Callaway X Forged Irons Review

If you have seen the impressive Callaway- Apex MB, then their recent release Callaway X  Forged iron can blow your mind.

However, I will be lying if I say that it’s everything you need, or it’s overall better than the previous launches of Callaway.

Because X Forged is specifically structured for certain features which other versions lack in.

So, without any farther ado, let’s cruise over the Callaway X Forged iron review so that you can be familiar with the advanced features and know the new product Callaway has lined up for us!

Callaway X Forged Irons

Our Callaway X Forged Irons Review

To begin reviewing, I would like to summarize all the features briefly. Let us get started!

So, the first thing you will notice in Callaway X Forged Iron is the classic finish. Usually, the previous models aren’t that catchy looking as the finishing and textures aren’t relatively that vibrant and sophisticated. Hence, when you include this tool in your collection, it will always allure you with its look.

Secondly, you will find the core difference between Apex MB and Callaway X Forged, which is longer blade and head size. Moreover, the longer blade and head makes it more forgiving than Apex MB.

Now I would like to preach about the clean and minimal offset lofts and forged head. Obviously, the name says forged already. Moreover, Callaway has been providing irons with flat lofts, but here with more patterns and Forged iron, you will get enough space to frame the ball.

Yet it won’t be boxy to hold the ball inside after your strike. If you have already tried the Apex Pro, then you won’t find any major differences except the finishing pattern which is apparently squarer.

Anyways, let’s talk about the spin and peak height. Well, here if you want deeper cavity as well, then you better hit on with the Apex Pro 16. However, it can’t stand Callaway X Forged irons in terms of spin and swing speed.

Hence, no doubt if you are hoping for extensive swing speed and spin rays, then you can go for the forged one. Now we have the core aspect of recreating Callaway X forged, which is to establish more control and forgiveness through longer heads and blades.

Lastly, it has average carry distance ability which can mount 120/169 yards if you are that good in golf.

Key Features of Callaway X Forged Irons

The Classic & Sleeky Avatar

At first glance, it will hook your eyes on to its attractive appearance, which will surely evoke the golfer inside you. Then you gotta look into the forged head named “X Forged”.

Behind the head, you will get the small and compact cavity where you can witness the rich finishing.

Interestingly, when you intend to run your first strike, you will see a sort of slightly satin polish.

It looks very neat and clean, which power up the sportsmanship confidence every time. Hence these irons provide the most appealing visual aspect.

The Traditional Sound and Vibe

You can’t deny the fact that a soft and comfortable grip affects your performance. And to make sure the high-performance Callaway X Forged irons are bound to impress you as it has the classic feel of compatibility and crisp.

Generally, the previous releases like apex MB, Apex cf 16, and Apex pro can’t provide you that feeling. Because when you hit the ball, a quick, snappy sound will assure you, but with the forged one you will get the traditional sound.

And, the forged sound will preach for control rather than long distance. The thing is if you look into all the Callaway releases you won’t find any revolutionary differences.

It just keeps recreating the same features. Like here with the classic finish, deep cavity, longer heads and blades, you are getting all the exceptional feeling and sound.

However, it doesn’t mount any drastic or mesmerizing change in the performance, but with the price and handiness, it’s satisfactory and is worth your penny.


I wish I could sugarcoat its performance, but I will put it as the way it is. In past days, Callaway had rewarded us with some high tech irons like Exo cage. They are extremely good in overall performance.

But here with the forged one, they have modified the precision groove, given a classic and sleeky finish, a user-friendly structure, and a traditional feel.

If you are expecting an iron for high performance in carrying distance and speed, then this one might not excel. But if you are searching for more control, swing speed and high spin rays then you must go for the forged irons.

Moreover, they have created CG progression for better control and enough swing speed. Like, it can go yards and yards higher than the Apex versions but might not beat them at other features.

Another thing why you should give it a try is the CG locations and precision grooves about 200v, which is there for optimizing ample control and balance.

However, as I said earlier that the Apex versions are identical with the forged one. Still, you can’t underestimate this one because the specific advantages it’s providing are impressive and other models aren’t capable of replacing this one. No wonder X Forged Irons are sufficiently good at its specifications.


  • Smart finish
  • High-quality performance
  • Durable
  • Clean forged texture
  • Lightweight
  • Enough swing speeds
  • Ensures sufficient control
  • Less offset


  • Distance yardage performance could be better
  • Poor sole grind
  • Costly

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the commonly asked queries regarding the Callaway-X-Forged:

1. I am looking for long-distance shooting irons, can Callaway X Forged iron seal the deal?

Well, I can’t say it won’t, but the possibility is less because it’s superb at precision and controlling in the first place.

Secondly, Callaway Apex pro or Apex Mg are relatively good on your regard. So, I would suggest you not to spend that much money if your first priority isn’t an exceptional feeling, control, and precision.

2. Does Callaway X Forged iron have good swings and turf interactions?

Absolutely. It can alter your bad swings into good swings in no time, and also it has great turf interaction.

3. Do I need to be a pro to mess with this gear?

Well, I won’t say that you totally can’t deal with it, but you need to enhance your ball striking skill if you wanna start with it.

Our Final Thoughts

The most surprising part about Callaway X forged iron is no matter how much it costs, professional golfers are going crazy over it, and if you surf on the manufacturer’s website, you will get to see the ratings which are either 4 stars or a proper 5.

Come on! It has buttery soft hits, accuracy, great value, enough swing speed, and mostly outstanding user control. You can’t ask more!

However, you should always get your priorities straight, so before bringing it home, consider your requirements and budget.

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