Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge Review

“Hit Bombs” maybe Phil Mickelson’s favorite term, But let’s face it, we all love to hit bombs off the tee, which is why the drivers are our prime focus when buying new golf clubs. However, we all need a wedge in our golf gear, too. Because being a good golfer is as much about having the capability for short approach shots as it is about being able to hit the ball at long distances.

If you’re considering getting a wedge to improve your game, Cleveland’s CBX2 Wedgeis a great option.

Cleveland CBX2 Wedge – A Detailed Review

Built for golferswho play game improvement equipment, which according to an estimate, more than 80% do, the Cleveland CBX2is a cavity-back wedgewith plenty of forgiveness (which most wedges do not offer), versatility, tour-level spin, and high control. Some of the best features of the Cleveland CBX2 wedgeinclude:

Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge Review

●Hollow Cavity Design

The hollow cavity design is one of Cleveland CBX2’s most prized features. The reason being the shift it offers in the center of gravity, which brings it right to the point where the ball hits. The wedge also features a tapered flange and a lighter hosel. Together, these features give the CBX2 wedge a larger sweet spot, making it a viable option for golfers of varying skill levels. According to the manufacturers, the hollow-cavity design of the CBX2 wedge ensures that 25% more shots are hit from the sweet spot.


Grooves are the key design element in a wedge that affects the spin, so they are one of the topmost considerations at the time of purchase.

The hollow cavity back design of the CBX2 wedge makes many think it wouldn’t have enough grooves to offer a good spin. But, turns out, it does. CBX2 uses the same groove technology as Cleveland’s RTX-4 model and has a ton of grooves. And they aren’t just one kind. CBX2 has several different types of grooves, including the extra sharp Tour Zip Grooves, Rotex and Laser milling.

A higher number and greater variety of grooves guarantee that CBX2 offers more spin than many other wedges out there.

●Gold Wedge Shaft

Cleveland worked closely with True Temper to build the Dynamic Gold 115 shaft for their CBX2 wedge. Specifically engineered for the cavity-backed wedge design, the True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft weighs about 10 to 20 grams less than the normal blade shafts and ensures a smooth transition from lightweight irons to heavy wedges. It also offers an improved experience for higher handicap players.

●High Forgiveness

Wedges aren’t known to offer much forgiveness. But Cleveland’s CBX2 is an exception. Its hollow cavity design and the heavyweight in the toe of the head maximize the Moment of Inertia (MOI), ensuring more forgiveness.

●Three Sole Grind Options

One of the biggest issues golfers had with the original CBX wedges was the lack of sole grind options. Cleveland listened to its customers and addressed their concerns in the updated CBX2 wedges. The Cleveland CBX2 wedgecomes in three different sole grind options to offer more versatility to golfers. These include:

  • 46o– 52o wedge– With a V-shaped sole, this one is designed to get through the turf easily and is meant to be used for full shots.
  • 54o– 56o– With an S-shaped sole, this is meant to be used to get out of the deep rough. It’s called the sand wedge.
  • 58o to 60o– Called the lob wedge, this one features a C-shaped grind, allowing for manipulation of the face.

✔Multi-Piece Construction

Cleveland’s CBX2 wedges are manufactured using multi-piece technology. Each wedge has five basic components – a wider toe, gelback insert, hollow cavity design, hosel cutout, and tapered flange.

The hosel cutout helps move the center of gravity more towards the toe of the wedge, while also reducing the weight of the club head.The gelback insert helps promote distance and shift the launchangle to the bottom half of the ball, the wider toe and hollow cavity design improves balance and forgiveness, and the tapered flange offers more versatility in shots while also improving forgiveness.

The Pros and Cons of Cleveland CBX2 Wedge

Here’s a quick overview of the good and not-so-good features of Cleveland CBX2 wedgeto help you decide if it is worth purchasing or not.


  • High spin
  • Amazing forgiveness
  • Greater control
  • Lighter shaft
  • Three sole grind options
  • Nice shape and great feel
  • Good value for money


  • The wide sole of Cleveland CBX2 makes creative shots a little harder to hit
  • Elite players may find it a little chunky

Product Specifications

Cleveland CBX2 Wedgecomes in eight different varieties. Let’s have a quick look at them:

Loft Length Sole Bounce Angle Lie Angle
46o 35.5” V-Shaped 9o 64o
48o 35.5” V-Shaped 9o 64o
50o 35.5” V-Shaped 11o 64o
52o 35.5” V-Shaped 11o 64o
54o 35.25” S-Shaped 12o 64o
56o 35.25” S-Shaped 12o 64o
58o 35” C-Shaped 10o 64o
60o 35” C-Shaped 10o 64o

Our Final Thoughts

The biggest positive attribute of Cleveland CBX2is its versatility and ease of use, which make it a viable option for the majority of golfers who’re looking to improve their game. It’s lightweight, easy to hit, forgiving, offers higher spin with greater control, and comes at a good price. Unless you are an elite golfer, Cleveland CBX2 is a good wedge option for you.

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