Callaway Big Bertha Hybrid Review

Any golf player who wants the best for his game and willing to spend a little in the process won’t hesitate to change his club for a better one. When there’s an incredibly cool driver in the market, he wouldn’t be able to hold back.

Now, if it sounds like you, then why don’t you check out what we have for you today?

Once you have gone through this Callaway Big Bertha Hybrid review real quick, you will know whether it’s the time to get a new driver or not. Because the driver we are about to review has been creating a lot of enthusiasm all around.

Callaway Big Bertha Hybrid

Folks in the golf world are ecstatic about a technology it has introduced. We are going to see if it’s as great as it appears to be. There’s one thing for sure; you will love this club, once you know it better.

So, let’s get to it then.

Callaway Big Bertha Hybrid Review

Producing a hybrid isn’t new for this brand. It has produced it before and done a great job with it. I’m talking about the model they have mesmerized the world with back in 2014. This time, however, we are seeing something extremely extraordinary from the company.

We didn’t see the Jailbreak Technology it has introduced in this model to be so efficient and remarkable before. So, let’s talk about this technology first. It simply comes with a couple of vertically placed bars behind your club’s face. What it does is that it stiffens the chassis.

Therefore, there’s an enormous amount of energy that is transferred during the impact of the clubface. Thus, you see the driver generating incredible distance and ball speed.

Previously, the brand was continuing with an adjustable hosel that seemed to be there for infinite years. I was always wondering what it must have changed to make your game better. And I’ve been very happy since I’ve come to know that this time the company has taken the initiative in that regard at last.

What they did is that they made the hosel lighter and shorter. This way, both adjustability and Jailbreak go together to make the driver as great as it is. 

And it’s just not any ordinary lightness. We are dealing with 13 grams lighter hosel over here that has brought two of the most outstanding technologies together. What’s more, you get the cleanest of hosels you can ever imagine of.

The shape in this model hasn’t changed, though. They have decided to go with the one they have been introducing all this time in their drivers. You will find the same old toe, nicely squared off and raised.

This way, you get enough face behind your golf ball. Now, that’s called user-friendliness.

Jailbreak Technology

Rough hybrids have also come with the technology. But, our guy has incorporated it with perfection. You will see a very chunky profile of it in this model. As a golfer, you always hesitate to switch from a fairway metal to a hybrid. With such a profile, you will be more confident to do it.

Moreover, they have given a bit of offset to the driver. This way, you get better elevation. But, there’s also a fat chance of your eyes getting sore.

Now, hybrid drivers are not a bad option at all for any golfer. You won’t be able to tell if there’s any difference in terms of performance between them and iron replacement clubs. They will even give you the performance of distance clubs, or close to that.

So, in a nutshell, if you want incredible forgiveness, enhanced elevation, and extra distance; then you need to get this thing. Also, if you want consistency, you will love the driver. These hybrids usually are very predictable. And that’s what a player needs, to have assurance.

Therefore, it’s a great driver, thanks to the new technology. Once you have played a few games with the club, you are going to appreciate it even more.


This is something a driver should provide you with. Or your shots are going to be all over the place. Now, when it comes to the driver we are talking about, you will be satisfied in this regard.

The club will provide you with the elevation you want. And that’s something that boosts your confidence altogether. Especially for long approach shots, the flight of the ball is really important.

There shouldn’t be any problem in getting the ball high and being consistent in it with this club. Manufacturers seem to have put a great deal of effort in making the driver one of the best ones in terms of ball flight. And this is something that makes this model a better option than others.


The club doesn’t mind providing you with desired yardage every time. If you want distance, then the distance is what you are going to get with it. Yeah, it won’t mess around, will hit the ball as far as you like and do it consistently.

If you choose 22 degrees to play at, you shouldn’t have any problem in getting 200 yards of yardage. Now, we aren’t talking about any one-time thing here. That’s the yardage you get every single time. Crazy or what?

Clubs that can hit a specific number consistently are always great options for a golfer. That’s why this one is so highly recommended.

Ultra-Thin Face

This driver is a heck of a performer, as far as the ball speed is concerned. We are talking about 130 MPH over here and that too, consistently. If you want to know the secret behind such outrageous performance, you’ve got to check out the ultra-thin face in this club.

Along with the Jailbreak technology, this face makes sure that the player gets exciting ball speeds. And when it comes to spin, the driver will blow you away. At least, that has been the case for me. I was delighted to get such an impressive spin number.

Now, a decent height always results in softer landing for the ball on the ground. Therefore, you’ve got a good performer and forgiving club right in front of you.

Adjustable Lofts

We are talking about a range of 17 to 35 degrees. In terms of loft adjustment, it can’t get better than this. You should be able to find your favorite loft with this driver.

If it was me, I would’ve picked the 17 degrees. I’ve always found that this is the loft you want to go to enjoy easy hitting and have the desired forgiveness and speed.       


  • Perfect choice for the one struggling with hitting a 3-4 iron
  • Great for hitting the fairway woods
  • Solid during the impacts
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Incredible distance
  • Extra forgiveness


  • Might be a bit expensive
  • Doesn’t suit a lower handicap golfer

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with a headcover?

It usually comes with one. However, you should check it out before the purchase.

What is the shaft in this driver?

It comes with UST Mamiya recoil regular flex.

Is there any adjustment tool included with the model?

Usually, it includes one. But, you have to make sure of it.

Is it a good option for high handicappers?

Yes, it is. However, for low handicappers, this isn’t a good option.

Our Final Thoughts

I guess that should be enough to help you with the decision whether this golf club will be worth it or not. I would say that if you want forgiveness, speed, and height- all in one driver, there will be hardly any option better than this.

It will make your golfing experiences more fun. So, if you can afford it, then go get it. You will be hitting the fairways woods with the precision you always long for.

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