Cobra King RADSPEED Hybrid Review

One of the most important pieces of golf equipment is golf clubs. How serious can you be on your game if you’re not using the right clubs? It is the same thing with choosing a driver or hybrid based on your play style. You can get more information on Cobra King RADSPEED Hybrid Review below, so we will suggest you read it.

Cobra RADSPEED Hybrid First Impressions

We like how the hybrid rests on the ground at address; the paint lines and face match up perfectly, giving you confidence while standing over the ball.

We liked how the hybrid connected with the turf; every shot seemed like the club flew through the earth. This is owing to the RADSPEED’s hollow rails. It adds up to 70% more flex to the club’s sole, resulting in a higher launch and faster swing.

Cobra King RADSPEED Hybrid Review

The RADSPEEDDriver combines a classic (460cc) design with forward-biased weighting to give you the fastest driver in the RADSPEED lineup. The 8g rear weight gives you stability off-center, maximizing distance, while changeable front and back weights give you the ability to perfect trajectories and spin rates.

The forgiveness was excellent, and you could feel the front-biased radial weighting at work.

We had never experienced such a sensation before. The forged face truly works, and each shot feels terrific.


At address, the RADSPEED hybrid has a rounded, toe-centric form that should be a comfortable size for the great majority of players, comparable to its F9 Speedback ancestor. The new RADSPEED hybrid crown is a deep, glossy black with pinstripes on the trailing edge and a crowned “C” alignment mark.

The RADSPEED hybrid’s sole includes a variety of technological elements as well as eye-catching aesthetics. There’s a lot going on, yet it all feels very Cobra-like. The same can be true for the headcover, which has expertly crafted bright yellow stitching. The regular hybrid comes exclusively in black/turbo yellow. The peacoat (blue)/red combination featured in the drivers and fairways is only available in one length.

Sound & Feel

“Solid” was the one word that sprang to usas a result of the sound and feel of our hands. The metallic “tink” produced by reasonable contact sounded like a hammer striking an iron. That concept also applies to the forceful sensation of the RADSPEED hybrid’s face. In the face view, you can just make out the oval forged insert that creates the power.

We were impressed with the overall stability, which prompted a confident swing. The feedback was little, but it was an acceptable sacrifice for the design features impacting performance, which we’ll discuss further below.


The name relates to Cobra’s RADIAL Weighting design, as we’ve mentioned in prior RADSPEED evaluations. To put it simply, the idea is to position weights as far away from the center of gravity of the club head as physically feasible in order to increase the radius of gyration. Cobra develops front loaded weight for minimal spin while using a 7-gram weight low and towards the back for launch to maximize the performance of the RADSPEED hybrid. This combination also delivers the previously stated forgiveness and steadiness.

Is the design intent reflected in the performance? Absolutely. The spin rate averaged little more than 3000 rpm, with a steady 13-degree launch angle. The narrow dispersion in distance and accuracy was really striking. A 19° hybrid is ideal for finding tight fairways and greens on lengthy par 3s, and the RADSPEED hybrid does just that.

Cobra has used rails for almost 40 years, but for the RADSPEED hybrid, they separated them to increase launch and ball speed. The split, according to Cobra, allowed 70% more flex in the sole directly behind the face, where it had the most impact. Wedidn’t notice much flex, but welike how the rails appear to assist the club through the heavier grasses we occasionally find ourselvesin.

Cobra’s business was once based on Baffler rails. The rationale behind the technology was that it dropped the center of gravity further than other brands could be due to the weight that was trapped within them.

The RADSPEED hybrids now have hollow sole rails, allowing Cobra to save 10g of weight while increasing face flex by 70%, which helps to maximize ball speed.

Our Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that Cobra King Golf has been turning heads with new equipment designs and technology. Combining AMP Cell and Asymmetrical Weighting Technology with a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, and irons can yield some success. This new line of RADSPEED Hybrid Golf Clubs seems to be well worth the investment, especially if you are an intermediate or better player looking for higher ball flight and more distance.

If you’ve never played a Cobra hybrid, the RADSPEED is worth a try. If you liked Cobra hybrids in the past, you’ll adore the new RADSPEED. The RADSPEED hybrid, like other recent Cobra clubs, includes COBRA CONNECT, which effortlessly integrates the world of Arccos.

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