Cobra King Black Wedge Review

We’ve seen a few mind blowing golf clubs from the brand so far. It’s impossible for anyone not to appreciate the F8+ that is ruling the market lately.

Now, is this another precious driver that will do justice to the gained reputation of the company, or is it a letdown?

By the time you are finished with the Cobra King Black Wedge review, you will get your answer and so much more.

We’ve studied the driver from head to toe and made sure that we didn’t miss anything worth mentioning. If there’s any drawback, it will surely come up in our review.

Cobra King Black Wedge

Let’s not wait for any more before getting into knowing our wedge. It’s time we welcomed you to the fascinating world of golf.

Cobra King Black Wedge Review

You cannot help but be astonished at how the brand always delivers. When it comes to producing top-quality golf clubs, not many companies can beat it. Yes, you sometimes get fooled by the brand names, but not with this brand.

Now, you might find it interesting that the brand is not letting go off a specific design for the base and has managed to keep the design fresh somehow. It’s because of the outstanding success they got from it. This is the third time we are seeing a model with the same base design from the brand.

When it comes to finish and materials, Cobra knows how to make a club right. From PUR to King Black, we see it triumph over and over again. Now we are talking about a 56-degree grind wedge over here.

This driver comes with an old design introduced by the company as we’ve already mentioned. I was pretty impressed with the versatility and performance it has to offer. This is by the efforts made by its designers over the years. They’ve always wanted to bring up solid performers.

The brand had a driver, manufactured using 304-stainless steel. What was astonishing is that it didn’t come with any plated finish. And it was the most gorgeous looking club I had ever come across. However, the brand has decided to go back to making its clubs the old school way.

This driver comes with 8620-carbon steel construction. Now, what about the finish?

Well, this is the most interesting part. There’s a Diamond Black Metal finish in place that might be one of the most long-lasting finish you will ever see on a club. It will be impossible not to be impressed by its durability.

DBM Finish

This is the feature that makes the product so great. At first, I wasn’t sure about it. For, I was hooked to the elegant look of the PUR that had no finish whatsoever. So, I wanted to see a similar sort of stuff in this club. But, then I understood the wisdom behind introducing a finish this time.

Firstly, the finish is as durable as it gets. There will be no wear for years to come. You will be able to play as many shots as you can imagine before this finish lets you down.

Now, if the finish wasn’t so excellent, I would’ve said that the move made by them wasn’t cool. For, finishes that don’t last long give the golfers a hard time. So, it’s justified that people wouldn’t be sure about it.

Now that I’ve seen how durable it is, I think that it has started to grow on me. And who knows, one day I might like this club better than I liked the PUR. For, I am already a fan of this finish it features.

You can put this club through bunkers, wringer, clay, mud, water, hardpan, sand, just about anything and see how awesomely tough it is. If you play with this driver day in and day out, there will be hardly any rust. Even if there’s any, you won’t notice, thanks to this brilliant finish.

Stunning Look

The moment you lay your eyes on this beauty, you will appreciate the combination of classic and modern looks it comes with. The old school sole scallop along with the modern engravings of Cobra makes it the precious little driver it is. The shape of this club is more of a traditional one.

I haven’t seen any wedges with the kind of look it has. Maybe, it’s the finish we talked about what makes it so unique. That’s why I am not surprised to see the company hold onto its most appreciated design. And why wouldn’t they, when they can rejuvenate it the way they want.

The club comes with a leading-edge that’s neither too rounded nor too straight, it’s just perfect. You feel convinced by it the moment you see it. And it gets better with the DBM finish in place. If you’ve seen the finish in pictures, then let me tell you that it will look better in reality.

So, it’s a great club as far as the look is concerned. You can show off with it on the green with your golfer buddies. At the end of the day, a great looking driver isn’t something you let to pass you by, right?

Soft Leading Edge

There are three different models produced by the company with the same base design. This one is one of them and probably the best. You’ve got to appreciate the leading edge on this club, which they made softer this time.

A great thing they have done is that they have increased the relief in its toe and heel. This way, you get extreme versatility in shots. Be it any loft ranging from 50-60 degrees; this is a great grind for it. I loved the grind for this outstanding versatility it brings along.

When you go for the full swings with this driver, you might find the height a bit too much. Then again, when you see its turf interaction, you will be more than pleased with it. Yeah, there’s simply no match for it when it comes to versatility.

Grooves: Outrageous Spins from Now on

If you are one of those steeper swingers, the brand suggests that you play with the Widelow grind. I found the spin with this driver to be amazing. It’s better than the other two options with this design. I believe that the grooves in this club are behind such great spin.

Feel: Good or Not?

I think that the feel in this club is on the firmer side. Now, someone might find that to be a drawback. But, for me, I do not mind a bit of firm sensation, especially from a driver that is offering me awesome spin and performance.


  • Superb Tour Notch
  • Provides easy striking of the ball
  • Consistency in launch angle
  • Outrageous spins
  • Very classy look
  • Extremely durable finish


  • Ball flight might be too much at times
  • Firm feel

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with Cobra Connect?

Yes, it comes with that.

What is the shaft in this wedge?

It’s the True Tamper Steel.

Which loft is suitable for the grind?

The grind will go with any loft ranging from 50-60 degrees.

Our Final Thoughts

Hope the article was worth reading. Though the club has a couple of minor issues, the benefits it offers are far too greater. It comes with great value for the money. If you want a durable golf club to boss the green for years to come, this is one of the best options you will find out there.

Do let us know how you found the club to be if you happen to go for it. We look forward to receiving your comments.

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