Callaway Epic Flash Driver Review

High handicappers have it tough. They need to play more to perfect the game, but they need the right gear for the job. Club manufacturers started developing products with high forgiveness, so anyone trying to improve their game needs to buy. We are posting a Callaway Epic Flash Driver review for your convenience because we tested it out and loved the specs!

Firstly, Callaway is a renowned brand in the golf world that earned an impressive $3.13 billionin 2021. It is one of the best manufacturers of golf clubs and is famous for using innovation to push the boundaries for excellence. We always look forward to new product launches, and their 2019 launch continues to live rent-free in our minds.

This blog aims to examine product features and mention its rating on several value criteria.

Top Features in the Callaway Epic Flash Driver

Callaway has always been the master of impressive features, but the Callaway Epic Flash Driver was outstanding even by their standards. The following features have kept the model relevant three years after its release, and the effectiveness can likely last longer.

1.Artificial Intelligence

It is no secret that AI will be central to future development, and several businesses have already started incorporating it into business. Callaway’s AI system used the company’s extensive research data to develop 15,000 driver prototypes!

It adjusted each new prototype with improvements until finally coming up with the current model. Hence, with the present data, Callaway Epic Flash Driver is technically meant to be the peak performer in its category.

Way to put pressure on your competitors!

2.Jailbreak Technology

Callaway’s famous ‘Jailbreak Technology’ has already been part of some of its best creations, and the same rule applies here. The design incorporates two bars inside the club’s head that stiffen to stabilize the crown.

This extra stability pushes most of the load to the driver’s face, allowing an optimal transfer of force that increases the ball’s speed. Hence, this product will achieve a better distance with the same force.

3.Two Drivers

Callaway knew it had created a masterpiece. Hence, it added flexibility to give golfers more reasons to continue using it even when their handicap value lowers. Callaway Epic Flash Driver had two modes; the standard and the subzero.

The subzero is a smaller version of the standard and has similar performance metrics. However, it suits more experienced players with lower handicap levels. The club is structured in a way that allows you to exchange one head for the other, enabling you to transition to subzero without giving up on the club.

It is a clever idea, especially considering that you get two clubs at lesser rates by getting both heads.


When you buy a Callaway Epic Flash Driver, you’ll notice an adjustable bar on the opposite side of the face. The bar isn’t just for show. You can move it to adjust the weight to control how your shot pans out. This feature is one of the reasons this club is ideal for people with high handicaps.

5.Shaft Options

What we loved about this model the most is that it recognizes that not all players are comfortable with the same specs. Callaway introduced the model with three shaft options to cater to as many golfers as possible.

  • Project X HZRDUS– Weighing 60-70gms, this shaft has the lowest launch. It is suitable for people who can leverage the weight and put power in the swing to get their desired height and distance.
  • Project X Even Flow Green– the Even Flow Green is a lighter shaft ideal for people learning the ropes. It has the highest launch and speed among the three, making it easier for players to get their desired height.
  • Mitsubishi Tensei IV Blue– the Mitsubishi shaft lies in the middle for launch and performance. Hence, it is best for people who need moderate forgiveness levels to achieve their performance goals.

In addition to the shaft options, the product comes with a Golf Pride Align grip. It helps golfers adjust to get the maximum comfort and control over their drivers.

Callaway Epic Flash Driver Review and Rating

The features alone prove that this model was made to excel, and our experience proved the accuracy of the statement. Following are the top factors we used to write the Callaway Epic Flash Driver review:


The product gets 5/5 for forgiveness because we have yet to try a driver as accommodating as this one. It is impossible to cut marks because the company has even made different head and shaft options to cater to skill levels, so players have the opportunity to change when they feel ready.


The performance was off the charts! The first try alone allowed us to achieve a much higher distance than usual, and we learned more about its versatility the more we practiced. It offers unprecedented control, making it ideal for high handicap players struggling to implement their game strategy.


This Callaway Epic Flash Driver Review will be incomplete if we don’t mention that this product is a work of art. It has a sleek back, green, and yellow design that automatically grabs attention for the right reasons.

It looks modern and elegant, perfectly personifying its technologically advanced engineering. Just carrying it around the golf course is enough to fill the proud owner with confidence.

4.Sound and Feel

The sound of the face hitting the ball is music to the years, and the one this model creates is exceptionally pleasing. It is neither too loud nor too shallow, creating a crisp crack that feels pleasing to hear.

Additionally, the driver is also very comfortable to hold, reducing the chances of errors.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope you liked reading our Callaway Epic Flash Driver review and will take the earliest opportunity to try this beautiful product. It is, undoubtedly, one of the best drivers in the market for amateur players, and you should add it to your collection if possible.

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