Cobra Women’s Fly XL Complete Golf Club Set Review

If you are looking for that beginner’s golf club set that will allow you to well and truly dominate your golfing buddies, then look no further than the Cobra Women’s Fly XL Complete Golf Club Set. There are a myriad of reasonswhy you can look forward to this fine golf club set.

Not only are these Cobraclubs highly lightweight and forgiving, but they are also long-lasting and aesthetically appealing. Hence, they will make the ideal selection for anyone seeking high value for money on a full golf set that caters to all their needs.

So whether you are a novice or a mid handicapper, you can find plenty of value in the Cobra Women’s Fly XL Complete Golf Club Set.

Cobra Women's Fly XL Complete Golf Club Set Review

When searching around for the best beginner’s set, knowing which Cobra range will be best for you can feel rather daunting since they all sport superior aesthetics and an optimal mix of desirable features.

Hence, this Cobra Women’s Fly XL Golf Club Set review will facilitate your quest to settle for the best intermediate golf set for your needs.

Cobra Women’s Fly XL Complete Golf Club Set

Cobra Women’s Fly XL is designed with one thing in mind. To boost your game so that you score more holes in fewer hits.

Inside this fine golf club set, you will find the full gamut of great clubs like a putter, sand wedge, pitching wedge, irons 6 to 9, 5 wood, 3 wood, and a driver.

And it doesn’t end here. To top it all off, there is also a mighty fine golf bag for housing all your precious golf clubs securely in one place so that they are always within easy reach. The bag is loaded with lots of dividers and compartments for holding all your supplies, gear, and goodies.

The only main drawback is the somewhat steep price tag. But considering the durability and the great mix of features you are getting in return, this should not be a problem if you can afford it since you will be getting great returns on investment and high value for money.

There is so much to this set that makes it worth having as your very next golf club set.


To begin with, there is a robust and sturdy driver that allows for plenty of forgiveness. Hence, even with little wayward hits that are off-center, you can still cover a decent amount of ground and go surprisingly straight. It is good to know that not all inaccurate strikes will end up in total disaster thanks to the large clubhead size of the driver.


The 5 and 3 woods on the other hand have several built-in design features that allow for better gameplay. These club heads rock a low profile that implies better MOI. Hence, the sweet spot extends across a larger area between the toe and heel.


Two hybrids are also available in this golf set which is a good thing if you are not yet accustomed to longer irons. The 5 and 4 hybrids are highly capable alternatives to irons since they are much easier to play with.


You will be pleased to know that irons too are no less easy to play with. They are highly forgiving and they generate plenty of loft so that the ball goes higher and stops closer to the point of landing without rolling too far away.

Sand Wedge and Pitching Wedge

There are times when you will need to use the sand wedge and the pitching wedge. They feature sharp grooves on the face and have an array of other design features that allow for lower shot dispersion.


The putter that belongs to this golf set is no less impressive. It rocks a highly conventional blade-design configuration that is tried and tested to bring great results for your putting play. The face is precision machined so that you can enjoy distinct positive feedback each time you use this club.

The focus of the Cobra Women’s Fly XL Complete Golf Club Set is on shot straightness and accuracy that will put you ahead in the game.

It is also worth discussing the sleek and nifty design of these aesthetically appealing since first impressions matter. As you behold them for the first time out of the box, you can’t help but note that these clubs look great with beautifully milled and precision-machined faces. Hence, there is a lot to like about these good-looking and visually appealing golf clubs. Even the golf bag rocks a casual yet refined look.

Hence, this golf club set has the looks and the performance to match. This is what you would expect from a big-brand club set and the Cobra Women’s Fly XL Complete Golf Club Set does not disappoint.

Another very nice and attractive feature of the golf club set is that the shafts are customizable. If you are looking to cut down on its weight, you can go for graphite which will result in ultra-light clubs. If you are more focused on durability, then you can opt for premium-grade steel alloy.

The Cobra Women’s Fly XL Complete Golf Club Set is geared towards those beginners and intermediate players who would like an easier golf club set to work with that will give them an edge in all stages of the game. This golf club set offers pretty much all that the most demanding and ardent golf fan could ask for.

Our Final Thoughts

Cobra Women’s Fly XL Complete Golf Club Set excels on all fronts and surpasses expectations with flying colors. There is no reason why beginners should not choose this highly worthy golf club set for fulfilling their golf needs.

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