Evnroll ER2v MidBlade Putter Review

Most or at least non-avid golfers have never even heard of the golf equipment manufacturer Evnroll. But the Evnroll ER2v MidBlade Putter is one of the best putters available on the market today. The Evnroll ER2v MidBlade Putter is gaining popularity for its incredible consistency and versatility. You know these putters are all about versatility because of the ‘V’ in the name.

The Evnroll ER2v MidBlade Putteris capable of providing an amazing feel and phenomenal consistency in putts of all distances, all the while looking exceptionally elegant in a golfer’s hand. These uncommon putters are slowly gaining popularity amongst golfers, especially with professional golfers like Zac Blair, Ian Poulter, Lucas Glover, Phil Mickelson, and Lexi Thompson repping Evnroll putters on their tours. Let’s take a look at what makes these putters so special in our Evnroll ER2v MidBlade Putter Review!

Evnroll ER2v MidBlade Putter Review


Putting is either the simplest or the toughest part of golf for most golfers. While putting looks and sounds easy, the technicalities and intricacies that go into each putt – accuracy, power, alignment, and ball roll, are incredibly hard to put together and even harder to be consistent at. Even the most professional of players can be seen missing a simple 2-foot putt when under pressure. This part is where the Evnroll ER2v MidBlade Putter will help you shine. The simplicity and the technology featured in this putter will have you hitting your most consistent putts ever!

Evnroll ER2v MidBlade Putter Review

Evnroll’s founder, Guerin Rife, has a lot of experience with creating putters – almost 3 decades of it since innovating and releasing the world’s first cavity mallet. Guerin Rife’s putters have been a part of over 100 tournament wins – which basically prove that his designs and creations actually work.

The Evnroll ER2v MidBlade Putter primarily gets its consistency from Guerin Rife’s patented ‘sweet head’ design. While most putters on the market advertise and have a ‘sweet spot,’ the Evnroll ER2v MidBlade Putter features a ‘sweet head.’ This technology provides a larger impact area for all your putts.

The CNC milled ‘sweet face’ features grooves that are wider in the middle and gradually become smaller as you move away from the center. This unique design means that even off-center shots and mishits travel the same distance as the contact area increases, and more energy gets transferred to your shots. The ‘V-shaped grooves also help your mishits and off-center shots to get redirected back to your intended target line. Both of these benefits combine to provide a more controlled and consistent ball roll for all kinds of putting distances and also help make your putts more accurate.

Evnroll ER2v MidBlade Putter Review– Performance

First off, let’s talk about the look of the Evnroll ER2v MidBlade Putter. The putter is simplistic, elegant, and beautiful to look at. What’s more, is that they are incredibly customizable. The alignment lines are customizable. The head, hosel, and shaft are also available in black, and you can also paint-fill the clubhead and sole. You also have a choice of 6 different grips and 4 headcovers for your putters. The wide blade is good-looking and sits even or level with the turf. The sightline and alignment dots also allow golfers to get their shaft angle right, thereby reducing head rotation and, again, improving consistency.

The first thing you’ll notice when putting with the Evnroll ER2v MidBlade Putter is that your shots will come off a little slower off the face than normal. This is great for golfers who tend to overshoot. Others can make it work with a little practice and recalibrating their strokes. It might take some time to adjust, but the results will be worth it.

The sweet face technology and the CNC milled grooves provide an extraordinary ball roll on your putts. After a few shots, you’ll soon see the improvement in consistency of your putts, as your balls will basically stop at the same distances and spots. Once you get the consistency down, working on your accuracy and alignment will also feel incredibly easy with the Evnroll ER2v MidBlade Putter.

Evnroll ER2v MidBlade Putters also come with interchangeable hosels to match all golfer’s play styles. These hosels are easily changed and adjusted with their featured screw system on the sole of the putter. There is a short slant hosel, a short plumber hosel, a long plumber hosel, and a long slant hosel that you can make use of. All of these hosel styles are designed and cater to different kinds of players and putting strokes and offer different amounts of offset. All of this ties into the versatility of the Evnroll ER2v MidBlade Putter to make these putters usable and playable for every golfer.

Our Final Thoughts

You’ve reached the end of our Evnroll ER2v MidBlade Putter Review. We hope our review helps you pick out a putter that suits your golfing style and helps you lower your scores significantly.

Overall, Evnroll ER2v MidBlade Putters are sure to provide you with maximum consistency on your putts – although that doesn’t guarantee you’ll be putting your shots! The consistency will be helpful in improving your accuracy and alignment as you’ll be able to better gauge what’s going right and what isn’t. The feel these putters provide is solid, and it is also a beautiful putter to look at – especially with all the customizable options available.

The Evnroll ER2v MidBlade Putter is fully worth the money. The putters are 100% milled, and the materials used in their construction are of the highest quality and on par with other industry leaders. The best thing about the Evnroll ER2v MidBlade Putters is that the incredible number of options on offer means you can custom-fit one that will suit your game to your exact needs!

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