Golf Girl Junior Complete Golf Club Set Review

Is the Golf Girl Junior Complete Golf Club Set right for your daughter or the little girl in your life that you care about? Is it the optimal golf club set to introduce her to the amazing world of golf?

When choosing a good golf club set for the kids, you have to make sure that it performs well. Above all, you must take care that this set is enjoyable to play with. If the kids enjoy playing with these clubs, then they are more likely to take the game seriously and practice more.A good golf club set can give kids the motivation that they need to play the game more.

If you want a golf set that is geared towards girls, then you may want to take a look at the Golf Girl Junior Complete Golf Club Set. It is ideal for the small girl that you care about who you would love to gently introduce to the beautiful game. A good golf club for small girls can instill in her a lifelong love of golf. This is one of the best things that you can do for kids and little girls in particular.

It may not be easy to impart the love of golf to your daughter. Getting them to play a round or two of golf may be a tough ask. That is why you need a great golf kit that is geared towards girls so that their fascination with the sport may grow.

Golf Girl Junior Complete Golf Club Set

Golf Girl Junior Girls Golf Set V3 with Pink Clubs and Bag

One of the first things you will notice about the Golf Girl Junior Complete Golf Club Set is that it is pink. This as you know is the color that can get young girls interested. The pink themecoupled with the sheen of stainless steel could be a big draw for the girls. There is no doubt that the golf club set sports a high aesthetic appeal that could turn the situation in your favor.

The bag too is a pleasing and dainty pink.

Equally important is the fact that the clubs aren’t too heavy. Hardly anyone enjoys lugging about heavy loads for eons, especially young girls.

The length of these clubs will suit girls aged 8 to 12 years old.


The bag itself is well-designed so that it can fit all clubs with ease. The dividers have plenty of space so keeping clubs inside and withdrawing them is a cinch. In addition to dividers, there are also plenty of pockets where stow tees, balls, and other goodies that your little one would like to bring along with her.

The bag can balance quite well with the help of its twolegged stand. It also features padded straps to carrythe bag from one hole to the next comfortably. The bag also has an umbrella holder to keep her stuff dry when it rains.


Talking about the clubs, there are 5 of the most vital in this set. Now 5 does not sound like much but remember that this is a newbie kit for small kids, so you don’t want to overwhelm them with a large and confusing assortment of different clubs. Besides, your child will grow out of these clubs quite fast. So you want to limit your selection to the most vital clubs that will help her fine-tune her basic game.

Here are the clubs.

  • Driver
  • Irons 5, 7 and 9
  • Putter

Since the driver has such a large crown size, it is incrediblyforgiving. The titanium matrix head sports a 15-degree loft angle.

The putter and iron heads comprise high-grade alloy. Although shafts are made from stainless steel, they aren’t too heavy. Hence, they won’t prove to be too cumbersome for our youth golfers.

Is it Good for Beginners?

These clubs are designed to help her hone her skills and fine-tune her basic gameplay. They will motivate her to learn the nuances of golf and practice more.

It is paramount that she enjoys playing the game if she is to embrace it for life. Hence, these clubs are the right match since they are fun for little girls to play with. They aren’t too cumbersome. And they are designed for the age cohort of your child.

There are many subtle aspects of the clubs that will hopefully fascinate us. For example, all of us are enamored with the solid ‘thwack’ sound that emanates from the clubhead when you swing at full speed. And it’s not just the driver that’s fun to play with.

The mallet putter is also designed to enhance and boost hershort game.

Irons are quite forgiving since they have a generously proportioned sweet spot. This is very important since your child will likely not have perfect alignment and aim which can lead to the ball going wildly awry. So to prevent frustration, it is important that the clubheads be highly forgiving so that she can get the most out of her shots even if they are less than perfect. Irons are imbued with this key facet of forgiveness and will thus motivate her to keep playing with less frustration and most importantly enjoy herself immensely.

Our Final Thoughts

The Golf Girl Junior Complete Golf Club is the ideal starting point for your child that will make for a gentle introduction to the awesome world of golf. She can develop her basic game and learn the rudimentary aspects of the game with these fine clubs. The set is best for girls aged 8 to 12 years old.

The very high customer ratings are proof that these basic golf clubs work very nicely for young girls.

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