Callaway Sure Out 2 Wedge Review

Golfing sure is fun if you can put the ball into the hole. You need specific skills and most definitely a proper gear to nail it. Among these, golf wedges are an essential factor for playing a good game of golf.

It’s essential because it determines the precision of your shot while you are playing a round of a short-distance game of golf.

Here comes the star of the show; the Callaway Sure Out 2 Wedge. We will be talking about the key features it has, the pros and cons. And also, we will be answering the questions that are asked frequently about this product. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Callaway Sure Out 2 Wedge

Callaway Sure Out 2 Wedge Review

With the Callaway Sure Out 2, you will witness a significant upgrade from the older version of this. The accuracy of shots has increased with the newer model of the wedge as more weight has been added to it. The overall spin rate of the ball after the impact has also seen a big jump.

17 full-face grooves are installed in the item which helps to hit a fast-stopping shot. With all of these grooves, you won’t face a problem with obstacles such as moisture to come in your way while making you club contact with your ball. 

While this wedge was being designed, the engineers had one thought in mind, which was to make their product useful for even the disabled people. Balls can be hit easily and precisely without having to go up and down due to the rounded leading edge.

You would now be able to play in rough or sandy areas with ease because the heel to toe is larger than the older model, and the sole is way wider. This helps the player pass the hall through the sand or any other green covered areas.

With all the features mentioned above, the wedge becomes ideal for using it to get in and out of the bunker. Another plus point is that the ball can be hit from almost all lie.

The Design

The entire design and outlook may not look as appealing as the rest of the wedges available in the market, but this one is pretty good at hitting the ball with high accuracy. The precision of a shot is ensured by the leading edge, which is rounded. This property of the side lets the ball to sit on top of it.

Now, the Callaway sure out 2 wedge is specifically designed for the people who aren’t very good at short distant games or haven’t had much practice. This is also ideal for the people who are handicapped or who do not want to alter their stance. 

You would be able to hit the ball from any angle or lie with basically a square face. No amount of manipulation of the face is required to come out of the bunker.


This driver has a more significant heel to toe than your usual golf wedge. It also has a much wider sole that is incorporated with plenty of bounce. Furthermore, the camber (the sole’s radius from the front side to the back) is better too. This ensures that the club glides across the sand, rough ways, and fairways without having to dig.

Since the sole is more enhanced, the angle of the bounces is much better. Like this, you will get more relief to the heel, which in turn helps to improve your playability in mostly all of the situations of a short game of golf.

Another useful feature of the product is that the hosel transition is shank-proof. Thereby those who face difficulties going up and down with the short games, this component should come as a blessing.

17 Full-Face Grooves

If you buy the Callaway Sure Out 2 Wedge, you’ll be getting 17 full-face grooves. The spin rate of the golf ball witnesses a significant leap because of the bold pattern of the groove. This also promotes shots that are fast-stopping.

Any debris such as water, sand, grass, and soil between the club and the ball are considered to be a hindrance and will it harm the hitting game in the rough.

But with the help of the 17-full face-face grooves present in this wedge, you will be able to eliminate any obstacle from the place of the collision. So, all in all, you will have better control over your club. And the interaction between the ball and the club is much cleaner.  

Lamkin Step Down Grip

The company Callaway has partnered with Lamkin to design the all-new step-down grip. This has three different lines for step down options which allows you to change the setting according to the distance you will be playing in.

You will be able to alter the shot selection very quickly and therefore, can do distant managing and control very quickly. But do keep in mind that this is more suitable for short to medium lengths and certainly cannot cover long distances.

A Variety of Lofts

This wedge has exactly four loft offerings available that include 56, 58,60 and 64 degrees. The different ranges of lofts allow a different type of shots to be made. With a lower grade loft, such as the 56 degrees one, you’ll be able to do many kinds of shots.

And, with the higher graded ones like 64 degrees, the types of shots will be narrowed down but will be more precise.


  • Made up of graphite, so vibration is decreased
  • Can be used to hit square face from any lie
  • Towards the cheaper side of the spectrum
  • Can be quite simply aligned
  • Good for going in and out of the bunker
  • Spin rate increases as grooves are full-face


  • The design looks unappealing to the eye
  • Not great for covering long distances

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the precision of this wedge when played in a sandy area?

It is quite precise, though definitely not like the other wedges specifically made to play in the sand. If a bit of effort and practice is put, then the wedge can be used in such conditions at ease.

What is the percentage of success of getting in and out of the bunker with the Callaway Sure Out 2 Wedge?

Well, this depends on the fact of how well you play. If you have a bit of practice, then you most likely would get in and out of the bunker with this wedge 98 percent of the time.

Does it work as well in the green areas and from medium distance pitches as it does in sand traps?

This is a product which can be used in rough green areas to medium-short distance gold pitches with a lot of ease.

Our Final Thoughts

Like we mentioned earlier, looks shouldn’t bother you so much if the product gets your job done. In our opinion, we think that the Callaway Sure Out 2 Wedge surely deserves the shot, pun intended.

If you found this article useful, we would be more than delighted. Feel free to comment below if any confusion arises regarding this topic.

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