Cobra King Putter Review

Cobra is a well-known golf brand that has been making golf clubs of all kinds. They didn’t make putters until now. The premier golf brand will be keen to take its market share in the extremely lucrative putter market. You can bet that such a prestigious brand will do all it can to impress with its new putter range.

The Cobra King putter review will explain all that you need to know about the putter lineup from this preeminent golf brand. Could 3D printing, cutting-edge materials engineering, descending face loftand high MOI parts make this quite simply the best putter by far in the highly competitive golf gear market?

Cobra is known for going the extra mile with its golf clubs. And we can see that ethos in action with the Cobra King putter range since these are 3D printed. Not just any fabrication technique would do for its ground-breaking putters. Cobra is determined to harness the latest and greatest in technology to craft the most sophisticated putters. Their decision to go with 3D printing speaks volumes about their commitment and dedication to creating premium quality putters crafted to perfection.

Here’s what you need to know about Cobra King putters.

Cobra King Putter Review

Nylon 3D Printed Core

Cobra made the first move in the 3D printing niche by crafting the first-ever commercially available 3D putter towards the end of 2020. 3D printing empowers the brand to pay meticulous attention to detail and imbue its putters with supreme quality.

3D printing is not just about bragging rights. It has empowered Cobra to make a nylon core that moves out the mass from the center of the clubhead to give it a high MOI and hence greater forgiveness. Constructing such a meticulously designed and challenging component isn’t possible with old-school fabrication techniques like CNC milling, forging, and casting. However, this design configuration is paramount for higher MOI and forgiveness. So 3D printing is the way to go. Cobra has taken the lead in espousing this game-changing tech.

And the benefits don’t just end here. The use of nylon material also helps with sound tuning,which matters to most avid golfers.

Considering that the nylon lattice core barely weighs over 7 grams, there is a lot of mass saving in the center. Not just that, the crown is made from aluminum for even more weight savings. This choice of materials, 3D fabrication, and engineering technique lead to 100 grams of weight savings which areimmense to say the least in terms of performance.

Needless to say, there are rave customer reviews on how well the putter has transformed their game. New users are quite simply astounded by the quality of this club and how forgiving it is. Exhilarated users mention how straight the ball goes even if the shot is off-center. The consistency and forgiveness of this club are second to none. And that is no accident. Rather it is the direct result of Cobra’s decision to 3D print high MOI components for this putter.

Gleeful golfers talk about how the ball keeps rolling straight without skipping even if you strike hard. This is courtesy of the descending loft technology that Cobra has imparted to the putter face.

From player feedback, it is evident that the confluence of materials engineering, 3D printing, descending loft technology, and high MOI components has truly paid off big time. You will be hard-pressed to find any other putter on the market with such fabulous feedback.

Even veteran golfers with good putting stats find that this awesome putter has improved their game. According to them, the putter allows for a more clinical finish even from a relatively long distance of 10 feet.

Thoughtful details like more visual markers allow you to align your putts more precisely. Owing to all these factors, you feel far more confident during strokeplay. Strokes are clean and sweet. The descending loft technology mitigates bounces and keeps the ball rolling steadily even with strong hits.

Thanks to the use of the nylon core, the Cobra King putter manages to shave off around 100 grams. Hence, it is one of the lightest putters that you will find on the market. If light putters are your style, then you can’t afford to miss out on this one.

The synergy of balance, forgiveness, and control means that it is a joy to play with. Golf fans love how straight the ball goes without bouncing even with hard hits. If you would like to enjoy sinking the ball more often, then this putter is the answer.

In short, the Cobra King putter manages to get it all right thanks to unimpeachable design. It is next to impossible to find fault with this putter. It’s amazing how Cobra has raised the bar with its first-ever putter and made it the gold standard for all rivals to emulate.

Our Final Thoughts

Cobra took its time to enter the highly lucrative and competitive putter market. Their putter launch was long overdue. However, the wait was well worth it since the 3D putters are incredibly forgiving. The design and materials engineering for this putter is simply cutting edge and the results speak for themselves. Avid golfers finally have a putter that keeps the ball going straight even with off-center hits.

If you are on the market looking for a putter that will improve your handicap by multiple strokes, then look no further. You have come to the right place – the Cobra King putter can do that and more.

The Cobra King putter is the real deal and a true gamechanger. This is the be-all and end-all in putter technology. The only complaint is why Cobra did not bring this putter out much earlier. You will not want to go back to your old putter ever again no matter how good.

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