Callaway Epic Flash Star Hybrid Review

The Callaway Epic Flash Star Hybrid – does it live up to its name and give you the epic performance that you seek? There is no doubt that Callaway has made some great clubs over the years, but will this one be at par or better?

Not too long back, golf brands treated hybrids almost as if they were something optional. While fairway woods and drivers got top priority, the humble hybrid would often be left out of the picture. However, as their popularity continues to grow, golf brands are now affording high priority to the hybrid and giving it the attention that it needs to surpass the lofty expectations of increasingly demanding ardent golfers. So this would be a good time to delve into hybrids.

Callaway Epic Flash Star Hybrid

According to Callaway, cutting-edge innovations seen in its wood and driver are now all incorporated into the hybrid. This is great news since Callaway woods and drivers have exceeded expectations with flying colors. Hopefully, we can anticipate some of that high performance and reliability in the hybrid as well.

Callaway Epic Flash Star Hybrid Review

Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid


To begin with, Callaway has boosted the launch speed of the ball with the help of Jailbreak Technology which you will find in other high-end clubs made by the brand. It comprises twobars placed in the middle of the sole and crown – an arrangement that bolsters head strength so that energy transfer may be maximized during impact.


Also noteworthy is the exceptionally slim forged face of the club. Here you will find the Face Cup tech, which is designed to boost carry distance even on imperfect shots.

The tungsten weight placed in the sole has been included at that position with the help of metal-injected molding. This arrangement keeps the center of gravity lower so that you can optimize ball trajectory and launch angle. The weight itself is designed and optimized so that the head is more forgiving.

The crown sports a new upgraded design which makes it lightweight and strong. This is done using sophisticated material, specificallyT2C Triaxial Carbon. This results in weight savings so that weight can be shifted towards strategic spots that will improve the center of gravity as well as the MOI.

The OptiFit 3 Hosel boasts a design that makes it lightweight. Hence, weight can be distributed to other places for better performance. You can adjust the hosel to optimize the ball flight path and launch angle that is better suited to your style of play.

So there is plenty of tech embedded into the club. In fact, Callaway says that they have incorporated all of their high-tech engineering advancements into the hybrid for exceptional performance.


When you gaze at the club during address, you can’t help but feel that it certainly is one of the better-looking hybrids out there. The carbon crown is lustrously chic. The head shape gives you vibes of forgiveness and ease of use. Most importantly, there are no issues aligning the club properly.

When you compare it with the designs of other hybrids, you will feel that the design of the Epic Flash hybrid leans towards the vintage side. The confluence of classic design and sophisticated technologies gives you the best of both worlds.

The Epic Flash hybrid sports bigger dimensions than the Apex 19 which is the Callaway club geared for better players. The presence of a large clubhead behind the ball is conducive to inspiring confidence.

Impact and Acoustics

In terms of feel and sound, the club is somewhat more reminiscent of a wood. The sound is noticeably different fromother hybrids. You get to hear a thud rather than the characteristic clink that hybrids normally produce on impact. This deeper sound quite suits the large size and shape of the clubhead. The experience is more like striking with a 5 wood which feels solid as the face hits the ball.


As you would expect, the club performs best when played off the tee. With a tee in place, it is easy to launch the ball at good angles and trajectories.

One problem with certain hybrids is that they inherently have a draw bias due to which the ball swerves to the left. This hybrid has no such problem. Consequently, the ball goes straighter and your shots are more predictable and consistent. This is rather helpful for accuracy and better gameplay.

In case you do have an issue with your swing or ball launch, you can always adjust the hosel till your shot becomes more consistent.

The ball flight path was neither too high nor too low. It was around the optimal angle that allows for good carry distances. It would be a good idea to experiment with the hosel a bit to find the most suitable loft for your gameplay. You can tweak the hosel for lower trajectories or higher shots as you deem fit for the purpose.

Due to the head shape and the low CG, you will get a little less spin on the ball owing to which it can carry over the target area. To prevent this from happening in the first place, it would be best to have the club fitted properly.

The Epic proves to be a winner when it comes to large head size, tech innovations, high MOI, and other features that lead to club characteristics that you care about like improved forgiveness, consistent ball trajectory, and straighter ball path.

Callaway Epic Flash Hybrid


Bottom Line

The Callaway Epic Flash Star Hybrid Review highlights what to expect with this latest hybrid from the renowned golf brand. We hope this helps you decide!

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