Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls Review

For years, Supersoft has been among the most renowned balls in the golf industry, especially among slow-swinging golfers. Callaway has improved the trajectory, core, and covering technology to force out far more efficiency than before.

What modifications did Callaway make? How does Supersoft’s performance differ from prior variants? Is it worthwhile to play game after game with these?

Continue reading to learn everything you could want to know to make an informed decision. We’ll review the Callaway Supersoft golf balls in this post.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Our Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls Review

The Callaway Supersoft balls have a compression rating of roughly 38, as hinted by their name. Slower golfers can compress the ball sufficiently for optimal energy transmission.

The two-piece structure of the Supersoft ball allows it not to spin too much and glide in a smooth straightway.

The covering, core, and flight technology of the Callaway SuperSoft ball have all been improved.

User Reviews and Ratings

Enjoying the rank of the highest-rated golf balls, Callaway Supersoft has an average buyer rating of 4.8/5 on Amazon with 1900+ reviews, a rating of 4.9/5 stars on Rock Bottom Golf, a rating of 4.8/5 stars on Global Golf, and roughly 4.8/5 stars on the official Callaway store; it’s a big success.

Furthermore, the 2021 Supersoft is a very popular golf ball — it is currently the best-selling golf ball on Amazon.


  • The feel around the greens is fantastic
  • It is reasonably priced
  • It offers high ball trajectory
  • It has a really soft feel
  • It covers a great distance


  • It doesn’t generate a lot of spins
  • It getsdirty very easily
  • The colored balls are impossible to track on the greens

Cover Type: Hybrid

Supersoft has a newly designed hybrid cover composed of The Dow Chemical Company’s PARALOID Impact Modifier.

This allows for a multi-material design with unprecedented heights of comfortable feel, longevity, greenside accuracy, low spin, and high flight.

Core: Soft Compression

The Callaway Supersoft is advertised as sporting an “ultra low-compression core.”

The core of the Supersoft is similar, although it’s called a “soft-compression core. It’s engineered to convey energy to the ball more efficiently, pumping out greater ball speed and boosting high flight and low spin.

Aerodynamics: HEX

In the Supersoft ball, HEX Aerodynamics makes a comeback, but the innovation has been honed and refined even further.

This special dimple arrangement eliminates flatter patches on the ball’s exterior, lowering drag and improving lift for increased flight, range, and halting power on the course.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls: Performance

From The Tee

You’ll have difficulty finding a ball that gives you greater range off the tee if your swing speed is slow.

The Supersoft golf ball flies higher, travels long and wide, and provides a big rollout. Because spin rates are moderate, hooks and slices don’t curve quite so much, which helps find the fairway.

The Approach

Something that strikes us about the Supersoft golf balls is how powerful and fast it is.

The spin is low, but it is countered by a high release, leading to reliable stopping power.

Short Game

Supersoft’s performance around the green may best be described as very controlled and steady.

Unless you hit the ball with a good spin strike, the ball typically runs a little on the green. Instead of stopping the golf ball directly near the hole, this allows for a more “bump-and-run” short game.

Because the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are so soft, you might feel like you need to deliver the swing a bit extra powerfully to get the distance you seek.

The Feel

We discovered that the clubhead velocity greatly determines the Supersoft Golf Balls’ feeloff the tee.

Thanks to its modest swing speed, the Supersoft combines softness with explosiveness to render the strike truly rewarding.

However, the harder you swing, the more you’ll feel like you’re compressing the ball and the less powerful it will feel. However, this isn’t ideal, so the Supersoft was explicitly created for players with slow swing speeds.

Every part of the game, such as irons, wedges, and putting, has a superior, smooth feel.

Callaway SuperSoft Golf Balls: Who is it for?

The Callaway Supersoft is suitable for many novice players, particularly those who have slower swing speeds.


Amateur golfers should choose a golf ball they are familiar with. Most beginner golfers will choose a soft golf ball with an excellent feel, like the Callaway Supersoft. We consider this to be the ideal golf ball for beginners.


Golfers’ clubhead speed decreases considerably as they become older, which affects their golf swings. As a result, a low-compression golf ball, such as the Callaway Supersoft, is excellent for seniors.


Because women’s swing speeds are slower, it’s better to play a golf ball like the Callaway Supersoft for a soft feel and excellent performance, especially if you’re a beginner.

Golf in the winter

Because a golf ball compresses more in cold weather, you’ll want to choose one that glows in the dark and is softer. This makes the Callaway Supersoft golf balls perfect for the winter season. Even if you’re used to playing with a ball that offers a higher compression throughout the year, the Supersoft Golf Balls by Callaway will come in useful when the weather turns cold.

Our Final Thoughts

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are soft and low-compression balls that offer about everything you might want in a golf ball. Off the tee, it’s straight and long, powerful in the irons, and soft and controlled around the greens.

If your swinging speed is any lesser than 85 mph, the Supersoft is a golf ball you should try playing with. Always keep in mind that pink, yellow, and green are the easiest colors to spot on the course when deciding on a color.

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