The 3 Best Golf Cart Lift Kits

Have you ever considered modifying your golf cart? If you have, then we highly recommend opting for a golf cart lift kit. This is one of the most popular golf cart accessories out there using which, you can increase the cart’s stability and raise its height by adding larger tires. As a result, your golf cart not only becomes more attractive but can carry heavier loads and even go off-road.

In this post, we’ll share everything you need to know about a golf cart lift kit, including its advantages and disadvantages, types, and best options in the market.

What is a Golf Cart Lift Kit?

Many people think that the only difference between a regular golf cart and a lifted one is larger tires. Although a golf cart lift kit enhances the cart’s height 3-8 inches, it is specifically engineered to increase ground clearance so you can easily drive it on rougher terrain. The lift kit also boosts stability which makes a lot of difference in your ride experience. As a result, you can find lifted golf carts in other places apart from a golf course, such as parks, beaches, and offices.

Best Golf Cart Lift Kits

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Golf Cart Lift Kits

Before you go online looking for the best golf cart lift kits in the market and modify your cart, you need to first consider both the advantages and disadvantages:


1. Better Ground Clearance

By boosting the height of your golf cart, you’re essentially increasing its ground clearance which is highly useful if you regularly ride it on off-road conditions. With larger tires and higher ground clearance, you don’t have to worry about bumps, rocks, and other obstacles damaging your cart’s underside.

2. A Lifted Golf Cart is Faster

Regular golf carts have tiny tires which are not designed for high speeds. Lifted golf cart tires have a larger circumference which means they’ll cover more distance per revolution, thus increasing speed.

3. More Power

A golf cart lift kit can improve the overall power of the cart. As a result, users can transport heavy items or people from one place to another. In contrast, a regular golf cart is specifically designed for light use.


1. Safety

Increasing the height and speed of golf carts can raise some safety concerns considering golf carts have an open structure. Kids or seniors may find it difficult to dismount from the additional height. Due to higher speeds, they can also fall off since golf carts typically aren’t equipped with seat belts.

2. Turning

A golf cart lift kit not only increases the height but also the weight, meaning there’s a great chance of tipping at higher speeds, especially when turning corners. While this issue is extremely rare, drivers must understand that golf carts aren’t are agile as regular vehicles.

Types of Golf Cart Lift Kits

Now that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of modifying your cart, let’s check out the types of golf cart lift kits you can choose from:

1. Drop Axle Lift Kit

If you’re looking to lift your golf cart without breaking the bank, this type of golf cart lift kit will suit your well. Drop Axle Lift Kits are among the most popular options out there. However, they will replace the entire axle of your cart so you may require professional installation services.

2. Spindle Lift Kits

If you’re looking for an option that doesn’t require professional intervention in most cases, we highly recommend Spindle Lift Kits. They’re incredibly easy to install because you’ll be using your cart’s existing suspension and increase its length and size to maximize stability at higher speeds.

3. Long Travel Lift Kit

Cart owners seeking a higher-end golf cart lift kit that offers more in terms of technology and versatility should consider Long Travel Lift Kits. This kit features an independent front suspension with adjustable height and optimal stability. However, they can cost up to 2-3 times more than spindle or drop axle kits.

Best Golf Cart Lift Kits in the Market

The following are our top picks of the best golf cart lift kits in the market:

1. SGC 6″ Drop Axle EZGO Lift Kit

The SGC 6″ Drop Axle EZGO is a drop axle lift kit that offers several golf cart owners with models past 2001. It fits perfectly on most model carts and is made from durable all-allow steel that offers maximum strength. Another outstanding feature of this lift cart is that it offers no-weld installation, meaning cart owners can easily install it without professional help.

2. Yamaha Freedom Off-Road Performance

If you own a Yamaha electric or gas golf cart, look no further than the Freedom Off-Road Performance 4-inch Lift Kit. This highly affordable golf cart lift kit is compatible with three Yamaha cart models – G14, G16, and G19. By installing it, you can enhance the ground clearance to fit 20-inch tires for optimal stability. Yamaha also provides extra bolts and brackets in case you lose them along with a detailed instruction manual any inexperienced golf cart owner can use.

3. EZGO TXT 6-Inch Rhox Spindle Lift Kit

The EZGO TXT 6-Inch Rhox Spindle is one of the safest and most durable golf cart lift kits in the market today. The lift kit is compatible with all EZGO electric and gas cart models from 1994-2001. It comes with a straightforward bolt-on installation which makes should hardly take you an hour or two to fit. However, you’ll need a minimum of 10-inch wheels for the kit to work.

Our Final Thoughts

If you’ve decided to modify your cart by equipping it with a golf cart lift kit, the next step is to decide which type of kit fits your requirement. Regardless of the type you choose, they all boost the overall performance of your golf cart and improve its looks too. So whether you want to take your golf cart kit to the beach or even on a jungle safari, a lifted golf cart can get you there safer and in style.

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