Cobra King F8+ Driver Review

The brand has been manufacturing drop-dead gorgeous wedges in recent years. Every time it comes up with a new model, you are forced to think that it has reached the peak of its ability in making classy products. But then it somehow manages to produce something new that’s even more spectacular.

Now, is Cobra King F8+ driver any different in this regard?

Well, you are going to know in about 15 minutes.

Cobra King F8+ Driver

Why not read the article real fast? It will be worth reading since we haven’t left anything important unmentioned.

Once you are done with the article, you won’t be able to hold yourself back from going for this precious golf equipment.

Cobra King F8+ Driver Review

With this driver, manufacturers have made an impressive move. We are talking about the clutch technology they have introduced in it. This is the beginning of a new era for this company since they hadn’t produced any CNC milled face before.

Also, you will find the all too impressive 360 aero head in this driver. Now, you might find nothing new about it if you are already familiar with the brand’s previous product. But, let me tell you that the quality of this technology is on another level this time.

This is the driver you want to go for if you like less trajectory and spin on the ball, yet take an interest in extreme swing speeds. The footprint and head shape are similar to that of its predecessor. But, that’s pretty much it in terms of similarity.

When it comes to colors, you cannot but help to appreciate their taste. Yeah, the gentleman black and silky Nardo grey are going to blow you away. I liked the fact that they didn’t go for any bright options for the driver’s color.

I was particularly impressed with its head. It seems perfectly compact. They have given it more of a traditional look.

Now, let’s talk about one of the boldest moves the designers took. It’s the aero trips, which I was amazed at. Optimization of the head’s aerodynamics is going to be a breeze with these in place. You will see them on the crown as well as on the sole.

You ought to appreciate this feature, especially when you get enhanced distance and club speed because of it. If these trips didn’t make up that outstanding 360 aero head, there’s no way that the driver could’ve generated such speed and distance.

Milled Face

How can I not mention the CNC milled face that gave me awe at the very moment I laid my eyes on it? If you want to know its value, you’ve got to have an idea about handmade faces. You see, there are always some flaws with handmade club faces. Sometimes, the thickness isn’t accurate in them.

But now that this modern technology of milling faces has arrived, you won’t have to worry about any inconsistency at all. You will be mesmerized by the look of this CNC face. And the next thing you know, you are ecstatic to find the thickness of it to be spot-on. It will be consistently thick throughout.


In terms of feel, this model is quite similar to its predecessor. Now, that’s how it is when you go superficial. But, if you pay attention to the minor details, you would say that the new one is way more efficient when it comes to feeling.

I found the feel in this driver to be pretty solid. There’s no deficiency of response and life to it. If you want to know the big difference between this model and the brand’s previous one, I would say that it feels during mishits.

You will certainly notice enough life to it during the mishits, which by the way, isn’t something you see usually with the other drivers the company has come with. Now, what’s brilliant is that it doesn’t compromise on the response, which drivers usually do at the time of mishitting.

You won’t be deceived by thinking that you have started to hit the ball more accurately with this driver. For, it will reduce the suffering for the shots, but still, will let you know that you haven’t done it right. As for feel, this milled face is the best one that the company has come with so far.


If you didn’t know what an incredible tone sounds like, you would know it once you hit the white ball with this driver. It is well balanced in this regard.

Like we said before, people were quite happy with the sound that the previous model used to generate. But now that they have experienced playing with this driver, they wouldn’t be fully satisfied with its predecessor.

You’ve got to hear that cracking sound if you want to know why we are emphasizing on it. I just love the intensely powerful and deep tone you hear every time you hit the ball. 

But, be assured that the volume of it is within a tolerable level. The driver will only make sure that you are pleased with the striking.


When it comes to performance, there aren’t many features, but a few that plays a role in it. Let’s talk about them and skip the minor details. The brand has always done a great job in making its products highly adjustable. And that’s what matters for the driver to perform well.

They have made it simple to adjust the loft. You will find the MyFly 8 adapter doing it easily. And since the weights in this driver are movable, you can move its center of gravity back and forth.

If you want the spin and launch low, you should move the CG forward. And if you like it raised, move the CG backward. This way, you will get enhanced forgiveness out of this driver.

Cobra Connect Technology

If you have an Arccos 360 app on your phone, you will have more fun playing golf from now on. For, this app makes it easier to master the tricks for bossing the game.

There’s a sensor they have integrated into the driver’s stock grip. You can track it with your phone for tracking the distance and analyzing the driver performance.


  • Enhanced distance
  • Stylish and gets easily lined up
  • Incredible forgiveness during mishits
  • Comes with Cobra Connect technology for easy golfing
  • The longer body and shallower face
  • Reasonable price


  • Too many loft adjustments

Frequently Asked Questions

For F8 driver, which shaft do you recommend is most similar to the Slay 55 (regular)?

I would recommend the MRC Tensei Blue 50. For, it’s also a low spin and high launch shaft like the Slay 55.

What are the differences between the shaft options?

You have some shafts that are lighter while the others are heavier. In terms of lunch, some provide higher launching, and others offer lower launching. Also, there are softer and stiffer options.

Our Final Thoughts

Now that you know what this driver is really about, you do not have to make your buying decision solely based on the extreme popularity of the product and the reputation of the brand.

Now, I didn’t find any big issue with it. If you can afford it, then there’s nothing better than a classy driver, right?

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