Cobra Airspeed Complete Golf Club Set Review

Exuberant players have to contend with the steep learning curve of golf before they can start playing at an acceptable level. Newcomers are often surprised by the inherently intricate nature of this beautiful and addictive sport.

Learning the ropes is much simpler with a good golf club set for beginners like the Cobra Airspeed Complete Golf Club Set.

You should not be discouraged simply because the game appears overwhelmingly complex. Rather you should try out golf club sets geared towards beginners for an easier learning curve like those from Cobra.

Cobra Airspeed Complete Golf Club Set Review

Cobra Airspeed Complete Golf Club Set

Trying out these bad boys is no doubt an exciting experience that you can look forward to.

First impressions of these golf clubs are pretty good. You can’t help but be impressed by their sophisticated futuristic shape. They feel like space-age tools. These look good no doubt, but how do they fare with respect to performance?

One thing is for sure though. While you steadily improve your game with these clubs, you will no doubt enjoy yourself in the process. These clubs are fun to use, finely balanced and they extend a satisfying level of control that can give you the confidence you need to win the game and ace your practice sessions.

A standout feature of these clubs is that they are very light. Hence, they are easy to work with and don’t require much effort to swing. Thanks to their lightness, they will also be easier for you to haul across the golf field in the bag provided. Those with slower swing speeds will also be able to benefit as the lightness will boost their swing speed for longer distance strikes. You can thus add a few yards to your drives with these clubs at the helm.

Another nice feature of the Cobra Airspeed Complete Golf Club Set is that all clubs included exude a good deal of forgiveness. So even off-center shots will go fairly straight. Sliced shots won’t end up in total disaster either. To begin with, there is a smaller chance of slicing the ball thanks to the fairly well-proportioned club headsthat allow for a nice big sweet spot.

Before discussing the features and functions of these clubs, it would be worth describing their high aesthetic appeal. This is more important than what most people think. If something looks good, you will be more naturally inclined to use it. This holds especially true for the Cobra Airspeed.

No talk of the Cobra Airspeed can be complete with complementing its sheer good looks. The stainless steel dark theme coupled with blue engravings is a sight to behold. Headcovers are also made from durable materials which will keep your clubs in good shape for a long time to come. Even the bag is highly functional, well thought out, and clever in its design.

Here is what the Cobra Airspeed golf club set includes.


The driver is available in 3 different configurations. You can choose a loft angle of either 11.5, 10.5, or 9.5 degrees. Hence, you are free to choose a driver with a loft angle that best suits your proficiency level and style of play.

The head size for all is the same though – 460cc. Design features built into the driver like the back weighted heel and offset hosel mean that you can maintain slightly better accuracy so that there is less chance of slicing.

The crown is made of carbon fiber and is one of the most attractive features of the driver making it easy to handle, fast, and light. Thanks to this clever design strategy, you get a good deal of forgiveness. Plus the ball can go the distance – literally.


The Cobra Airspeed Complete golf set gives you access to a 5 and 3 wood. The loft angle is 20 degrees and 16 degrees respectively. The 5 wood club head measures 165cc. While the 3 wood club head stands at 170cc. These are fairly generous proportions that will purvey plenty of forgiveness and ease of use.

These nifty fairway woods make use of proven design features like the back heel weighting and the offset hosel so that you can control your shots better. Hence, the beginner can deal with the fairways thanks to these well-designed and cleverly crafted woods. These are a must-have, not just for beginners, but also for the pros.


You get a 5H and 4H hybrid with this golf club set. The loft angle on the 5H is 25 while that of the 4H is 22 degrees. There is a greater likelihood that you will land the ball in the middle of the fairway with these hybrids.


The milled face of the putter allows for a durable and precision-machined face that will boost your putting play. Visual alignments will help improve your aim. The putter is neither too light nor too heavy. So you can maintain a good deal of control over your accuracy with this club in your hands.


In this golf club set, you can find irons from 6 to 9. There is also the sand wedge and a pitching wedge. All of these clubs are designed so that you can play more accurate shots. They feel good in the hands and offer great control.

Our Final Thoughts

The Cobra Airspeed Complete Golf Club Set ticks all the right boxes. Not only is it suitable for beginners, but it is also great for seasoned players. It has pretty much all that you could ask for at a highly competitive price tag. The exceptionally high customer ratings are proof that the golf clubs work well for novices and veterans alike.

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