Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges Review

Inspired by Tour Pros (tournament of professional golf), Cleveland has introduced the latest sleek finish wedges with the phenomenal RTX 4 technology.

Launched in September 2018, these wedges have completely transformed the ideology of the Cleveland wedges. With their latest technology, the wedges had an update with extraordinary features outclassing all the other pro wedges.

With such features and professional credibility, Cleveland RTX 4 Wedgesare claiming to be the most authentic tour wedges and provide a remarkably extensive line of wedge finish options. They have the label as the best company for wedges showing consistent performance and improving every time with their updates.

Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges Review

This blog will extensively review Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges and what features make them exceptional and popular among other wedges.


Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges have crossed the line of providing the highest standards and are highly rated and recommended by professional golf players. It has grabbed the title of having the top best wedge grip by the International Golf Association.

Phenomenal Rotex Face Technology

Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges are created with the latest 4thgeneration Rotex face technology, making your extreme shots predictable with great control. The Rotex face technology ensures smooth shot delivery no matter what the conditions are. The technology also gives the player better control on the distance to be made for the shot and hence helps in proficient calculation of accuracy for the perfect low go;f shot.

Durable Laser Millings

The updated laser millings on the wedge give a longevity effect to the wedge in terms of facing rough surfaces and offer more spin and friction to make a sleek shot without any trouble.

Zip Grooves

Your wedge must be strong enough to tear through hard grass courts, dunes, or even water when playing golf. RTX 4 Wedges have sharper zip grooves making deep cuts on the surface to prove its flexibility and enable consistent shots in every tournament.

Updated Sole Grinds

Immense pressure always takes a toll during golf matches and might affect your shot. Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges have four options of sole grinds for every tour. These grinds will help achieve every challenging endeavor with their extensive versatility and controlled bouncing after a shot.


The v-shaped midsole is the most prominent feature of Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges. The strong sole cuts through the hard turf without difficulty, and its trailing edge helps achieve open-face shots from low points. With neutral swing motion, Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges are excellent all-rounders for every type of shot.

Full Sole

Cleveland RTX 4 full sole wedge design is classical. Provide extra stability and flexibility to make open-face shots with more bounce while keeping the game posture in control. Full sole works best on sandy areas, thick rough patches, or grounds; hence is perfect for dry shots.

Low Sole

The low sole grind design of Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges is perfect for low-cut shots which require less bounce and more resistance. The soft sole grind also gives instant toe and heel relief along the track course, and the trailing edge is a symbol of supreme versatility and marks every shot with accuracy and finesse.


The XLOW sole is the premium feature of the Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges. This sole is challenging and cannot be used to make every high or low shot. With a low-degree angle, the XLOW sole is a creation for extreme play shots, which a player makes in confined and closed spaces. Therefore, this sole has the only purpose while making amazing open-face shots with a shallow attack angle in firm conditions.

Dual Axes

The dual axes feature of Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges makes gravity placement very easy for amateur players new to the golf game. These axes help with movement, balance, and composure while playing and ensure sturdy support to the back to maintain its shape.

Feel Balancing Technology

Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges are wedges with the latest progressive feel balancing technology. A muscle shaping mechanism at the back of each loft regulates the center of gravity at both horizontal and vertical positions. This adjustment gives the player a better feel and control while playing and ensures a smooth, consistent game. The technology also makes it easier to hit hard and challenge shots such as knockdown shots and flop shots.

Attractive Finishes

The Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges come in sleek and modern-looking finishes with high-quality maintenance for their longevity. Crafted and polished extensively to make these wedges scratch-free and rust-free to be used on any surface without hassle.

Available in 3 unique finishes with distinct colors. The finishes are Tour Satin, Black Satin, and Tour Raw, all with exclusive features, making them popular among professional and amateur golf players.

Our Final Thoughts

By offering various options regarding lofts and bounce levels and also separate wedges for every specific shot, they have increased their credibility for the long run. Cleveland took immense ingenuity from tour pros to create their signature RTX 4 wedges for professional golf players to stand out and uniquely improve their wedges. However, these wedges might also prove an excellent option for regular and amateur golf players.

Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges can help players from their beginning level ramp up their game and improve their game to a greater extent to compete with any professional player.

Depending on the type of game played and the shots they are proficient in, amateur players can take help from that exclusive Cleveland Wedge Selection Guide, which will help them understand and implement which wedge will be the best option for them to use during their games.

The RTX 4 model has been an example of sophistication and credibility for disabled players, who can benefit themselves with these wedges and don’t feel missed out on experiencing an amazing encounter with playing professional golf with greater convenience.

Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges come in 4 distinctive finishes, each representing their importance on its own. The wedges give a professional feel to the person using them, and their exceptional updated features with the latest technologies will make you start playing golf immediately.

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