50 Golf Gifts that Cost Under $50

Golf, the one sport we love the most. Sometimes in the game of golf everything goes our way. It is frustrating sometimes, and nothing works out. Nevertheless, we’re still addicted to it because we love the sport for what it truly is.

Maybe it is shooting pars, or maybe it is the latest golf technology and gadgets that can make someone love golf.

golf gifts that cost under 50 dollars

For someone who loves golf, it’s impossible to get upset when they receive a golf gift. Normal gifts remind us of everything wonderful and make us forget our daily lives and struggles. Similarly, golf gifts remind us about the beautiful game of golf. It reminds us of the spirit for the sport we love the most.

Now let’s get into buying a good golf gift. We would love to select from a wide range of gifts even though sometimes we don’t want to spend too much money on them.

We’re here to give you a solution to that problem. We’ve picked out 50 golf gifts under $50 because we love to save money!


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For Practicing at Home

Sometimes we’re too busy to practice outside. The time we get at our home is all that we have. Here is the right set of gifts for that kind of a situation:

A Hitting Mat

If your friends want to hit full shots at home, they will need a good turf practice mat. These mats can vary in price, type, and quality. Some have fairways, while others have rough type felts. There are some which are also very large. This is because the player can stand and hit while standing on it.

Putting Mat

A nice putting mat could solve your problem of not being able to go out and play golf outside. Everyone needs a little more practice. There are cheaper mats out there. However, the quality isn’t as good, and they don’t have actual holes in them as well.

This is perfect for you, your friends and your family to play and practice golf in. This will sharpen your skills too. You can have fun while you get better.

A Chipping Target

Chipping is an important skill to have in golf. Here’s a chipping target for your garage or yard. You can practice 10-20 yard games easily. It’s very small in size as well.

Practice Golf Balls

For people who prefer hitting the golf ball hard but not too far, the SKLZ Impact ball is precisely what they need. Even if you hit the balls as hard as you can, they won’t break or get dents on them easily.

If you have a decent amount of room and a patch of grass or hitting tmat, you can hit it as hard as you can. You won’t have to worry about breaking a window.

Golf Ball Shag Bag

Nothing is more irritating than picking up each golf ball by hand one by one and then keeping them in your pockets. If you hate doing that, you need to get a shag bag. It will pick them up. They will hold them for your convenience. This is perfect for everyone who likes hitting and chipping shots in the open.

Golf practice will be far easier this way. Since clean up time will drop by a lot, this will make practicing more fun and easy.

Hitting Full Shots with a Practice Net

Hitting nets under $50 aren’t that easy to find. In reality, there are very few hitting nets in that price range and surely you do need one. The more you spend on them, the better they’ll get.

For $50 you’ll get a basic frame and a net. There are more expensive options out there also, where the nets can stand on their own.

Must Read Books for Golfers

Reading is a great way to learn more about anything. Sometimes, it’s not only about how much you practice., the way you see the game also changes the way you play it.

Moreover, don’t forget that books are a man’s best friend. It’s the perfect gift for your golf playing, book reading friend. Name a better gift; I’m sure you can’t.

In reality, there are a lot of great books about golf out there. I’ve listed only four of my personal favorites. Mindset is very important in golf, so read these yourself if you can.

This is the best gift for someone who loves golf. By increasing their knowledge, they can change the way they think about golf and see the game in a new light. You will get the insights on some of the best golfers as history has to offered. This is one of the best investments and one of the best gifts anyone can receive.

Book 1: Golf is Not a Game of Perfect

Golf is not a game of perfection. This book gives you an insight of the game. In a world obsessed with perfection, the books shed light on how it doesn’t have to be that way for golf.

This book is essential when it comes to changing one’s point of view on golf. It will also change the way you play the game as well. This book is highly recommended for everyone.

Book 2: Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons

Ben Hogan is one of the best the game of golf has ever seen. This is one of my favorite books about golf. It allows you to tap into the mind that ever played the game. Some might argue that it is outdated but I think it is timeless and beautiful.

If you don’t believe me, read it yourself. Give it to someone who wants to read about golf is a better idea.

Book 3: Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods in one of the greatest golfers in history, if not the best. There are so many things we can learn from Tiger. This book covers it all. In the book, tiger admits that he has an addictive personality. He is addicted to the things he does. Hence, that’s what drives him to be this great.

Book 4: Effortless Swings

It isn’t an easy skill. A golf swing which takes no effort takes hours of practice before one can achieve it. There are multiple factors that one will need to focus on. You will have to practice a lot. You will have to be careful about these factors if you want to develop an effortless and powerful swing.

The book offers great advice on this matter. It’s a good book because every little aspect is laid out so clearly in one place.

Book 5: Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book

You’ll hear great reviews about this golf books. The book contains a vast amount of insight and looks deep into the history of golf as well; something very insightful for any golf lover.

Gifts for Kid Golfers that They Will Love

Golfing can be great for kids. Starting at an early age can give them the edge over their peers. This is why giving golfing gifts to kids is so important. They learn, and they fall in love with the game.

A Lot of Golf Balls

The reality is, young players will lose track of their golf balls. While practicing, they’ll hit the ball in different places. This means the woods, the lake, the greens, and other places.

Children don’t need a specific golf ball from a certain brand. Any golf ball will work for them because they’re learning. They can even use a range of balls.

The point is to buy them a good number of balls so that they don’t have to worry about losing them. Instead of getting a superior quality ball, getting them a bulk number of balls is a smarter move.

Kids Golf Hat

Golf hats are trendy. Kids love them. Getting them a well-designed hat would mean the world to them. Nike, Adidas, Puma have beautiful hats.

Personalized Golf Ball Markers

Golf is a beautiful game and showing that fact to kids at an early age is a good idea. They would love a golf ball marker they could customize and use them in the greens. It would probably encourage them to hit extra swings just because they get their customized golf balls.

The Best Gift for Women Who Golf

Finding a female golfer’s gift doesn’t require much effort. The vast majority of gifts apply to women. However, these gifts mentioned are made for women in mind. Here is the list:

Golf Clothing Gifts for Women

Women’s Polo from Nike Golf can’t be a bad investment. They are available in various colors. They are made from strong materials. Lady golfers love these shirts.

Golf Ball Present for Birthday

Golf balls can be a great gift for female golfers. They love playing, and if they’re new to the sport, they’ll surely lose a lot of balls.

Golf Visor for Women

Visors can be significantly more common among women. It is a beautiful look I think. This is one investment that can’t go wrong. Nike, Under Armor and Adidas provide amazing visors. The one from Adidas are highly recommended but the best material one is from Nike.

Golf Ball Markers

Markers are an important thing for golfers. Having a humorous one helps. You can laugh while putting! There are a lot of progressively cool ball markers you’ll love. So keep an eye out for them.

Golf Gloves for Women

Another incredible present for lady golfers is gloves. They cost under $25. Gloves are loved by every golfer. With the right color, every female golfer will be happy to get a pair.

Golf Gifts That are Funny

It’s a great opportunity to get funny golf gifts for your friends or even for yourself. We all love a gift that has humor in it.Then why not look for gifts that make people laugh?

Exploding Golf Ball

Surprise your friend by giving them a golf ball that explodes on the tee box. Just for them to hit it and the golf ball will detonate after the impact. No matter how long they see the ball up close, they won’t realize that it is not a genuine ball!

Driver Head Cover that’s Funny

The number of clever head-covers for drivers that are accessible is stunning. Get something that your golfer friend will find clever.

Golf Balls that Fart

This golf ball makes fart noises every time you hit. This is the perfect gift for your prankster friends. Just make sure they don’t get a good look and see the ball very close.

Personalized Golf Balls Which are One of a Kind

Adding a personal touch with the simplest and most minimum cost, here’s what you got;

Custom Golf Balls Which are Funny

If you have a funny idea, you should write it on a ball. It’s a great idea for a customized golf ball.

Golf Gifts which are Hilarious

Everyone loves a good laugh. In that sense, hilarious golf gifts are the best. The best part is, lots of them are under $50.

Funniest Golf Socks

I will always cherish wearing strange, funny and humorous socks. At times they may be considered weird but they’re still amazing. These socks are quite an incredible gift, and everybody appears to love these.

The oddity is an amazing golf brand. Their socks are wonderful. Every golfer would love a pair. They are under $50 which makes them a top pick in our list.

Golf Gifts that are Perfect for New Golfers

In case you are searching for gifts for a new golfer, keep in mind that these golfers will need respectable basic golf equipment. They also wish to have a good handle mentor to guarantee that they start in a perfect way so that they can improve very fast.

Beginner’s Golf Grip Aid

Hold coaches are unbelievably profitable for beginner golfers. It’s a shape that obliges your hand and goes on any club. The most common fault that novices make is concerning the hold. This type of hold may cause the club’s face to be open and consistently prompt cuttings.

The golf grip aid device will promise you to have the ideal hold and one step closer to hitting solid golf shots.

50 Golf Ball Packs

Golf balls are sometimes very expensive. A set of golf balls is a fantastic gift for beginners. On the off chance that they are new at golf, they will lose loads of golf balls each round. A parcel of golf ball containing 50 balls from Callaway or other companies like Nike is extraordinary picks.

However, don’t get too caught up by the brands. The brands won’t create a difference when it comes to performance. That’s because they are still new players and they have a long way to go.

Golf Tees and Club Brush Gift Set

Tees are a very important thing for a golfer. I’d suggest getting a noteworthy one. Making sure it’s a one-time purchase. Buying them multiple times is not something you want to do. There are some tees which provide a club cleaning brush, and that’s very handy.

The Greatest Golf Clothing/Accessories

Every golfer needs a decent measure of golf attire. Some are a little overrated as I would like to think. However, the alternatives are modestly good and in many cases necessary.

Nike Victory Golf Polo the Cool Golf Shirt Gift

This polo is an extraordinary shirt. It won’t cost very much. Moreover, it is accessible in a wide range of hues and structures, making it a perfect gift.

IZOD Golf Shorts

IZOD golf shorts are one of my most loved brands for the mid-year. Their shorts feel incredible. They aren’t too long like many other golf shorts that I’ve tried on.

Nike Belts

This is a three pack preset consisting of golf belts, which can be an incredible present to give to golfers. These belts come in three kinds of hues which can go with all types of outfits.

Adidas Response Shoes

They have various types and colors available. They can be difficult to clean if you get some earth and sand on them, but that won’t damage them. They are durable, and they function very well.

Getting Gifts for the Seasoned Golfer

Looking at and selecting a gift for an expert golfer is very hard and tiring. They are amazing, and they need the right gift if you want them to use it. Getting them something they won’t use is depressing. Here are some gifts any incredible golfer would love and appreciate.

Golf Balls for Low Handicappers

You might not know the TitleistV1x balls are one of the best golf balls and loved among expert golfers. It’s a golf ball that flies quite the distance. by changing direction near the greens. It’s one of the most famous golf balls. Investment on this will not go wrong. It’s a blessing every golfer wants.

Gloves from Footjoy are the Perfect Golf Gift

FootJoy, a leading brand in gloves is well known for its gloves. It’ll bring a smile on anyone’s face who gets it. By getting those packs of two or three gloves, they can play for at least a few months. Just spending $50, it is possible to purchase a set of more than 5 gloves.

Titleist Hand Warmer

During cold weather, the hands don’t work well. What’s more is that when you can’t feel your hands, you’ll stop sensing everything and your swing will be affected. The situation will become much worse.

In this regard, a Hand Warmer from Titleist helps. I keep my hands warm when the weather is cool in competitions. I keep the hands there when I’m not swinging. I change the side so that it’s placed in the back of me when I make my swing.

Holder for a Scorecard

There are a lot of golfers who compete in competitions. They always require a good scorecard holder which can be very expensive at times. When a player gets one, he or she can utilize it for a long time. It’s a gift that will last. You should consider getting them a holder for a scorecard.

For Clean and Organized People, the Best Golf Gifts

We all friends who like to keep things extra clean and tidy. Sometimes they’re golfers! Here are some beautiful gifts for them.

A Simple Golf Gift: A Hat from Nike

Nothing can happen with a great Nike golf cap! There are different brands for strong caps but I love the one Nike makes. This is a gift anyone would appreciate.

A Golf Trunk Car Organizer

The Samsonite trunk is what most, if not all golfers, use to keep most of their golf gears. This is a trendy accessory. This trunk, without any problems can hold multiple sets of accessories.

Sports Fans and Their Favorite Golf Gifts

Demonstrating their love for their teams is what sports fans love to do. If you are planning on getting a sports fan a present, it would be a wise decision to get something that represents their favorite team so that they can demonstrate their love for that team.

A Head Cover for Your Driver from NCAA

Getting them a head cover with game’s mascot is an amazing idea if you’re getting someone a gift. A golf fan will completely appreciate it. Every time they use it, they’ll see their favorite mascot.

NCAA Divot Tool and Ball Markers as a Gift Set

Divot tools are essentials which ensure that the greens remain smooth. It’s a bad practice not to fix one’s divots in the greens. However, every golfer should have a divot instrument with them.

NCAA Towel: A Good Customized Gift

You might not think towels are necessary, but this is something that is used more often than not. When you’re cleaning the clubs, a towel like this can help to dry off everything. They are utilized to clean the soil after an untidy shot, and they are vital when it rains.

It can aid in keeping your hand and holds dry in all situations. You can make an ordinary towel an amazing present by merely adding the logo of the player’s favorite team on the altered towel.

Golf Gift for Obsessed Golfers

People who are obsessed with something aren’t the average ones. Below are some gift ideas for them.

Swingyde Golf Tool

If there is a chance that you battle with pivoting the wrists effectively, this is the instrument for you. I have dependably been a major devotee of preparing myself so that I can hit golf balls while utilizing my wrists.

Izzo Smooth Swing

This takes the stress of off the shoulders. It fixes any mistake while making a swing by making it a perfect gift for any golfer.

Golf Gifts for People Who Love to Listen to Music

You already know what to give them as a present, still, here’s your catch below;

Portable Attachable Bluetooth Speaker

There is a great deal of Bluetooth speakers available. What sets the Puma Mini Soundchuck separated is that it is made for golf. It is smaller and it joined directly to the towel snare on your golf pack making it usable for riding or strolling.

Our Final Thoughts

There are so many amazing gifts to choose from under $50. The key is to know about the recipient and their preferences. Then select a gift that they prefer under $50. These were our top 50 picks out of all of them.

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