Callaway Apex 19 Hybrid Review

Ever since I used this club, it has found a place in my bag regularly. 

While Callaway has never failed to deliver, their Apex hybrid was off the chart for quite some time. Since then, however, they have managed to strike back with a bang with this one.

And it is no surprise that many will be inclined to get their hands on this, as specialty golf clubs are taking over the market with their newer technologies.

Callaway Apex 19 Hybrid

Also, as a golfer, you shouldn’t feel bad about switching to hybrids because the balls have also been reformed to suit the new golf clubs.

Hence, the Callaway Apex 19 has considered all this and came up with this classic club that will both suit the taste of iron and wood and specialty club users.

Now, let’s look at the hybrid in details.

Callaway Apex 19 Hybrid at a Glance

This professional hybrid has been designed in a way that even amateurs and golfers who are new to hybrids can easily use.

Callaway has been designing clubs since 1984, so they definitely know their ins and out.

They have taken their due time before revealing their new hybrid to us and rightly so. Because this outclasses their previous apex hybrids not only in features but overall appearance and handling as well.

The size of the head is deeper than what you’ve seen on previous apexes, which many had complained of. Although the head may seem heavier now, when you tee of it, the face will open up and feel perfect. This compliments the new look on this model.

While the previous silver finish wasn’t bad, the eerie black just makes it so much better. The head shines with the black coat, kind of like the classic iron club.

This stick has also intrigued me with its new true temper catalyst shaft, giving it sturdy and solid steel like touch. Adding to that, the velvet grip makes the hold firm and gives you a sense of control.

As for how it performs, I found it living up to the expectations of the hybrids. It goes the distance. Also, it feels comfortable to hit from the tee as well as the fairway.

One of its “groundbreaking” features which they have added for the first time is the jailbreak bars. According to them, this addition gives more rigidity and speed to the player when hitting the ball.

Alongside the bars, there’s weighted screw in the bottom which is around 7 grams. What’s interesting is it’s positioned right in the middle, giving a sort of neutral flight. Something that professional players will like as it requires playability and control to give flight to the ball.

To summarize, the apex was designed in a compact way, so the ball goes a bit flatter than other hybrids, but with it flies off with more speed and covers greater distances.

Key Features of Callaway Apex 19 Hybrid

Now that you know what to expect from the Callaway Apex 19, I will discuss its key features that make this so popular and strong.

Jailbreak Bars

I have already said the Apex is faster than most other hybrids. The secret to its speed lies in the new bars that they have introduced in this latest product.

Two bars in the head of this club make it more stiff and sturdy. Therefore, it can handle more impact tension on the head resulting in greater speed and distance.

 It also has a forged face cup made of steel, which was designed in a way to increase speed on impact.

The bars along with the face cup are why this Apex hits faster than irons.

Ball Flight Control

The apex suits players who prefer control, as the ball flight is flatter and more controlled than irons that have expanded open faces seeing to its flight.

But it is also to transit from irons to this hybrid because of their similarities. For pros don’t like the hybrids that suit extra flight, they will thoroughly enjoy using this.

Which is also a downside for less confident players. The deeper face and the higher toe section of the club make the ball look low, and although it depends on the individual, it may be harder to tee off and get the flight off.

Weighted Screw and Workability

Many players like the workability in their clubs. They like manipulating their flight and shot. This hybrid gives you that extra space for working and manipulating the flight of the ball at impact.

Better players will enjoy the feel of hitting it lower and higher according to their ability.

The weighted screw that is usually at the right end have been introduced at the center of this. Which is why this has its penetrating flight and control.


The apex head was designed to be deeper, and the high toe section is a bit wider. Also, its shaft and grip are upgraded for players to feel more control. The sound and feel you get from teeing off is absolutely stunning and is pure quality.

This design is also different from Calloway’s popular Big Bertha.

While Big Bertha gives more spin and flight due to its wider head, the apex gives you more speed and workability. That is, it was designed in a way specifically to achieve that. This is why it ticks the box for me.

Another reason why I like the design so much is there isn’t too much graphics going on here. It’s simple, what many pros prefer. Hybrids are often very graphic, which make them confusing to the player.


  • Jailbreak bars adds speed and distance
  • Controlled flight and greater workability
  • Sleek black design
  • Firmer grip due to the updated shaft


  • The deeper face makes it harder to get the flight
  • The head is compact and requires more precision

Frequently Asked Questions

Can amateurs use this?

Yes, the Apex 19 Hybrid can be used by all players.

Is it recommended for players who are new to Hybrids?

This is just the club they need. It has the iron feel which will make iron club players comfortable.

How good are the components?

The apex is made up of premium quality components.

Is the hybrid forgiving?

Yes, the deeper face almost makes it impossible to miss the left.

Is it a good iron replacement?

It is something iron players should have and try.

Our Final Thoughts

Although there haven’t been too many Apexes, this one certainly gives great value for money.

For pros or even amateurs who are transitioning to hybrids, this is something everyone must have in their bags. The features that come with its sleek design make it one of the better hybrids.

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