68 Frugal Tips to Save Money on Golf

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Golf may be a fashionable sport, but it doesn’t always have to break the bank. In this list, you’ll find 50 tips to follow to save money while playing. These tips can help anyone starting from a beginner to a more advanced golfer.

Keep in mind that not everything will work for you. In the mean time, what works for you may not work for others as well. There is no need to use each of these tips, just use the ones you feel will work best in your life.

frugal tips to save money on golf

It would be best to adjust some of these tips with your demands.. Besides, the good idea is to look up budgeting advice online and suit them according to your golfing needs.


1. Buy Used Equipment

It’s unnecessary for a beginner golfer to buy new clubs. Many companies swear that their latest club is the best in terms of performance. However, they’ll probably promise similar features in the future as well.

Many newbies fall into the trap of buying the best club. It’s not budget friendly to always buy a hundred percent new clubs. It’s common practice to buy used clubs from general platforms like eBay.

You can also buy from sites specializing in golf.

2. Bring Food from Outside

Food served at golf courses is usually expensive. You have to keep buying food from there while playing since golf builds up an appetite. An easy solution is to bring food from home or the supermarket.

This will save a lot of money and also have better nutritional value. Homemade food is generally better for your health. Even if you buy snacks from a supermarket, it will still be much cheaper.
Good snacks are sandwiches, boiled sweet potatoes or even popcorn.

3. Look for Online Discounts

It is the age of the internet. You can find anything online. Online discounts can come in handy, even for golf. There is equipment for sale online.

You can also look for memberships at a lower price. However, it is advised to do your research on the site because there are online scams.

4. Ditch the Golf Cart

By ditching the golf cart, you save money. At the same time, you boost your health by walking. Walking has plenty of benefits.

Carry a large golf bag with wheels for days when you need to carry lots of clubs and other equipment. Otherwise, carry a light one. I actually find that I play much better when walking than when riding in a cart.

5. Look for Off-Peak Times

The afternoon is the off-peak time for golf. That is when fees are lower. This is because there is less light and ver fewer golfers interested in playing.

It’s the perfect time for the frugal golfer as well since it is not too dark, and at the same time fees are cheaper.

6. Avoid Professional Equipment

There is no need to buy pro equipment as a beginner. Chances are, you won’t be able to use the equipment until you practice for a sufficient amount of time. Therefore, it is best to stick to inexpensive material until you master the art of golf.

7. Purchase Cheap Golf Balls

While playing for the first few times, you are bound to lose a couple of balls. Even though there are new balls which are advertised to have the best performance, there is little difference. Buy the relatively inexpensive balls, they will serve the same purpose.

8. Look for Cheaper Golf Bags

You don’t need a super classy, branded golf bag. There’s no point to get one if you can make with a simple and cheaper one. However, if you decide to get a used golf bag, make sure there are no defects that will end up damaging your equipment.

9. Avoid Purchasing Too Many Golf Clothing Sets

There are many ways you can get golf clothes. For starters, look inside your wardrobe. You may already polo shirts and shorts laying around.

If you do want to buy new clothes, you can look at retail stores. Professional golf clothing sets are unnecessary for the beginner golf player.

10. Use Athletic Shoes Instead

Golf shoes may be helpful, but do you need them? You can easily find a pair of sports sneakers which will do the same job.

Sports sneakers will be half the price of golf shoes. Check with your local sports gear shop.

11. Find Lesson Deals Online

Investing in lessons will improve your skills dramatically. Since lessons are pricy, try finding deals for them online. It suggested doing your research mainly, because you might get a bad instructor. That would be a waste of time, and more importantly a waste of your money. Check online reviews before setting up lessons.

12. Buy Equipment During Off-Peak Season

During winter, sales for golf equipment plummet due to lack of demand. In this regard, the price also decreases. This is the time to stockpile.

Get your equipment in the winter so that you can save up during the summer.

13. Pay Yearly

Paying for green fees may be a drag. An annual subscription for green fees is much cheaper than paying in monthly installments. Look for a good yearly subscription. It isn’t always feasible. Calculate how much you’ll be saving before paying for an annual subscription.

14. Buy Gloves in Value Packs

Sometimes gloves are sold in sets, don’t pass up that opportunity. If you buy a value pack, you’ll be buying each glove at a lesser price. You can also stockpile these.

15. Take Good Care of Your Golf Stuff

The only reason people keep buying new equipment is that they keep damaging their old ones. Don’t make this mistake, take good care of your clubs. There are plenty of useful tips online on how to take proper care of your equipment.

16. Do Not Place Bets

Placing bets is meaningless and harmful for your wallet. Use the money elsewhere rather use for betting. A good way to spend that money is to allocate it for golf lessons.

17. Find Coupons in Newspapers, Magazines etc.

There are coupons for everything these days. You can find them everywhere, in newspapers, magazines and coupon books. Keep your eyes peeled for the coupons that can be used for golf.

18. Go to Public Courses

Public courses are cheaper than private courses. Sure they might not as nicely organized as private courses but you’ll still get a good deal for your money.

19. Make Golf Buddies

This has many advantages. Make some golf friends and spend time with them. You’ll enjoy golf even more.

Moreover, you can get golf advice from them. Last but not least, you’ll enjoy group lesson discounts.

20. Search the Internet for Golf Playing Tips

Instead of always seeking professional help, why not search the web? There are many sites dedicated to golf as well as forums where you can discuss problems.

21. Save a Golf Grip Yourself

Instead of hiring someone to re-grip your club, do it yourself. It will be far less expensive. You’ll also learn a new skill.

22. Look for Golf Gear at Thrift Stores

You might wonder if you can find equipment in thrift stores which are worthy of playing golf with. Indeed, you can. Just make sure to check for quality.

Sometimes you can find cool golf gear at thrift stores. It’s best to look for stuff like clubs or balls rather than used polo shirts or shorts.

23. Buy Recycled Balls

The best idea is to buy used golf balls or balls which have been lost by others. They are good for practice. Don’t buy “refurbished” golf balls which are just an attempt to fix and sell damaged balls.

24. Get Golf Clothes from Retail Stores

You don’t need to buy golf clothes from sports stores or specialized golf shops. You can just buy polo shirts, shorts, belts, socks, etc. from retail stores. They’ll be so much cheaper.

25. Rely on E-Commerce

E-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. stock on golf clothes and kits. Even though the prices are lower, you should still consider them. The quality may not be as inferior as you may think.

However, read the customer reviews.

26. Rent Gear

If you can’t buy gear, just rent it. It’s cost-effective because you’ll only be using the gear for a short period.

27. Borrow Equipment from Friends or Family

Friends or family may have clubs or balls lying around that they don’t need anymore. Just ask them if you can borrow some equipment. You can use borrowed equipment for short term practice until you save up the money to buy your own.

28. Don’t Buy Ball Markers

Ball markers are useless. An easy way to substitute ball markers is to use coins since they are about the same size and shape. Some people like to collect ball markers. Don’t fall into that trap.

29. Practice Short Game

The short game is far less expensive than the long game. Practicing shorter distances is as important as practicing longer distances. It’s not as bad as you think it is. Certainly you can’t practice the power of your swing but you can still save your money.

30. Get a Ball Retriever

It is irritating to search for golf balls all over the course. Not only that but you also lose money by losing the balls you bought.

Ball retrievers are a good investment. They work by reaching into places you wouldn’t usually be able to reach into.

31. Work at a Golf Course

Picking up golf balls may seem like a tedious task though it’s a good idea. It will help you in several ways.

Firstly, you get to know the course better. Secondly, you get to interact with other players. Thirdly, even if you don’t interact, observing other players will prove useful.

Last but not least, you’ll be getting an employee discount.

32. Carry Your Clubs Carefully

While going on a holiday, pack them carefully. Most airports handle your luggage very roughly. So you can imagine what they’ll do to your clubs.

Consider investing in a hard case. This will protect your clubs so that you don’t have to buy new ones.

33. Don’t Collect Novelty Golf Items

Collecting novelty golf items may be nice. Nevertheless, at one point it may even become addicting. Avoid purchasing collectibles; they are useless.

These include souvenirs such as mugs, cards, and even vintage golf balls. If you skip buying them, it won’t make you any less of a golfer.

34. Practice at Home

Although you have to buy extra equipment for it, it will prove worthwhile in the long run. It will help you grow stronger as a player. Plus you won’t be paying green fees every time you want to practice golf.

35. Don’t Buy Unnecessary Gear

“Unnecessary gear” refers to alignment sticks, tees, divot fixers and towels. You can just use towels from home. Instead of using alignment sticks, use driveway markers. Use the free tees instead of buying them. You won’t be any less of a player if you don’t substitute these unnecessary items for common items.

36. Take Up a Job as a Caddy

This has similar benefits as working at a golf course. You’ll meet tons of experienced players, hear their stories and get advice. Furthermore, you’ll earn some cash, which is a huge plus point.

37. Get Group Lessons

Individual lessons are costly. If you want to save money, consider getting lessons as a group with friends and family. It will be a fun pastime for everyone. Thus, you’ll spend less per person.

38. Don’t Bother with Long Lessons

Lessons which are an hour long aren’t needed. You’ll probably learn the same skill in less than an hour. By doing so, you’ll spend less with shorter lessons.

39. Buy an Affordable Range Finder

There’s no point in buying an expensive range finder. An affordable range of finder serves the same purpose. Be careful when spending your money on it.

40. Find a Course Near You

If you decide to opt for a course far from you, you’ll be spending too much on transport. Even if you have your car, you’d be wasting petrol. Therefore, take the right decision, use a search engine to find a golf course near you.

41. Skip Weekends, Try Weekdays

Weekends are the busiest days for golf courses. Save costs by playing golf on weekdays. This may prove difficult if you have work on weekdays. so use with discretion.

42. Pack Spare Golf Balls on Trips

When going on a golf trip to another country, don’t forget to pack some extra golf balls. Golf balls in other areas may prove to be of a higher cost.

43. Buy Normal Hats

Normal hats, caps, and visors will prove useful against the sun. A specified golf hat just adds to the cost. There are fancy branded golf hats, but there’s no reason to buy them.

44. Bring Necessities from Home

When on golf trips, don’t forget necessities such as lip balm, sunscreen, towels, etc. Often at times, such goods cost a lot abroad.

45. Use YouTube

You don’t always need professional help. Use YouTube or other online video sites where you can learn about golf. Nowadays you can find any kind of advice on the internet.

46. Sell Your Unwanted Clubs Online

You have some clubs which you don’t use for sure. Instead of having them lay around your house, sell them online to earn extra cash.

47. Clean Golf Shoes Instead of Buying New Ones

It’s easy to spoil your new shoes by spending some days on the course. Don’t ever consider getting a new pair. Alternatively, clean your boots and takegood care of them. There is also the option of getting your shoes repaired in the case of damage.

48. Store Equipment Properly

If you store them in your house improperly, it can lead to damage. Make sure to allocate a certain place in your house for storing golf equipment. You can find boxes to keep them. If you leave them carelessly, they will get worn out, and you’ll end up buying new equipment.

49. Don’t Pay Attention to Bad Golf Instruction

Majority of golf-related scams are media such as DVDs. They assure you that you’ll become a fantastic player if you buy their goods. A lot of these golf instructions are bad advice.

50. Don’t Buy Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are often bad for their health. You can substitute them by making your electrolyte drinks. There are many recipes online. You can customize them to your liking by adding your favorite fruit juice.

51. Purchase the Best Second-Hand Golf Clubs that You Can Bear

We all know, there is a person who will spend $400 or $500 for the best in the class driver that certifications to add 17.3 yards to your drives. The similar person that purchases fresh out of the plastic new Star V1x’s even though he is a 20 handicap. He purchases putter head cover for more than I spend on putters.

Here are some broad standards: purchase utilized gear that was discharged 2-5 years back (or considerably more if you need to spare a huge amount of cash) on eBay or utilized golf club destinations like 3balls.com. Ideally, lean towards clubs that earned a Gold Star by Golf Review in the year they were discharged.

52. Purchase the Best Second-Hand Golf Balls

Try not to purchase a first class, spic and span golf balls. You will likely finish up hitting them in the water sooner or later in any case. There are a lot of shots with comparable execution to the best balls available at a small amount of the cost.

The best destinations to purchase utilized golf balls are golfballsdirect.com. Amazon is shockingly an incredible spot with an extensive choice of golf balls at a reasonable cost too.

53. Keep Your Clubs Neat and Clean to Make them Long-Lasting

Clubs rust and get grimy. Depressions wear out. Holds get tricky and worn. In such case, you deal with your clubs by giving them great, hard cleanings frequently, and thus they will last any longer.

Taking into account that golf hardware is the number 2 cost in golf (behind the rounds/participation), you have to ensure that you take great consideration of them.

On a month to month premise, you have to wash your golf clubs with cleanser and water, and get them dry with a towel. This will keep them looking like new.

While you are busy, get a decent esteem retractable club brush (or simply utilize a moist towel) to clear off the majority of the earth from your clubs as regularly as could reasonably be expected.

Your brush ought to have two kinds of fibers. Delicate ones to get off simple earth, hard ones to get off the rust and other harder blemishes.

54. Figure Out Regripping Your Golf Clubs

The regripping procedure can be costly. Getting your whole sack regripped will most likely end up burning through $150+.

For my region, it costs around $10 each for a decent golf hold. Afterward, they may charge you $2-5 to put each grasp on contingent upon where you complete it at.

On the off chance that you do it without anyone’s help, the main costs you will acquire would be the materials (hold tape and a dissolvable) and the grasps themselves.

A tight clamp and brace would make the procedure simpler, yet they are not 100% vital.

I realize numerous individuals will prescribe Golf Pride grasps. However, they are just very little superior to anything knockoff brand holds like Karma or Champkey, which offer incredible holds at about a large portion of the cost.

I have utilized Karma holds and was extremely satisfied. All things would cost you around $30-$40 to regrip your whole arrangement of clubs (13 holds).

I would suggest getting the straightforward regripping unit from the Wedge Folks on Amazon. It costs under $15 out. At that point, pick the holds that you need. You are prepared to regrip your clubs!

55. Discover Lost Golf Balls in Woods, Lakes, High Grass and other Challenging to Achieve Spots

The rush of finding a decent golf ball that somebody paid 3-5 dollars for just peculiarly gives me an incredible inclination. When searching for golf balls in the forested areas, consider two things;

  • Where are the great golf balls?
  • Also, where are a great many people hesitant to go to discover them?

There are huge amounts of spots on fairways near the truck way. Individuals simply would prefer not to experience the inconvenience of to discover the golf balls there. Think sloppy territories, huge falloffs/precipices, wind pervaded looking zones, very tall grass and so on.

These spots that are anything but difficult to hit into. As a result, those frighten a great many people away and thus the place I locate the most golf balls.

What golf balls you find normally relies upon what course you are playing. When I play the neighborhood scaled-down course, I frequently discover lower end golf balls like Wilsons, Best Flites, Nike Magical elements.

Playing in higher-end courses, I hope to discover progressively exclusive golf balls like Bridgestones, Titleists, Callaway and so on.

56. Pay Through Cash on Lessons Rather than New Gear

The majority of that cash that you spared by not purchasing fresh out of the plastic new gear. Use it to purchase golf exercises. This will be much more gainful than new gear. Furthermore, upgrading that will prompt you winning more wagers on the course with your pals.

Make an inquiry or two for who is the best golf star in your general vicinity. You’ll find a lot of solutions. Center around where the every individual says the person has different preferences about the professional. This will offer knowledge to rapidly find the one that accommodates your style and spending plan the most.

57. Safeguard Your Clubs when Voyaging

When you are voyaging, it is simple for your clubs to be harmed by dealing with gear. We have all observed those insane recordings of air terminal specialists taking care of bags though they were endeavoring to break all that they saw.

When voyaging, the ideal approach to bring your clubs would be in a hard or delicate case. Delicate cases are less expensive and consume up to less space Nevertheless, you must be cautious that your clubs are very much ensured. Hard cases are more secure; however, gauge more and consume up more room.

I like having this golf club defender and pushing huge amounts of towels, bubble wrap and those air stash things to ensure everything is secure. At that point, when I am done, I can store the pack effectively under my bed while utilizing little space. If in case you don’t ensure your clubs for the flight, they may get broken.

I can guarantee you the airplane terminal won’t feel dismal about it either. Along these lines, don’t miss out on the expense of your golf clubs. Make sure they are stuffed safely.

58. Just Don’t Shop in the Pro Shop

Everything in the Genius shop is overrated. You will locate some little courses that occasionally offer great arrangements to dispose of stock. However, m ost private or top of the line clubs are simply finished with regards to stock or hardware in the genius shop.

Try not to purchase course logoed towels or glasses or balls. They are not justified despite having any potential benefits. You most likely won’t take a gander at them again at any rate. Try not to purchase $80 garments in the ace shop. Get them at thrift stores for $5 or online for $20.

Likewise, avoid purchasing $50 boxes of golf balls in the star shop. Get them for $20 on the web or Craigslist/Amazon commercial center. You can discover them in woods and lakes. Try not to purchase $150 shoes in the professional shop either. Get them online for $50.

59. If You Need to Gather Anything, Gather Course Pencils

Try not to gather towels, golf balls and divot fixers from courses. These costs somewhere in the range of 2-25 dollar per count. Instead, gather scorecard pencils! They are free and remarkable.Quite often have the course name or potentially logo on them as well.

I have seen some extraordinary golf pencil accumulations on the web. They aren’t as beautiful as golf ball accumulations with each course logo on them.

60. Get $50 Sets of Adidas Golf Shoes

Golf shoes can be too costly. My mom got me $180 FootJoy shoes around 5 years prior. That number will dependably stick in my psyche. Why? Since that is around $130, which is more than I would have spent.

Did I value the idea? Ultimately, I just felt terrible that she spent that much for me just on shoes! Adidas makes some extraordinary-looking and feeling shoes for around $50. These are supreme, takes considering they are a brand name made with fantastic quality and come in bunches of various shading alternatives.

61. Tell Your Friends and Family what You Need for Birthday Celebrations/Occasions

If we will get presents for Christmas or a birthday or father’s day, we should request golf things that we were going to purchase in any case. All in all, when somebody approaches you what you need for your birthday? Tell them precisely what you were going to purchase at any rate. That is a 100% investment funds rate.

Here is the thing that happens commonly instead: they ask what you need. You state, “I don’t have the foggiest idea,”. They make you something you don’t generally need or use. At that point, you purchase what you needed a month later yourself. That doesn’t bode well.

62. Utilize Coins Rather than Ball Markers

Try not to purchase those overrated ball markers. Truly, they are cool and collectible. However, they are just not justified despite any potential benefits. You will most likely lose it in the long run anyway.

The cheap move is just to utilize a coin that you have as of now. I keep 5-10 coins in my sack (I incline toward quarters for their size) to ensure I generally have one close by.

63. Utilize Demo Days Judiciously

Demo days are great. Such a large number of individuals spend excessive cash or focus on purchasing too costly drivers. On the off chance that you will go, run with the aim to just attempt heaps of golf clubs and associate with different golfers.

Perhaps select a few clubs that you’ll consider purchasing in 3-5 years once the value drops substantially. Another thought is to convey your driver and irons to contrast with the new stuff.

Is the distinction inconsistency, separation and feel worth the additional cash? Most likely not. In that event, you realize the time has come to purchase new clubs for yourself.

64. Cease Your Golf Magazine Membership

Each golf article or snippet of data is available online at this point. Just head on over to Golf Summary, Golf WRX, or GolfClubGuru.com (my undisputed top choice) for a more significant number of articles than you would ever need to peruse.

Hoping to get familiar with the golf swing? Simply head on over to Youtube and locate the huge number of extraordinary instructors out there. They have such a large number of recordings and clarify everything very obviously.

65. Stock Up when You Locate a Decent Arrangement

Locate a decent arrangement on golf balls that you cherish? Stock up, purchase the same number of as you think you’ll utilize in the end.

Did you at long last motivate your companion to release you to Costco with them? Incredible, collect on some Callaway gloves (and perhaps Kirkland golf balls as well!). Your mate is stopping golf for unknown reasons? Exploit and get a decent arrangement on those wedges you have been peering toward.

Develop unique arrangements. You can generally spare them and use them later when you come up short on your present supply.

66. Scan Websites with the Offer and Craigslist Frequently for Decent Arrangements

Some insane great arrangements can spring up on the off chance that you are sufficiently tolerant. Continue checking Groupon, eBay, Amazon and Absolute bottom Golf for the best methods of the day.

I recollect one day where Amazon was moving a $300 territory discoverer for like $175. It sold out in a couple of hours. It was a mind-blowing arrangement. I would have exploited just in case I didn’t have one as of now.

Contingent upon where you live, Groupon can have some amazing arrangements on neighborhood courses. Take advantages of a decent compromise at a course that you need to play at in the long run. The Groupon typically last for a decent piece of time.

67. Purchase the Top Rangefinder, Not the $300 Ones

All you truly need is a solid one that will offer precise separations and won’t reprieve for a considerable length of time to come. That will be this Nikon one. It is the best economical golf rangefinder on a financial plan.

68. Last Tip to Get a Good Deal on Golf Gear: Simply Inquire

Simply inquire whether or not you can get a rebate on your gear that you are purchasing. You’d be astonished what number of clubs or stores have level 10%, 20% and 30% limits for various events.

Depending on how pleasant you are and the state of mind,whoever you are conversing with they may be upbeat to give you a little rebate. By satisfying you, they are expanding the chances that you will return and accomplish more business with them.

Our Final Thoughts

Be realistic about what you can budget and what you cannot. Don’t focus too much on saving and budgeting. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the game. The whole point is that you enjoy yourself and relax. Golf is for everyone and there are ways to afford this fashionable game.

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