Golf GPS Watches vs Handheld GPS Devices

If you’re a novice golfer, the chances are good that you will need a golf GPS device to help you navigate the course. Even experienced professionals prefer using golf GPS devices, as they provide accurate estimations of the course, the hazards near the hole, and their overall distance. You need to have a golf GPS device with you when playing a round of golf so that you can easily navigate your way through the different holes and complete your round of golf with ease.

In a Hurry? Here are the Best Golf GPS Devices and Watches

There are many options on the market for golf GPS devices, which makes picking the right one for you a bit tricky. If you find yourself facing the same dilemma, don’t worry, as we will share everything that you need to know about Golf GPS devices and then share our reviews for the best Golf GPS devices on the market today.

Golf GPS Watches vs Handheld GPS Devices

First, you should decide whether you want a golf GPS watch or a handheld GPS device. Both devices do the same job, and it is generally a matter of convenience when deciding between the two options. When wearing a golf GPS watch, you will find moving around the golf course to be much easier since you can wear the watch on your wrist. However, the only downside to the golf GPS watch is that you’ll have a smaller display, causing you to squint while looking at the display, especially when it’s sunny.

The handheld GPS device weighs a lot more than the golf GPS watch, but you get a much bigger display to evaluate distances. There are also more features and statistics in the handheld device as it has more storage space, and it is ideal for golfers who are new to a course. The downside of the handheld GPS device is that it is bulkier, and you will need to carry it and store it on your golf cart all around the course.

Best Golf GPS

The Best Golf GPS Watches and Handhelds

Now that you know the pros and cons of a handheld GPS device and a golf GPS watch, it is time that we shared our reviews for the best golf GPS. We have shared both golf GPS watches and handheld devices so that you can make the right choice depending on your preference.

1. Bushnell Hybrid Laser & GPS

The Bushnell Hybrid Laser & GPS is one of the best choices, as it combines cutting-edge GPS and laser technologies. It uses precise GPS yardages and laser to remove all guesswork and view distances accurately on screen. The GPS offers readings for back and front yardage, while the LCD screen displays the laser distances accurately. It comes with dual power technology, which allows you to use the laser if the GPS runs out of charge. There is also Pinseeker with JOLT technology, which identifies exact distances to the flag and gives a short, vibrating burst that tells the golfer it has locked onto the flag. All these features make it an excellent option for a golf GPS device.


  • Pinseeker with JOLT technology
  • LCD display
  • Dual Power Technology

2. Garmin Approach G10 GPS

The Garmin Approach G10 GPS is a clip-on golf device that is lightweight, compact, and easy to use for golfers who want to hit accurate shots with greater consistency. You can accurately measure yardages for shots from anywhere on the course with the G10, and it has a built-in odometer that shares how much you have walked on the course. There is also a high-sensitivity GPS receiver that gives accurate distance data from the back, middle, and front of the green, along with yardages to layups, hazards, and doglegs. You can view the actual layout and shape of the green with the Green View display, and there is a built-in digital scorecard that tracks stats. All these features make this one of the best golf GPS around.


  • Lightweight, compact, and easy to use
  • Accurately measure yardages for shots from anywhere on the course
  • Built-in odometer
  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver
  • Built-in digital scorecard

3. Garmin Approach S60 Watch

The Garmin Approach S60 Watch is preloaded with over 40,000 golf course maps worldwide and provides automatic downloads when you sync with Garmin Connect. You get precise distances for every location on the golf course, and yardages are adjusted for downhill and uphill shots so that you can select the best club for that shot. It features Touch Targeting, which lets you touch anywhere on the map and get precise measurements for that spot, including water hazards, sand traps, and fairway. You can also receive notifications for incoming emails, texts, calls, and other alerts if you connect the Garmin Approach S60 to your smartphone.


  • Large, 1.2-inch sunlight-readable color touchscreen display
  • More than 40,000 preloaded courses from all over the world
  • Up to 10 hours’ battery life in golf mode

4. Bushnell Phantom GPS

The Bushnell Phantom GPS is one of the best golf GPS devices, as it is convenient and easy to use. The GPS device can be mounted on a metal surface or the cart with BITE magnetic mount and has a clip holder to attach it to a belt or bag. The Phantom GPS device comes with a long-lasting battery life that will require charging after two rounds of golf. Among its features include auto hole advance and auto course recognition. You can accurately view the distances on each course, including three hazard distances per hole.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Easy to read back, front, and center distances
  • Integrated BITE magnetic mound
  • Auto hole advance and auto course recognition

Our Final Thoughts

Every golfer needs a golf GPS device to accurately measure distances on the golf course and hit more accurate shots. We have reviewed some of the best golf GPS devices on the market to ensure that you don’t have any problems searching for the right one. Whether you choose a handheld device or a golf GPS watch is all down to your preference, as both options improve your game.

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