Callaway Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls Review

We all know how Callaway completely changed the game through their recent technological advancements in all their equipment, but more specifically, their golf balls. With a myriad of bad reviews, Callaway listened, accepted, and improved, releasing one super performance golf ball after the other.

There are countless instances provided of Callaway listening to what their consumers want and then delivering it throughout the following release cycle. The past few decades saw a rising trend of the colored golf ball, and Callaway, as usual responding to its customers’ demands, joined the competition. The Callaway Superhot Bold Matte golf ball has debuted in three distinct colors in addition to the customary white.

Callaway Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls Review

The first thing you’ll notice about the Callaway Superhot Bold matte golf balls is that they come in a pack of 15 balls. Just by this factor, you can tell they are designed for high handicappers who end up losing lots of balls. But that’s not all there is to the Callaway superhot golf balls; in fact, this three-piece architecture ball is making a splash among all sorts of golfers.

Callaway Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls Review

So, keep reading our Callaway Superhot Bold golf ball review to find out more about why everyone loves it so much; who knows, maybe you need a little push to buy it for yourself.


The unique features of Callaway’s Superhot Bold matte golf ball set it apart from its competition. Let’s dig deeper:


The durability of a golf ball is something that no golfer can overlook.

Every golfer desires uninterrupted gaming time for himself, which is why the Callaway Superhot Bold golf ball is designed with a three-piece construction, ensuring maximum longevity. The covering is more than capable of withstanding a few harsh swings, as well as the periodic rebound on the gravel path.


The compression rating of the Callaway Superhot Bold is 55, indicating that it has a medium to soft feel. Great for long-distance shots and spins around the green.

Golfers who can swing their club over 230 yards but want to hit it over 250 yards will appreciate the Superhot reduced compression.

This product is suitable for golfers who generate a higher club head velocity but might not provide the range from the tee that an increased compression-rated golf ball would.


The Superhot’s aerodynamic shape will enable golfers to spin less around the greens. Because of the reduced spin, the Callaway Superhot will travel for a lot longer when it strikes the turf.

The greenside spin is equally significant. Thanks to the three-piece design structure of the Callaway Superhot Bold, golfers will have no problem spinning the ball on the course.

While it won’t give you a spin like that of the Pro V1 or Callaway chrome soft, for an amateur player, it is more than enough.


The medium compression center, hex aerodynamics, ball speed, and spin characteristics equip you for long drives off the ground, making the Callaway Superhot Bold the ideal golf ball for distance. If your driving pace is inadequate, the Superhot will surely help you compensate.

Additionally, the hex aerodynamics results in increased drag and ball trajectory. The longer the ball stays in the air, the better the overall carry distance.

The Callaway Superhot Bold Benefits

Super Powered Core

The advanced engineering of Callaway balls has added lots of improvement in its quality. The super-powered core helps to significantly increase the speed of the ball, which in turn releases the ball higher into the air, increasing the lift for a longer range.

The Hex Aerodynamics with Reduced Drag

The 332 dimples all over the surface of the ball were created via the hex aerodynamic technology resulting in reduced drag. The hex aerodynamic design helps the swinger get the ball into the air faster while reducing shot drag and resulting in a stronger trajectory and extended flight.

Superhot Bold Colors

Since color golf balls have increased in popularity, Callaway designed their Superhot Bold range in different colors, red being the primary. The matte red is so great as it doesn’t produce glare and is easy to spot. The balls are available in standard white, orange, and yellow as well and are in accordance with USGA guidelines.


This is the most attractive feature of the Callaway Superhot Bold, the price. It is basically a steal. These balls are priced at $29.99 per pack, which consists of 15 balls.

Alternatives for the Callaway Superhot Bold

After this review, if you still think the Superhot Bold is not for you, the following are a few Callaway alternatives that may be the right choice for you.

Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway’s flagship golf ball is the Chrome Soft, the carbon-infused twin soft fast core, thin urethane cover, and high-speed layer encompass the 3-piece design structure.

This ball has a lightweight, soft urethane coating, unlike the Superhot Bold, which provides less spin on far swings and greater spin around the greens.

Callaway Super Soft

With a compression rate of 28, the Supersoft is an exceptionally low compression ball. The 2-piece construction reduces side spin on long swings, resulting in a cleaner takeoff.

Similar to the Superhot Bold, it also has a coating of TriOnomer, with increased elevation and hex aerodynamics that reduces drag.

Due to the similarities in design, the trajectory and range match those of the Superhot Bold golf balls.

You can find the Callaway Superhot Bold Matte golf balls through the links below:

Dicks Sporting Goods


Our Final Thoughts

As the popularity of colored golf balls rose, Callaway stepped in at the perfect time to release the Superhot Bold in a variety of intriguing color combinations. At first, the ball was preferred only by women, but soon men handicappers discovered the advantage of colored balls to their eyes. However, if you have read our review above, you will have realized it’s not just the Callaway color the golfers are after; Callaway has put in quite a bit of effort in producing a ball with a good trajectory, good spin, and an even better range coverage.

The matte finish surface of Callaway Superhot Bold golf balls is ideal for color enthusiasts and is one of the most persuasive aspects of their purchasing. Moreover, considering the quantity and quality, the price is reasonable.

While Callaway has always been a popular choice amongst golfers and has always proved to deliver to its customers, they have yet again proved that their items are high quality and amongst the best in the golfing industry.

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