Cleveland HB Soft Putter Review

The Cleveland HB Soft Putter Review highlights everythingyou need to know about the high-performance precision putter range from Cleveland. Should you carry this club in your bag or not?Let’s find out.

Some amateurs try to cut corners with cheap putters. However, this is not a good idea since a fine putter can most definitely help you sink more holes with fewer strokes.

Of course, there are innumerable putters out there on the market that will cost you an arm and a leg. So which one will hit the sweet spot for you? What mix of features do you need to make a putter work for you on the greens?

Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Putter

The Cleveland HB Soft Putter has a lot going for it. It has a wide assortment of features that avid golfers will want to see in their putters. Chances are that you might also want all of these features. One thing is for sure though. This putter is loaded with functionality that will prove to be adequate for a lot of golfers out there.

Player Level: Who is it For?

The Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft putter works well for all handicap levels. You can choose from the blade or mallet-style putters to suit your style of play. Since there are several putters in this range, you can find one that will align with your gameplay.

One thing that all handicap players will certainly love about this putter is the terrifically soft feel that comes as the ball bounces off the club face. It does feel good to play with as a result. You will enjoy your putting more with this club.


These putters sport a shaft that you are used to seeing on good clubs. However, this shaft is not as futuristic as the Odyssey Stroke Lab series which is embedded with tech to relay your gameplay stats.


You can’t miss the distinctive precision milled face that is designed for enjoyable soft strokes. Not only that, but the roll will also be more consistent thanks to the precision milling. The 304 stainless steel itself feels great. This, coupled with precision milling allow for super soft and smooth play.

Bear in mind that 304 stainless steel is remarkably soft. It is way softer than the 17-4 steel that you will find on some cheaper models.

The soft feel is not just about luxury. It can be a boon for short-range puts and fast greens where you need full control over the putting force.

Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft putters are available in 8 different models. So there is a fair chance that you might find one that suits your sense of aesthetics.

One might point out that these putters are not used a lot on professional tours. That’s true, but it is also a fact that their designs are based on proven models that provide decent results.

Thanks to the high level of forgiveness that Cleveland putters provide, mid and high-handicap players will feel right at home.

One factor that Cleveland has constantly maintained with its putter range is providinga consistent feel so that players can develop their skills with these putters without issue.


Cleveland putters are engineered for consistency and forgiveness. High to mid-handicap players will appreciate this a lot since these factors can play a key role in improving your game and cutting down on the number of strokes necessary.

Novices and neophytes will appreciate that there are no inserts for these putters making them easy to use, consistent and reliable.

The sweet spot is sizable. Of course, you will still need to be consistent and precise with your strokes. But if you inevitably misalign your shot, then you can hope for the putter’s forgiveness to still yield a fair result on your stroke.


It’s good to know that the Cleveland HB Soft putter is among the more affordable options on the market. Hence, they can fit all kinds of budgets including restricted ones while providing a nice mix of features and functions.

In case you are looking for alternatives, here are the finest that you can delve into.

Alternative: Cobra Golf King 3D Printed Putters

Alright, answer this one fast. How many putters do you know of on the market that have a mind-blowing 4.8 rating on Amazon? Not many you might say, right? Well, currently, there is not even one in the top 20 list of best-selling putters. That’s food for thought for golfers intent on getting themselves the latest and greatest putter out there. And it sure is packed with an unprecedented level of cutting-edge technology. No other putter can boast the 3D printing, multi-material, futuristic design of this space-age putter. And don’t forget the high-tech grip that records stats to boost your game.

Thanks to the innovative fantastic design, it rocks an amazing MOI meaning there is less club face deflection for off-center hits. In other words, the ball goes straighter even if your shot alignment is not that great. In short, this putter plays for you, not against you, courtesy of its cutting-edge highly engineered design. This putter plays so well we bet you will not want to go back to your old putter (or any other one) ever again.

It’s not just a game changer, it is the long-awaited breakthrough that golf aficionados have always coveted.

Our Final Thoughts

The Cleveland HB Soft Putter Review took an in-depth view of the putter range offered by the renowned golf brand Cleveland. These putters will suffice for the needs of most golfers and help them to step up their game.

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