Score a Hole-in-One! Find Vice Golf Balls in Canada at Unbeatable Prices

You’ve probably heard the buzz about Vice Golf balls, right? They’re the sleek, trendy spheres taking the golfing world by storm. But here’s the million-dollar question: Can you get your hands on them in Canada?

Fear not, fellow golf enthusiast! You’re about to dive into the heart of the matter. Whether you’re looking to up your game or just want to see what all the fuss is about, you’re in the right place to find out how to score these coveted golf balls up north.

Where to find Vice golf balls in Canada

Golf’s a game of precision and every piece of equipment can make a difference in shaving strokes off your game. Vice golf balls are engineered for performance and can definitely add that edge you’re looking for. Finding them in Canada might seem daunting at first, but you’ve got options.

When you’re trying to find these premium balls, start with the obvious—online. Vice Golf’s official website offers direct shipping to Canada, which means you can get your hands on the latest models without stepping out of your home. Sometimes, they even offer free shipping promotions which can sweeten the deal.

Local golf shops are another place to check out. The higher-end shops tend to stock Vice golf balls, as they’re popular among fellow enthusiasts looking to improve their game. Don’t hesitate to chat with the staff; they’re usually players themselves and can share insights on the best ball for your playing style.

There’s power in community. Joining online golf forums or local golfing Facebook groups can lead to unexpected finds. Members often sell or trade golf equipment, and it can be a great way to get Vice golf balls at a competitive price. Plus, you’ll get to connect with other golfers, which is always a plus in a sport that’s as much about camaraderie as it is about competition.

  • Check Vice Golf’s official website
  • Visit local high-end golf shops
  • Connect with golf communities online

Remember to peek into big-box retailers too. While their selection might not be as curated as a golf specialty store, they occasionally stock popular brands like Vice, especially during the golf season.

It’s worth mentioning that while availability may vary, the quest to find the right golf ball is as important as the hunt for the perfect club. Once you’ve got those Vice golf balls, it’ll be rewarding to see the impact they have on your game. Keep your eyes peeled for online deals, keep the conversation going with your golfing buddies, and check in regularly at your local golf shops. You’ll be on your way to playing a better round with Vice before you know it.

Online retailers offering Vice golf balls in Canada

Searching for Vice golf balls online opens up a plethora of options beyond the brand’s official website. Golf Avenue and stand out as prime choices with convenient user interfaces and customer reviews that help you gauge the popularity and satisfaction with Vice golf balls. Shopping online gives you the power to compare prices and find the best deal without leaving the comfort of your home; plus, the availability is often better than in-store.

Since you’re aiming to up your game, it’s not just about finding any golf ball—it’s about finding the one that matches your playing style. Consider the Vice Pro Plus if you’ve got a fast swing speed and yearn for extra distance off the tee or opt for the Vice Pro Soft if you’re looking for a ball that offers a gentler touch around the greens. Detailed descriptions and specs are standard in online listings, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into before making a purchase.

Here’s a handy table with some of the popular online retailers where you can snag these game-changing spheres:

Online Retailer Types of Vice Balls Available Shipping Options
Golf Avenue Pro Plus, Pro Soft, Tour Standard, Express Drive, Tour, Pro Plus, Pro Soft Free with Amazon Prime
eBay Mixed lots, varying models Varies by seller

Remember, don’t let shipping costs deter you. Often, buying in bulk can offset these expenses. Moreover, keep an eye out for online sales and discounts, particularly around holidays or the end of the golf season. This can be the perfect time to stock up on high-quality Vice golf balls without breaking the bank.

Taking advantage of user reviews and Q&A sections on these platforms can also be a game-changer. They provide real-life feedback from golfers who’ve been exactly where you are now. Don’t hesitate to ask questions—knowledge is power, and the more you know about your equipment, the better you can tailor it to your game.

Physical stores selling Vice golf balls in Canada

When you’re hunting for Vice golf balls in Canada, your local golf shops are a solid ace up your sleeve. Golf Town, a staple in the Canadian golf retail space, often stocks a range of Vice golf balls. Walking into a Golf Town, you’re not just there to snag a box of balls; you’re stepping into a golfer’s haven. With their walls lined with the latest gear, you might find yourself walking out with more than you came for.

Beyond the big retailers, check out your nearest pro shops at local courses. These gems can surprise you with their selection of high-caliber golf equipment, including Vice balls. Pro shops are a hot spot as you get the added benefit of firsthand advice from golf pros who know the game inside out. They’re players themselves and can provide you with nuggets of wisdom on which ball will best suit your game.

  • Golf Town
  • Local pro shops

If you’ve got a favourite course you frequent, make sure to pop into their pro shop. It’s a chance to support the local golf community and often, you’ll discover exclusive deals you won’t find elsewhere. Engage with the staff and ask about Vice golf balls; they’ll be keen to help a fellow golfer out.

Remember, ball fitting is essential. Different swings need different types of balls, and there’s no one-size-fits-all. As you browse the physical stores, it’s your opportunity to touch and feel the product, perhaps even Try a Sleeve before committing to a dozen. Stores might offer trial packs, so keep an eye out.

While you’re exploring the aisles, don’t forget about specialty sports stores too. Places like Sport Chek may carry Vice golf balls, particularly during the golf season when demand spikes. Their staff can also guide you toward the right choice based on your playing style.

Whether it’s Golf Town, the local club pro shop, or your nearest sports retailer, you’re likely to tee off on the right foot by visiting these physical locations. And who knows, you might just bump into a fellow golfer who’ll turn into a regular playing partner.

Pricing and availability of Vice golf balls in Canada

When you’re looking to snag some Vice golf balls in Canada, you’ll notice the pricing can vary. It largely depends on the model you’re after and the retailer you’re shopping with. As a seasoned golfer, I can tell you that finding the right ball is crucial to elevating your game, and Vice offers a range that caters to different skills and preferences.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect:

Model Average Price (CAD) Retailer
Vice Pro $35 – $45 Golf Avenue
Vice Pro Plus $35 – $45
Vice Pro Soft $35 – $45 Golf Town
Vice Tour $25 – $35 Sport Chek
Vice Drive $20 – $30 Local Pro Shops

Remember, prices are subject to change, especially when you’re catching an online sale or a seasonal discount. The availability of Vice golf balls in Canadian stores is generally reliable, although specific models and colors might be more plentiful at different times of the year.

Bulk purchases can be a smart move, especially if you’ve settled on your ideal model. By buying more, you’ll not only save on the per-ball cost but also on shipping, which can sometimes be a deal-breaker.

While physical stores like Golf Town and local pro shops carry an assortment of Vice balls, you might find an even broader selection online. Plus, the added benefit of reading through user reviews before buying can give you that extra confidence in your choice.

Make sure to look out for special promotions around major golf tournaments, as retailers often tie in deals with these events. Staying alert for such opportunities can get you some premium quality golf balls at a steal.

In your pursuit of the perfect ball, don’t shy away from asking questions, whether you’re in a physical store or browsing online. Your game deserves the best, and with the right Vice golf ball, those lower scores won’t be far off.


You’ve got all the info you need to snag Vice golf balls across Canada. Whether you’re shopping at Golf Avenue,, Golf Town, Sport Chek, or your local pro shop, you’re all set to make a smart buy. Remember, bulk purchases could be your ticket to savings and always keep an eye out for those online sales. Don’t forget to check out user reviews to see what other golfers are saying and if you’ve got questions, just ask away. Now, you’re ready to hit the links with confidence and a fresh sleeve of Vice golf balls. Happy golfing!

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