Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls Review

Up until the beginning of 2020, even though some golfers consider the Callaway soft balls their top choice, these golf balls have never really been that good or efficient. Let’s face it, Callaway soft balls have been known to bring down the outcome of mid and high swing golfers due to the low quality of Callaway balls.

Furthermore, Callaway’s quality control concerns were such that they might have cost you some strokes even if you didn’t realize it. Callaway softballs had all sorts of quality concerns, including unbalanced cores to uneven mixing, and these concerns had been around for years!

Multiple users of the Callaway softballs shared the design issues they faced with their balls which showed missing dimples, swirly centers, or off-centered cores. Nonetheless, Callaway still has several loyal customers.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls Review

After the ample negative reviews and a drop in sales, Callaway amped their game and invested over 50 million dollars in upgrading their ball manufacturing and living up to their former reputation.

But before we move forward with the Callaway chrome soft ball review, you should know that Callaway stands apart from its competitors because of their soft ball design, as many golfers prefer the soft ball feel, and it is suitable for all beginners, amateurs, and professionals. Although a soft ball may be better on the feels, it is also a slower ball.

So, what’s new with Callaway soft balls that have everyone shifting to them? Let’s find out.

Callaway Chrome Soft Balls Enhanced

Callaway aimed to completely reevaluate, reengineer, and redesign its golf ball whilesticking to itsauthenticity asa soft ball. They aimed to make ahigherquality and superior performance ball while still having the original soft ball feel.

Callaway achieves a breakthrough for the golf ball by adding new materials and modifying the interaction between the three interior layers. The increased velocity with the same softness.

The modifications begin with a volume increase of 34% in the inner core. This translates to greater launching and lesser spin. A current high matrix design attempts to boost the velocity of the ball all across the bag, while a graphite outer core aids in generating short-game spinning.

Callaway has also improved its hex-shaped dimples, with the latest iteration being 10% thinner. Moreover, the design has also been upgraded with the design structure prioritizing a higher altitude while lowering drag for a lengthier, more uniform flight.

Improvements In Operations And Quality

We have already established how quality control concerns plagued Callaway’s Chrome soft balls and other balls as well, and Callaway accepted the discrepancies and is resolving these issues. It has invested much in engineering and technology to increase the quality and uniformity of its balls, in addition to purchasing more equipment to create designs and lines on them.

Following is the list of changes and advancements Callaway has made to improve its operations:

  • A four-story-tall state-of-the-art device has already been fitted. It’s an important machine that will really help with the squiggly center problems as well as other problems that can arise when materials are combined incorrectly.
  • A unique in-house environmental management process will guarantee that the ball remains consistent even if the weather doesn’t.
  • Improved Dual-Core fabrication units have been set up to address core-centering concerns while also enhancing baking consistency. Humanoid robots make it easier to transport goods around.
  • Several X-ray scanners have been deployed at various stages of the production process. These scanners will be used to examine the centers of the balls across many dimensions and will be used on all balls under production. Any balls not fitting the new quality criteria of Callaway will be removed.
  • Callaway’s paint and finalizing methods have also been improved to assure a consistent finish and unaffected dynamic efficiency.

The Upgraded Callaway Family

With the improvements and enhancements to the new models mentioned above, the Callaway chrome soft balls landed as the top favorites of 2021.

The newest Callaway lineup consists of three balls; The Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft X, and Chrome Soft X LS.

While the original is considered better for amateur golfers, the Chrome Soft X is preferred by pros like Phil Michelson and Jon Rahm. The American gold champion Xander Schauffele plays with the Chrome Soft X LS, even though it has a low spin rate. It does, however, provide excellent precision on the course.

Below are the dynamics of the Callaway Chrome Soft balls lineup:

The Original Chrome Soft Ball

The 2022 Chrome Soft is a three-piece ball with the same urethane cover as the previous model. The Hyper-Elastic SoftFast core within the ball is all new. Callaway claims that this core enables the ball to generate more speed off the tee. A redesigned Tour Aero dimple shape minimizes drag and helps lower spin on the cover.

The Chrome Soft X

Callaway’s most famous PGA tour ball is the Chrome Soft X. Two mantle layers and a soft urethane cover makes up the 4-piece construction ball. It’s largely identical to the previous model but with the addition of the Hyper-Elastic SoftFast core. This improved core aids in generating higher ball velocity.

The Chrome Soft X LS

The new Chrome Soft X LS balls are a four-piece construction with two mantle layers and a soft urethane cover. For enhanced ball speed, the core has been changed to a big Hyper-Elastic SoftFast core. When coupled with the core, the HEX TOUR AERO design on the cover offers a better greenside spin.

Our Final Thoughts

With all the enhancements made to the soft chrome balls by Callaway, we are certain that it may have left all its competitors way behind in the race to the top. And considering speed isn’t the only factor that makes you a golfer, there’s no wonder why golfers in all stages love the Callaway chrome soft golf balls.

Additionally, Callaway’s ingenious idea to produce golf balls in colors other than white has had its sales skyrocket. The red, white, black, and yellow balls are surely going to add to your collection of golf balls and make for a comfortable yet competitive play.

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