Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls Review

The quality of Callaway golf balls had stooped down to another level 2 years ago. With bad reviews left, right, and center, Callaway decided to change the game and revamp their operations and quality controls.

After several months of hard work, Callaway launched the chrome soft golf balls and three months later came up with the chrome soft X golf ball, which is a little high-compression when compared to the original chrome soft balls.

Let us get into a detailed review of the Callaway Chrome Soft X golf balls.

Callaway Chrome Soft X Detailed Review

Similar to the original chrome soft golf ball, the soft X also has 332 hexagon-shaped dimples on the structure, which is coated by polyurethane.

This ball is designed to provide a spin similar to that of Titleist Pro V1x and TaylorMade TP5 and is a high-spin, mid-launch ball.

Callaway has aimed the design of these balls specifically for players that swing their clubs faster than the conventional Chrome Soft type. The Chrome Soft X is actually Callaway’s most popular golf ball on the course, with players like Sam Burns and Jon Rahm having a preference for it.

Chrome Soft X Overview

Construction 4-Piece

Material Urethane

Dimples 322

Compression Rating 95

Colors available in yellow and standard white

Chrome Soft X Consistency in Weight

After lots of tests with the new batch of Callaway Chrome Soft X golf balls, the weight was found to fall well within the natural range.

Chrome Soft X Consistency in Diameter

When compared to other golf balls, the uniformity of the dimension was generally on the lower end of the spectrum of the average range.

Chrome Soft X Consistency of Compression

The sample’s compression consistency was also average.

One ball was reported because the three compaction levels evaluated showed considerable differences. The most plausible explanation is that slicing it open showed a considerable layer intrusion.

What is New?

Like most tour-grade golf balls, the Callaway Chrome Soft X is made up of four pieces. Callaway’s innovative Hyper-Elastic SoftFast Core is included in this 4-piece structure, which is meant to increase both ball speed and distance. Callaway’s innovative Precision Technology is also used in the construction of the new Chrome Soft X golf balls, resulting in a ball that is precise, consistent, and delivers total performance.

The new Tour Aero depression pattern on the cover combines with the Hyper-Elastic SoftFast core to create a ball that carries for long distances while also providing exceptional feel and control around the courses.

The Triple Track version of the Chrome Soft X, which is Callaway’s visual aid technology, is also available. The Triple Track version includes lines on the golf ball to aid accuracy, as well as a Vernier Hyper Acuity to aid with alignment.

Distance Coverage

The Chrome Soft X also goes great distances because of its Hyper-Elastic SoftFast core. If you have ever played with a TP5x or a TaylorMade golf ball, you will find their distance coverage far better. However, the chrome soft X does provide a decent distance coverage, adding to the multiple other improvements.


The Chrome Soft X is also a high-spinning ball that gives excellent green precision. While it feels stiff off the face, the spin control is excellent, especially from close range. These capabilities are provided by the Chrome Soft X’s Hyper-Elastic SoftFast core and thin cover.

Other Benefits of the Callaway Chrome Soft X

The feel of this ball is a major reason for its success on the course. While some may argue that feel is unimportant, it has a significant effect on overall speed regulation on the green. You vary your swing speed depending on how soft or hard the ball feels. The Callaway Chrome Soft X is a decent solution; it’s on the firm side but soft upon putter impact. It stands out from other golf balls as it’s neither too soft nor too hard. With the Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball, you will experience some of the best placement and range control on the course.

The Triple Track Version

The triple track version of the Callaway chrome soft x is a total game-changer. With a core high-speed design, this ball improves the distance and speed significantly. It comprises a completely new matrix mechanism that helps boost ball speed. The inner core works in conjunction with the outer urethane cover of the ball, which also improves the total distance.

The thin urethane cover is especially great as most professional golfers prefer the material over others. Additionally, the triple track technology provides superior alignment with the help of red and blue lines painted on the cover. These triple lines prominently displayed on the ball increase putting precision.

The triple track version is also available in a high-resolution yellow color to help you play better golf.

Our Final Thoughts

This concludes our Callaway chrome soft x golf balls review. This golf ball is suited to mid and high handicapped. Those who have a slow to medium speed prefer these balls due to the firmer feel when compared to the original Callaway chrome soft ball.

Those who swing under 90 miles per hour will be able to maximize their distance while also maintaining their control and precision in and around the greens. Moreover, for those who need to improve on their shot and putting game, the tripe track version of the Callaway chrome soft X edition is the ideal golf ball as you will be able to align the put well and also keep track of the roll.

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