Golf Clubs For Beginners: What Sets are Best?

While golf does require skill, it is uniquely dependent on the equipment used. The “right” golfing equipment differs from person to person, with different fits for women, men, juniors and seniors. Quality golfing equipment may make or break your round on the green, and thus, it is important to select a set of golf clubs for beginners, that improves your game, and best complements your abilities.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

The 3 Best Golf Club Sets for Beginners

However, because of the sheer volume of products on the market, it can be intimidating to narrow your choice down to a few items. Fortunately, this article has done so for you. Our list is comprehensive – whether your consideration is based on gender, age or budget, this selection provides an option for everyone!

1. Wilson Men’s Stretch XL Complete Golf Set – Best for Your Budget

This 10-piece set is ideal for beginners since it comes with a wide variety of clubs that should cover all bases. In addition to a driver, the set includes a 3-wood, a 5-hybrid, 6 through 9 irons, two wedges (pitching wedge and sand wedge), and a putter.

The graphite shafts make these clubs extremely lightweight and easier to swing, which is essential for beginners, since they do not yet have a powerful swing. Graphite shafts are also more flexible than their iron counterparts, which increases forgiveness.

Different golf clubs.

Additionally, this set comes with a 5-hybrid instead of a 5-iron, making it easier for beginners to adjust to clubs. Not only does the 5-hybrid help bridge the gap between the woods and irons, but it also builds up confidence in beginners because of the control it provides.

It should also be noted that the putter is heel-toe weighted to ensure more control, and the 10.5 degree loft increases distance without compromising control.


  • A variety of clubs are provided
  • Pitching and sand wedges are included
  • Shafts are lightweight graphite
  • The driver and hybrid increase forgiveness


  • No right-hand option available

2. Cobra Golf Men’s Airspeed F-Max Complete Set – Best Overall Set

This luxury golf club set is both, aesthetically pleasing and functional. It is an extremely versatile product and can be customized to fit each user. Players can choose between graphite and steel shafts, as well as regular and senior flex.

This set features an offset driver, a 3-wood, a 5-wood, a 4-hybrid, a 5-hybrid, 6 through 9 irons, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge and a putter. In addition to this, it comes with a premium bag that boasts 9 compartments, a beverage pocket and a 14-way top.

While it is perfect for beginners, the set can also be used by a mid-handicapper, making it a sound investment. These clubs maximize speed and forgiveness, two aspects that will result in beginners quickly rising up the ranks.

One of the most impressive features in this set is the carbon crown on the driver and the woods, resulting in extremely lightweight clubs that are easier to handle, provide more control and increase forgiveness. Additionally, the two fairway woods boast heel biased weighting to further aid beginners.

This set also provides many options for players – although the standard 6 through 9 irons are included, two hybrids are available for more variety. The irons are designed with distance and trajectory in mind, and feature perimeter weighting, which aids in forgiveness as well as distance. The putter is a blade design instead of a mallet putter that is seen in many beginner sets. The machined face of the putter increases control.


  • Comes with 12 different clubs
  • Includes a sand wedge and pitching wedge
  • Increases distance without compromising control
  • Players can choose between different flexes and shaft materials


  • Does not have a left-hand option

3. Callaway Women’s Solaire 11-Piece Set – Best for Women

This set from Callaway Golf, one of the industry’s giants, is specifically designed with women’s needs in mind. Featuring an oversized titanium driver, a 3-wood, 5- and 6- hybrids, 7 through 9 irons, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge and a putter, this club set includes everything needed for an excellent round of golf. The set also comes with 4 head covers and a luxurious cart bag.

The set claims to improve performance and help female golfers hit their best shots. One of the ways it achieves this is through special Callaway technology that combines the ideal distance, forgiveness and trajectory to result in straight and long shots.

When looking at specifications, it can be seen that the loft is determined with women in mind, since it takes a slower swing into account. The titanium head on the driver makes it lightweight and forgiving, providing golfers with the ability to maximize distance. The included putter is also a mallet-design for increased forgiveness.


  • Both right and left-hand options available
  • Increases distance and forgiveness
  • Large titanium driver head is lightweight
  • Specifically designed for women
  • Variety of irons included in the set


  • It will need to be heavily supplemented with improvement

Our Final Thoughts

This concludes our list of the best golf clubs for beginners. Although all of our picks are great, there are some that stand out more than others. The Cobra Golf Men’s Airspeed F-Max Complete Set is the ideal set for male golfers looking to get into the game. With 12 clubs to choose from, versatility and technological features, it is the perfect set for those getting into the game.

The Callaway Women’s Solaire 11-Piece Set is our pick for female golfers since it covers all the essentials needed for a round of golf, while catering to female-specific aspects of golf.

No matter which product you pick, rest assured that it has been thoroughly vetted and is worth being on this list. We hope that this list, along with the factors to consider, helps you on your journey to becoming an expert. Happy golfing!

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