Bridgestone Tour B SX Golf Balls Review

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In this Bridgestone Tour B SC Golf Ballsreview, we are going to take a closer look at one of the most premium and leading golf ball line-up balls in the industry. The Tour B line has been used by professionals across a wide range of courses over the years, and the SX Golf Balls, are now looking to take the mantle. There are some modest changes in the design and make, hence reducing the spin of the ball to feel smoother, go straighter, and perform better.

The Improved Feel

The Bridgestone Tour B SX Golf Balls are known for their impeccable feel on the greens, in the pits, and even if you manage to land on a hard surface. This is because it is one of the firmest balls in the group. Of course, it is softer than the Pro V1; the ball still offers a 105mph swing speed, coupled with a more “whacky” shot sound. The ball is much more responsive on the greens, especially with wedges and irons.

Despite the hardness, the ball gives a solid yet soft feel and a very satisfying click at impact. The

Bridgestone Tour B SX Golf Balls Review

An Internal Overview

The ball’s core is concentrated and consistent, hence offering better flight times, even if you are playing in the rain. However, the ball will still fly away if there are strong winds or storms associated with the rain. According to our tests, the ball doesn’t get scratched as easily, and the core remains intact even when submerged in water for a few hours. This means that you will definitely be able to make the most out of your investment in the Bridgestone Tour B SX Golf Balls.

Be careful of lightning strikes during golf practice, though!

The Perfect Partner For Golfers?

The ball offers a much straighter shot off the tee and manages to hold its own against almost every other ball on the market, especially if you are comparing the speed and distance. Of course, there are other balls that offer better dimple alignment and, therefore, better distances for weaker swings as well, but that’s the beauty of this ball. The Bridgestone Tour B SX Golf Balls manage to tell you when your swing is weak or when you need to focus on improving your posture, shot, club, or even your concentration!

You don’t need perfection for the shot, but you should be as close to perfect as possible. This makes the balls a great fit for people learning golf, as well as for professionals – especially with irons.

Much like its predecessors, the greens are where these balls shine. Many Bridgestone Tour B SX Golf Ball Reviews will tell you that the ball was made for the greens because of their stopping power and, therefore, the control they offer. This means better dispersions on pitches and chips and after hops and stops.

Best Reasons to Buy

The Bridgestone Tour B SX Golf Balls offer a number of benefits that make it a great fit for your golfing arsenal. One of the benefits that you can get with the upgraded ball includes a much better and more impressive control over the trajectory, speed, and spin on the greens. This translates particularly well for people who are familiar with their technique(s) and know what they are doing.

Unlike its predecessor, the ball lasso offers a much better long distance game, better flight trajectory, and an equally better control under different weather conditions. If you have reason to believe that the weather conditions will change mid-game, you should consider Bridgestone Tour B SX Golf Balls.

Another great benefit that the ball offers is durable cover that the Bridgestone Tour B SX Golf Balls offer. For slow to mid shots, the ball offers much better performance, unlike the others. Compared to the competition, you cannot say that this is an all-purpose ball, nor does it offer the same level of performance under high speeds or faster swing.

If you are someone who has erratic shots (especially the drives), this ball may not be the best fit. Using the Bridgestone Tour B SX Golf Balls right off the tee requires a lot of control, hence becoming a better partner for professionals.

Wedge Shot Performance

When it comes to wedges, the Bridgestone Tour B SX Golf Ball is often compared to the TaylorMade TP5x and Titleist Pro V1x. When hitting wedge shots around the greens, the Bridgestone Tour B SX Golf Ball is known for its soft feel. Keep in mind that soft does not mean spongy – but a smooth shot that often comes with balls that have low compression.

Unfortunately, this also means that you need a much more controlled shot with the ball than with many others. However, on the upside, this means that the ball is much more reactive as well. With an average shot, you can cover 40-75 yards quite easily. Keep that as a reference point when performing wedge shots with the Bridgestone Tour B SX Golf Ball.

there is also the spin to consider during these shots. The ball performs exceptionally well in terms of wedge spins, allowing you to pitch, chip, or hit greenside bunker shots quite easily.

For partial wedge shots, our experience with the ball was nothing short of extraordinary. The ball feels and flies great, especially of the putter.

When playing longer games, the Bridgestone Tour B SX Golf Ball does not perform as well as many others in the market. There will be a bit of yardage sacrifice, but the control makes up for the loss quite easily. The ball launches higher and offers better peaks when starting off, though.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, the spin, feel, and performance on the greens combine to make the Bridgestone Tour B SX Golf Balls a great option for almost everyone, especially if you are learning the ropesand looking for how to hit the perfect shot. Bridgestone Tour B SX Golf Balls Review for professionals suggests that these balls have been known for offering a more predictable performance – which is something that the pros are always looking for!

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