The 30 Best Golf Gifts that Cost Under $25

If you have a friend or loved one whose birthday is coming and who loves golf, there are so many things you can get them as a present. You can give them a joke item if they enjoy a good laugh. Otherwise, get them a new set of golf balls if their current set has become old.

If you’re looking for a great golfing gift while also saving a few bucks, here we provide you a list of 30 of the best golf gifts you can get for under just 25 dollars.


The 30 Best Golf Gifts Under $25

1. Chipping Target for the Yard

If you have a sizeable yard at home, you can set up targets there to practice your chipping. You can just make chips from the porch to the yard. You can hone your chipping technique which you can apply in your next round of golf.

2. NCAA Mascot Headcover

There are so many options for a good headcover that you can buy as a gift for a golf enthusiast. Any fan of college basketball would enjoy a headcover with their favorite team’s mascot on it.

3. Other Headcovers

If the gift recipient is not a fan of college basketball and you’re still insistent on giving them a headcover, there tons of other designs that they will like. Some of them are funny like the one with the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes or a cute dog.

Other designs are available featuring popular superheroes such as Batman, Superman and fan-favorite characters from Star Wars or just ones with famous cartoon characters such as Scooby Doo and Bugs Bunny.

4. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

One of the gifts that you can buy for your golfing enthusiast friend is a box of golf balls. It is the best gift you can give to your friend other than a golf club.

However, if you’re thinking of choosing a box of golf balls as your gift, take the Titleist Velocity golf balls, the best option available to you on the market. These golf balls are designed to be hit at a great distance. Furthermore, they come at a great price too at a very affordable rate for a product of the Titleist brand.

If you are a golf fan, nothing gets better than unwrapping that gift box and finding a box of new golf balls there.

5. Nike Golf Hat

A simple yet valued possession is a sports hat, specifically a Nike golf hat. You can never disappoint your golfing friend if your gift is a Nike golf hat. It’s got a price, but yet not too pricey.

Moreover, it gives you a good look and makes you feel like Tiger Woods. Anyone can wear it, whether they are a man, woman or child.

6. Callaway- 50 Golf Ball Lot

Here’s another gift you can give to your golf-loving recipient. They will love such a large collection of golf balls. These golf balls cost $45 per dozen. Even they are rarely used, they still work well.

7. Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

These are great as they give you the option of a nighttime game of golf. Golf is a game for the daytime and everyone wishes daytime lasted longer, especially in winter.

Accordingly, if you’re passionate enough about golf and don’t want to give two cents for the hindrance of nighttime, set up a series of floodlights. Then take your golf buddies out to the course. Take a bunch of glow in the dark golf balls along and have yourself a good time.

They are not the best quality of balls for you to have at your disposal but they still hold up at least for a one-time arrangement.

8. Golf Club Cleaning Brush w/ Retractable Clip

It is very easy to get your golf club dirty as they are constantly collecting dirt and divots from the turf. You need a brush to clean your golf club. However, such a small object is easy to lose and leave lying around.

That’s why you need a cleaning brush with an attached retractable clip. You will rarely lose sight of it. Thus, it’s always available there when you need to use with quickness and efficiency.

9. Golf Club Travel Protector

Anyone who travels frequently with their golf club should take extra care for their club. Clubheads are very prone to damage especially if you are using soft travel bags. In that case, extra care must be taken to ensure the protection of the clubhead.

A golf club protector will provide optimum protection to the clubhead and keep it safe and free of damage during a flight. If a club incurs damage, the cost of repairs will amount to several thousand. A golf club protector avoids all that extra repair cost by simply keeping the golf club safe and protected, plus it costs less than $25.

10. NCAA Golf Towel

Golf clubs require cleaning not just from dirt but also from moisture. Clubs can get wet, especially if it rains. A towel comes in handy as it removes all that extra moisture from the club.

The towels are easy to clean too and are therefore very reusable. Hence, you can expect a towel to last pretty long.

11. 2 Pack of FootJoy Golf Gloves

Golf gloves can get worn out very quickly. If they are not made to last, you are going to have to splash your cash again soon after buying them. You might fall into an unhealthy circle of having to buy new gloves again and again.

Instead, you want one that would last long, and none lasts better than a 2-pack of FootJoy gloves. This is the best brand of golf gloves in the market.

12. Golf Hitting Mat

If your passion for golf is extreme, you will look for any excuse or opportunity to play, even if it’s right at the comfort of your home. You will not always have the time to go out to the turf and hit a few drivers. Therefore a golfing mat gives you the attractive option of playing at home.

It doesn’t cost very much, just around $25, and it lasts very long.

13. Golf Grip Set

New golf grips make your golf club appear fresh and brand new. For under 25 bucks, you can buy the Karma grips, which are of the same quality as the GolfPride Velvet grips.

14. American Flag Golf Belt

A golf belt with the American flag embedded on it is cute. If your friend is a patriot, this will allow them to express their patriotic feelings by wearing it on the golf course. In addition it’s affordable and looks very good.

15. Car Trunk Organizer

A golfers’ trunk can get very messy and chaotic. To fix this issue, get a car trunk organizer. You can find affordable ones under 25 bucks, which cost much less than the one designed only for golf use.

16. Scorecard Holder

For someone who competes in a lot of golf tournaments, a beneficial gift is a scorecard. A scorecard helps you to keep track of your score and the progression of your game. Writing down the score is very easy and well organized. You get the feel of taking part in a professional game.

17. Golf Cart Clock

If the gift recipient works at a desk job, you can present them with a golf cart clock which would sit nicely on their desk. Not only does it look nice, but it’s also built well and is packed with great features. Most importantly, it can be a reminder if there are plans for a golf game after work.

18. Golf Novelty Socks

What person hates or dislikes a nice pair of novelty socks? It’s a nice thing to wear at home or at work. It is a great tool for amusement as it can be a source of fun and laughter.

19. Customized Golf Balls

If you’re thinking of giving a golf ball with customized messages written on them, get the Warbird model. It’s got a great customization feature which is affordable at less than 25 bucks.

20. Customized Divot Repair Tool

Other than a golf ball, you can also get a customized divot repair tool. It’s a very useful tool. Getting a customized one for your golfer friend would certainly make them smile.

21. Exploding Golf Ball

If you like pranks, this one can serve as a good idea for a practical joke. Nothing beats the scared look on a person’s eyes as they make a golf swing only to see it result in the dispersion of a cloud of smoke and dust.

22. Farting Golf Balls

Another great joke item. Just as the exploding golf balls collapse into thin air on contact, these farting golf balls do just what you thought by making a fart noise. This is like the exploding golf balls and the first time playing these balls is the best.

23. 4 Yards More Tees

These tees have been shown to add a couple more yards to your drives. The difference may not be that significant but a few yards is still good. If your golfer friend likes to brag about their distance, let them brag a little more with this fine tool.

24. Golf Ball Marking Tool for Putting

Another great golf gift would be a marking tool which allows you to put sharpie lines on a golf ball. This helps to line puts on the green, and some even use it to line up on their drive shots.

25. Putting Target

The last gift we present here is the odyssey putting target. You can use it on the putting green and also at home on your golfing mat. It will fly out if too much force is used on the putt. If the ball does not stop at the center, it will move outwards.

It’s an affordable and very effective tool.

26. Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls

If you decide on making golf balls as your choice of gift, here’s another option you can consider the Srixon Z-Star XV 5 Performance Pack Golf Balls.

These golf balls are designed with greater launch conditions that would add more distance to your tees. They also have a very soft and elastic feel which makes them comfortable to hit.
These come at an incredibly affordable price as you can purchase them at less than 15 bucks.

27. Pride Golf Tees

The Pride Golf Tees are designed with great durability. These golf tees last much longer than regular wooden tees, about 5 times longer. They are also designed with a color-coding system that allows you to easily identify their length. Moreover, deduce which particular golf clubs they are suitable for.

The price with discounts you can buy them at less than a dollar.

28. Nike Dura Feel Gloves

Another great pair of golf gloves are the Dura Feel VII Gloves. It’s designed for great durability, which means that you won’t have to change gloves almost every other month.

The range of motion featured on these gloves is great. The fabrics are placed smartly on the fingers and the dorsal parts of the hand to make it more breathable. This prevents excessive sweating and thus provides great comfort.

29. Golf Pride Tour Wrap Golf Grip

Golf grips are all about comfort and feel. If it doesn’t offer a good feel on your hands, it’s not worth wasting your hard-earned cash on. The Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Midsize Golf Grip is very popular on the market right now for its sticky feel and its outstanding build quality.

It features improved tackiness and is very soft on the hands. It provides the build quality and performance of very tacky rubber with the appearance of expensive leather.
Another great golfing gift that you can get at less than 10 bucks.

30. Bridgestone 36 Used Golf Balls

If the recipient of your golf gift is fond of the color orange and good golf balls, the Bridgestone 36 orange golf balls would make them happy. These balls are designed for distance and accuracy. They help you to determine which ball to pick for each tee shot.

The WEB design technology engineered on these golf balls provides an improved 10% more surface coverage by adding more distance, which offers a better flight trajectory.
You can buy them at around 25 bucks. Sometimes at much lower prices on special discounts.

Our Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is no shortage of options if you’re looking for a good present under $25 for your golf-loving friend. Whatever you choose to give them, make sure that it’s something that will put a smile on their face when they see it.

If your budget allows it, check out our guide to the Best Golf gifts under $50 for some extra options.

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