Callaway Chrome Soft X LS Golf Balls Review

Callaway completely changed the game ever since it launched its new chrome soft lineup. The new lineup consists of 3 super quality and high-performance golf balls, but here we will talk about the Callaway Chrome Soft X LS golf ball.

The Chrome Soft X LS is specifically designed for a low spin, high launch, and super speed and targets a different caliber of golfers.

Chrome Soft X Overview

Construction 4-Piece

Callaway Chrome Soft X LS Golf Balls Review

Dimples 322

Material Urethane

Compression Rating 95

Colors available in yellow, standard white, and triple track finish

Chrome Soft X LS Detailed Review

The new Chrome Soft X LS balls are a four-piece construction with two mantle layers and a soft urethane cover. For enhanced ball speed, the core has been changed to a big Hyper-Elastic SoftFast core. When coupled with the core, the HEX TOUR AERO design on the cover offers a better greenside spin. Moreover, the dimples of the CSX LS have been changed a little for optimum performance.

As the Chrome Soft X LS is aimed at a specific set of golfers, mostly professional level, the golf ball delivers what it promises; top speed, low spin, and high launch.

The velocity of the golf ball is a key noticeable feature. When you compare the X LS with other Callaway Chrome golf ball versions, you might not notice much of a difference between them; however, the subtle difference is still noticeable for a professional golfer.

The combined mix of high launch and fastball speed produced a pleasant trajectory with enough range. If you are a fan of the signature Callaway softball design, the Chrome Soft X LS is an excellent choice, especially if you are a high-speed golfer looking for a low spin ball.

Diameter and Weight

Considering the multiple negative reviews Callaway Chrome soft balls had been receiving regarding the quality of the ball; we have to say they really have amped their game.

The uniformity and roundness of the X LS were impressive and consistent; however, a few balls in the X LS line were found to be slightly over the average golf ball weight.


The X LS ball from the Callaway Chrome soft ball lineup is the firmest among the other two balls, and this is important because of the speed it offers. Therefore, the X LS has a greater compression than other balls in the Callaway lineup and also when compared to its competitors like Titliest and TaylorMade.

Circularity and Concentration

With several Callaway balls facing issues like off-centered cores, missing dimples, and swirly centers in the past years, we are glad to inform you that none from the new collection were found to have any such problems. Thanks to their dual mantle design, their production has also become more consistent. While there certainly were some defects, they weren’t significant enough to hinder the performance.


Thanks to Callaway’s upgraded production and manufacturing line, latest technology and devices, several X-ray scanners, dual-core fabrication units, and an overall better quality control department, the production of the golf balls has become more consistent with better quality golf balls and better overall performance.


Because of its Hyper-Elastic SoftFast Core, the Chrome Soft X LS also travels far. It even outperformed Pro V1x, covering an average stretch of 242 yards. Additionally, the X LS is designed to provide a more piercing ball flight with lower spinning, which is also a notable quality if that is something you look for in a golf ball.

Furthermore, the aerodynamic design minimizes drag, allowing for a greater overall distance. The ball trajectory is tailored for this ball’s low spinning qualities, resulting in a steady, powerful flight.


Their mechanism is specially made for high-speed golf balls, where the inner and outer mantle cooperates together to produce high velocity and extended average lengths.

The Callaway Chrome Soft X LS has a lower spin but provides an excellent ball speed. Moreover, the spin consistency also proved to be great. Additionally, the flight of the X LS was also higher when compared to the Pro V1x, accompanied by a more controlled spin and more precision.

The Triple Track Version

The Triple Track Version is available in the Soft X LS ball design as well and is a game-changer. This ball dramatically boosts speed and distance thanks to its high-speed core construction. It includes a brand-new matrix system that aids in increasing ball velocity. The inner core of the ball operates in tandem with the ball’s outer urethane shell, increasing overall distance.

The lightweight urethane cover is particularly appealing because most pro players prefer it to alternative materials. Additionally, with the support of red and blue painted lines on the cover, the triple track technology enables improved alignment. These boldly displayed triple lines on the ball improve putting accuracy.

To enable you to win more golf games golf, the triple track variety is also available in a high-res yellow color.

Our Final Thoughts

This is the end of our Callaway Chrome soft X LS golf ball review. Unlike the Chrome soft ball, the X LS is targeted at a more specific type of golfer. Those handicappers who prefer a more precise, high speed, low spin, and more length in a golf ball, this ball is perfect for you. These are the firmest of all the three in the Callaway Chrome lineup; however, it is important to note that the Callaway Chrome Soft X might still be better.

Moreover, seeing all the improvements Callaway has made to its golf balls, the Chrome X LS has proven to be a good contender. This ball will also help you improve your shots and putting game while adding to the speed and precision you might need.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the latest and upgraded Callaway Chrome Soft ball lineup and feel the difference in your performance.

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