Courses like Blue canon in Phuket have contended host to international tournaments along with Thai order and Alpine Golf Club in the national capital.

Apart from eccentric golf, Thailand conjointly provides the chance to experience a culture that is centuries old. It has got Muay-Thai kickboxing, Buddhist Temples, authentic Thai culinary, elephant trekking, stunning resorts and natural beauty.

Thailand also has some of the best spas in the world. For example, the Barai and the Dheva. And, don’t forget the fantastic beaches and beautiful sunshine throughout the year.

Our Final Thoughts

In Thailand, from the minute, you visit a playing course, and you pull up to the bag deposit to the time you leave the trail, you’ll be treated like a god.

As a result of a warm welcome all over you go, a vivacious nightlife, nice golf courses, as well as excellent food, are what you’ll get in Thailand.

Thus, keeping a smile on your face, embrace the “SabaiSabai” lifestyle of Thailand with great care you will simply need to come back to the current golf playing mecca again.

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