Cobra F9 Speedback Hybrid Review

It’s simple to overlook that hybrids were initially designed as a long iron replacement due to the emphasis on distance. Since it is an excellent stand-in for the challenging 3I or 4I, the KING F9 Speedback hybrid indicates that Cobra hasn’t forgotten it.

One of the top hybrids we’ve tested for iron replacement is the Cobra KING F9 Speedback. With lots of spins and consistent distance, it can hold greens.

In our review, we will guide you in deciding if the Cobra F9 hybrid is the best option for your game.

Cobra F9 Speedback Hybrid Review



At first glance, the Cobra KING F9 Speedback hybrid has a big, symmetrical design. The F9 hybrid is 10% larger than the F8 hybrid, but it forgoes the crown design in exchange for a clean matte black design with a Cobra alignment.

The color pattern of the KING F9’s variable length model is black and red and extends from the sole to the head cover. Compared to the typical hybrid, the F9’s sole has a lot more aesthetic appeal because of its red weight and silver rails.

The Cobra F9 hybrid’s leading edge is extremely clean, and the rails are neatly concealed on the bottom of the club. You’ll see that the club appears smaller from the top-down perspective.

Player Handicap

The Speedback hybrid’s outstanding feature is that it can be used by players with mid-, low-, and high handicaps. Because of its more oversized clubhead, the King F9 Speedback can deter some players with lesser handicaps until they experience the Cobra F9 hybrid striking the ball.

Cobra is efficient at maintaining the feel and producing unrivaled turf interaction for a forgiving club. The King F9 Speedback Hybrid is a perfect addition to your bag if you presently use Cobra F9 Irons or Cobra F9 Fairway Wood.

Sound and Feel

The Cobra KING F9 hybrid strikes the ground exceptionally quietly. When you hit the ball precisely, there is a minor, metallic “tink,” but when you err from the center, that sound stops. Impact feels strong, which surprised us considering the size of the hybrid.

The F9’s auditory feedback is limited to the slight sound difference between pure and mishit shots. Your hands will be able to distinguish between good strikes and significant misses, but this club is built more for stability than precise feedback.


The F9 Speedback Hybrid has a low and centralized center of gravity. Using this hybrid Cobra design, you will probably still put yourself in an excellent position even if you slightly miss a ball.

The F9 Speedback Hybrid does not have adjustable weights, but many more forgiving clubs do.

Cobra intended to maintain the weight of the F9 Speedback Hybrid as low as possible, and adjustable weights made the club heavier overall.


The basic rule of golf marketing is that distance sells. When facing a long par 3, you don’t always need to hit the ball a mile. What you do need is a predictable distance with just enough spin. The Cobra KING F9 Speedback hybrid can do that for you.

The F9 hybrid we tested had a relatively fast ball speed consistent from shot to shot. The spin matched the iron that the hybrid would replace. Shots would hold a green despite not being high enough to inflate.

We didn’t observe any shots that went significantly longer than predicted. Those surprise rocket shots are what deter many players, including us, from switching from an iron to a hybrid. Cobra appears to have alleviated that fear, increasing our chances of snagging one of them instead of our 4I.

Finally, the F9 hybrid is equipped with Cobra’s Baffler Rails. When it comes to sole rails, we are constantly conflicted. Like with the F9, we often get the impression that they increase grass interaction and aid in fat shot save. We then question whether it’s a placebo effect and determine whether we are simply concentrating on making contact with the rails. We may never know for sure, but the F9 achieved pretty satisfactory outcomes from some substantial collisions.


We really like how affordable the King F9 Speedback Hybrid is. Cobra does a great job of providing excellent turf interaction, fast ball speed, and forgiveness at a price that’s very reasonable for an average golfer.

Our Final Thoughts

The Cobra King F9 Speedback Hybrid is a versatile club that deserves to be in more bags, and we would recommend it to any amateur golfer interested in improving their game. Although it’s aimed at mid-handicappers, any golfer that plays from the fairway will enjoy its playability and power. For those looking for a hybrid with the correct amount of forgiveness and shot control, the Cobra King F9 Speedback is worth a look.

The Cobra King F9 is an excellent club for golfers because of its length and forgiveness, and it’s also reasonably priced.We hope you enjoy the Cobra F9 Speedback Hybrid Driver. It’s one of the best models on the market and offers the kinds of performance that will generate envy from your friends.

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