Best Golf Ball Holders

All golfers have felt the pain of having their concentration broken while fishing through their gear for a golf ball after the previous one decided to travel to a place of no return. This is not a great position to be in, considering you built the concentration after practicing repeatedly to improve your game.

The only way to avoid such scenarios is to get the tools to keep your golf accessories organized. The more accessible they are, the easier it will be for you to retrieve them and continue playing without any major disruptions.

When it comes to keeping your golf balls organized, a golf ball holder is a tool that will come in handy the most. It accommodates them seamlessly, allowing you to take them out without wasting too much time. However, not all golf ball holders are the same, and the guide below will help you choose the right one.

Best Golf Ball Holders

How to Select the Right Golf Ball Holder

Golf ball holders are a simple enough tool, but there are a few factors that you should look at when choosing the right one to purchase.

1. Carrying Capacity

Golf ball holders come in varying capacities. Some holders can fit only two golf balls while others can fit three or even four. The carrying capacity to opt for depends entirely on your preference.

If you know you will only need one extra golf ball as a contingency during a relatively short game, it is better to buy something with a capacity for two. If you are going on a tour and know you will need to carry more golf balls with you, get a golf ball holder with a higher carrying capacity.

2. Carrier Support

One of the most important features of a golf ball holder is the provision to have it hang to your gear bag. It is generally preferable to reach out to the side easily and retrieve a new ball in case you lose one instead of pushing your hand inside the bag to get it out.

So, look for an option you can hang from your gear bag during the game.

3. Ease of Removal/Access

The entire point of getting a golf ball holder is to be able to seamlessly retrieve another golf ball. If you end up having to struggle to get your ball out from its clutches, it kills the point. Conversely, it would also be terrible if the holder does not have a stable grip and the balls slip out of it often.

To avoid fighting with the holder or conducting search missions for runaway golf balls, get a golf ball holder that has a firm grip but makes it simple to remove the ball as well.

4. Durability

Golf ball holders are essentially only there for convenience. It doesn’t affect the quality of the game but does remove some routine hindrances. Therefore, it does not make sense to constantly spend money on them.

Always look for durability when buying this product. It has a simple enough use, and you should not be replacing it too regularly. The more durable the holder is, the better it is for you overall.

The 4 Best Golf Ball Holders

Now that we have covered the guide on how to select the right golf ball holders, let’s move on to a list of recommendations for the best golf ball holders in the market.

1. SnakeBelly Golf Ball Holder

Light, elegant, and convenient to use, the golf ball holder by SnakeBelly is one of the best in the market and a favorite for several golfers. It has a three balls capacity and a rubber-coated bag clip that makes it easy to hang it to your golf gear bag.

Our favorite part of the design is that it allows you to access and retrieve the golf ball from either the left or the right side. Despite having a rather open design, it has a firm grip, and you won’t have to worry about your golf balls slipping out.

All in all, a good product.

2. GreenBean Golf Ball Holder

If you like to mix beautiful golf tools with ergonomic designs, you will love the GreenBean golf ball holder. Its soft silicone case maintains a firm grip on the golf ball but makes it easy for you to retrieve them. It has a provision for a hook on one side so you can easily hang it from your golf bag.

It is made of premium materials that make it durable and extremely lightweight. You can store up to two golf balls in a single case and choose from a range of six attractive colors.

The GreenBean was easily our favorite in the design department.

3. Clicgear Ball Clip

The Clicgear Ball Clip is the most suitable for people who also have golf push carts with 1-inch tubing. If you own such a pushcart or any of the Clicgear and Rovic models, you will enjoy opting for this product.

Its hanging position on the cart and overall design allow the player to access easily and quickly and retrieve the ball from it. It also has a capacity for three balls, so it would suit you if you want to carry two extra golf balls along.

4. Amy Sport Golf Ball Holder

We liked the Amy Sport Golf Ball Holder for multiple reasons.

  1. It is made from soft silicone material making it easy to retrieve the golf ball from it.
  2. It comes with a hook so you can easily hang it from your golf bag and reach out for it during a game.
  3. It has an ergonomically designed and easy to clean
  4. Lastly, it comes with a small cleaner pouch to clean your golf ball during a game. This will help you prevent chances of damage due to dirt, mud, and grime.

The last feature was something we only found in this option, and therefore, it had to be added to the list.

Our Final Thoughts

To sum up, having the right golf ball holder will save you from a lot of hassle and allow you to focus entirely on the game. When buying a holder, take core features like capacity, carrier support, durability, etc. into account so you buy the right fit for yourself.

If you want to read more about golf products, check out our other blog posts that explore several aspects of the game.

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